Life Lately, Vol. 6

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy, but full of so much excitement and several changes. It's crazy how much can happen in just a small amount of time, especially as the year winds down. A few weeks ago I finally took the steps toward becoming an official resident of Washington, DC. While I've lived in the District for almost 6 years, I haven't had to change my residency due to working for a Tennessee Member of Congress. Since leaving Capitol Hill, I had a certain amount of time to get my residency changed. It was definitely a bittersweet moment. I've been a citizen of Tennessee for 27 years. While I'm sad to give up my Tennessee citizenship (and a vote that actually counts lol), it will always be home sweet home to me. Nonetheless, I'm excited for a new chapter as a Washingtonian!!

For Thanksgiving my family and I drove down to Huntsville, Alabama to celebrate the holiday with my entire extended family. This is the first time in almost a decade that the entire Royster clan was together for a holiday, all under one roof. It was so good to see everyone, and see my grandparents.

I'm still loving my job at the US Chamber of Commerce. The past few months have been really exciting, and I'm starting to take on even more responsibility at work. Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll get to transition to a new position within my team, and start working on some even bigger projects for the new year. Through work I've received the opportunity to travel to new places such as Jacksonville and San Diego, and I participated in our Small Business Saturday campaign. You probably saw all the photos on Instagram and Twitter. I'm so lucky to work for such a wonderful organization, and can't wait to see what the new year brings.

While out in San Diego I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time! The farthest west I had ever been prior to this trip was Denver, so I was ecstatic to cross this item off my bucket list before closing out 2017.

Before flying out to California, I cheered on the Clemson Tigers at the ACC Football Championship. This was my first time attending another division championship game. I love my VOLS y'all, but there hasn't been much to cheer for this season unfortunately, ha. So it has been nice having another team to root for this fall. We're now looking forward to watching the playoff game on New Years Day vs. Alabama!

After back-to-back-to-back travels, I'm excited to be back in DC to celebrate the Christmas season. I have several happy hours, Christmas cocktails, and holiday events coming up. Last I looked, I have two evenings free over the next month. So it's going to be a whirlwind couple of weeks!

One thing I've always wanted to do is spend a weekend in New York City during the Christmas season. A few weeks ago, Corey and I were chatting about what we wanted to do for Christmas gifts. In lieu of presents, we decided to plan a trip to the Big Apple and use our "gift money" to create some new memories. We love traveling!! We're training up to the city this Saturday, and will be there Saturday, Sunday and most of the day Monday. This will be Corey's first time in the city (can you believe that?!), so I can't wait to share one of my favorite places with him! We have a rather lengthy itinerary, but let me know if you have any favorite holiday spots in the city!

See, I told you... a lot has happened the past few weeks! As the year winds down, I'm currently working on my goals and hopes for the new year. One being the future of this blog. I've gone back and forth with ideas for how I want to move forward with Primp and Proper. I've had this site for almost four years now, and have been able to do so many wonderful things because of it. It's not something that I want to give up or move on from just yet, but at the same time I want to make sure the time I'm putting in is time well spent. I also want to make sure I'm bringing valuable content to you all. So I'll be taking the next few weeks to get things in order, and will pop back on here a few more times before the year ends. Till then, enjoy the holidays and fun celebrations! Merry Christmas, friends!

Tree Details
Tree is from Hayneedle (c/o) | Ribbon, Stockings and Tree Skirt are from Homegoods
Ornaments are from Target, Hotel Del Coronado, and most are old