Hello friends! 

If this is your first visit to my blog, welcome! So glad that you found Primp and Proper. If you're a frequent reader, welcome back!

Primp and Proper started more than four years ago and was originally called First Impressions. I started blogging as an outlet for my family and friends to keep up with my DC adventures. Over the years this little ole site of mine has grown to be so much more than an online journal. It has become a part of me, my life and my journey. As I have grown, Primp and Proper has grown with me. 

This site now serves as a creative outlet for me to share fashion inspiration, home decor, links I'm loving, and little peeks into my daily life in DC. I hope that you enjoy my weekly posts, and that I'm able to give you style inspiration for daily life and work. If there's anything you want to see or read, don't hesitate to send me an email and say hello!

To help y'all get to know a little more about myself, I've added a few fun "things to know" below. Thanks so much for reading and following along. Enjoy!! Xo

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee 
Currently Living in Washington, D.C. (celebrated my 6 years in DC on May 11th!!)
I'm a Southern gal at heart, and will always capitalize the South and Southern. 

My Idol: Reese Witherspoon of course! Isn't her brand Draper James just the cutest?! 

Age: 28 years old

I graduated from The University of Tennessee (Go VOLS)!! I majored in journalism and communications, with a minor in political science. 

Occupation: Work for the US Chamber of Commerce! 
Favorite Food: Anything seafood, a nice juicy steak, Brussels sprouts and a handful of Goldfish crackers for a snack!
Favorite Beverage: Raspberry Lemonade, Dirty Chia Tea Latte and a good glass of Pinot Noir
Favorite Movie: I could watch Devil Wears Prada every day and not get bored. I also love a good wartime movie, so The Patriot and Pearl Harbor are at the top of my list!
Favorite Magazine to Read: Garden & Gun or Southern Living 
Favorite Item in my Closet: A great pair of denim skinny jeans. I wear them at least three times a week!
Favorite Lip Stick: NARS Lip Pencil - Golshan
Favorite City: Of course I love Knoxville and DC, but New York is my third home. I lived there for awhile in college and interned at Fox News. 
Favorite Color: Purple or Hunter Green
Favorite Things to do in DC: brunch with friends on the weekends, shop around Georgetown, eat at as many Italian restaurants as I can, and explore the historical places like the Capitol and Lincoln Memorial. My favorite touristy thing to do is walk along the Tidal Basin during Cherry Blossom season!!