Game Day with The Honey Baked Ham Company

For as long as I can remember my family has enjoyed a ham from The Honey Baked Ham Company almost every holiday. We're "that family" who eats ham for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Easter. It's a Royster tradition. So last year when HoneyBaked reached out and asked if I'd host a Friendsgiving featuring products from their store, I couldn't say yes fast enough. I was even more excited when they reached back out this year and asked to partner with me again!

I quickly started brainstorming post ideas, and I really wanted to do something different. I didn't want to simply showcase another Friendsgiving in my tiny 700 square foot apartment. I started thinking about the challenges of the holidays. Two things came to mind... 1. making hosting easier (more on that later in this post), and 2. what the heck do we do with all of those Thanksgiving leftovers?! Ding, ding! We had a post idea!

Thankfully the ladies at HoneyBaked loved the idea too! So this past weekend I hosted a few friends at my apartment building to watch the Clemson vs. Louisville football game. What goes better with a Thanksgiving meal than football?!

The Saturday following the holiday, there's usually a big game. And let's be honest, you'll still have a lot of food leftover. So what do you do with it all? Whether you're heading to a tailgate for game day or simply watching from the comfort of your home, today's post is perfect for you! I'm going to show you how you can take those Thanksgiving leftovers and make the perfect game day appetizers. We're elevating the game day food, y'all! Scroll down for how I used items from The Honey Baked Ham Company to create a meal fit for any football loving fan!

The Menu

When it came to choosing my menu for Saturday, I wanted to stick with easy to eat finger foods. Things the guys could quickly grab while watching the game, yet still have a cold beverage in their other hand. I also wanted things that could cook simultaneously, or the night before, since I only have one oven. That's how I came up with the following menu:

Turkey & Ham Sliders
Mac and Cheese Cups
Stuffing Stuffed Mushrooms
Sweet Potato Cheddar Drop Biscuits
Mini Apple Hand Pies

I rounded out the lineup with some fruit, chips, pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes and a Tiger Tonic punch.

[All of these recipes mentioned can be found in this post.]

How I Ordered the Food

There are hundreds of The Honey Baked Ham Company locations across the country. You can find the nearest location to you, here. For my DC friends, there are several locations just outside the city in Falls Church and Fairfax. Last year I visited the Falls Church shop to pick out all of my food. This year, because of how crazy busy work has been, I decided to order my food online. Yes, they deliver! You can also place an order for pick-up if you'd rather stop in-store. All of the items featured in today's [and Friday's] post can be found in-store, but some of their more popular appetizers and desserts can only be found online. Also, each store may vary in their selection so I recommend calling your local shop before finalizing your menu.

I placed the order a few weeks ago, set the delivery date to last Thursday, and waited. They ship their food frozen and well packaged so that everything stays fresh. Make sure you account for thawing time, especially for the ham and turkey. i.e. don't set your delivery day for the same day as your event, lol.

Honestly, it was super easy and took some of the stress out of shopping. Delivery is a great option if you live in a big city or work crazy hours during the holidays. I do highly recommend visiting their stores if you can, as you get wonderful customer service helping you pick out your ham. The lady I worked with last year let me see the actual ham before buying it. I walked away with a perfectly glazed one!

How I Used the Leftovers

What I had:

Honey Baked Ham
Honey Baked Turkey Breast
Cinnamon Apples
Double Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese
Maple Sweet Potato Souffle
Country Cornbread Stuffing
and I picked up their own sauces to use with my sliders!

I formed the menu based around these items, using the ham and turkey for sliders, cinnamon apples for mini apple hand pies, mac and cheese for handheld cups, sweet potato casserole for some cheddar drop biscuits, and stuffing for the stuffed mushrooms.

[I realize that the luxury of pre-deciding your game day menu might not be an option. Of course you want to get what you need for Thanksgiving Day. I tried to provide a good variety of appetizers here, based on the more popular Thanksgiving Day meal items.]

Note: they also make pre-made Macaroni & Cheese Bakes on their website. They are not available in-stores. However, if you are ordering online, I highly recommend these. They are really, really good!

This entire menu easily fed 12 football fans!

The Setup

I'm all about prep. Whatever you can do ahead of time to make the day-of easier... let's do it! Corey and I did a lot of the food prep Friday night after work. [You can find a full ingredient in this recipe post.]

Friday night we:

1. made the dough for the cheddar drop biscuits
2. cooked the cinnamon apples for the hand pies, and diced them up in smaller portions
3. baked the pumpkin cupcakes so that all we had to do was icing them on Saturday
4. baked the mac and cheese [it needs time to cool in the fridge overnight]
5. made the stuffing
6. and finally, cleaned out the mushrooms caps.

All of this prep made the cooking go a lot smoother on Saturday morning. It also allowed me more time with our guests, rather than sitting in the kitchen all day. You can find further details and step-by-step instructions for how I cooked everything in this post.

It was such a fun morning watching football and eating some delicious food. Everything I made was a hit with our guests, and was super easy to put together. No need to let the leftovers go bad after Thanksgiving, or spend a ton of money making new food for game day. Use what you have and let The Honey Baked Ham Company make your day even easier. Let's be honest... we need to save the stress for watching our boys play some football. Am I right?!

This post is sponsored by The Honey Baked Ham Company. All photos, recipes and opinions are my own.