The Weekender, Vol. 9

Above are some of my new Kendra Scott goodies. Shop each piece below.

Monday was girls night, and also the Bachelorette finale. My best friend Ashton and I watch every season together, and have since moving to DC. We live for our Monday nights! I will say though, things were different this season. We mostly talked through each episode, as this was probably our least favorite season. Why? Well, if the finale is any indication, you know why. I was so excited when they chose Rachel, but I felt like the producers focused more on the male drama than on her journey to find love. I was really rooting for Eric and Peter, but in the end it seemed like Rachel went more for the sure thing because she wanted a ring. That's how it appeared, but we don't really know. As long as she's happy, in love and excited about her journey, that's all that matters. Now that this season is over, we can all get ready for the real star of the summer... Bachelor in Paradise. Yessssss!!!

Tuesday I hit up a launch party with my friends Bekah and Molly at Union Market. One of our Church friends just opened up a new startup work space over there, so we stopped by to congratulate him and chow down on some delicious Mexican cuisine.

Wednesday Corey and I grilled out on my apartment rooftop and continued our binge watching of Game of Thrones. Yes, we finally caved. Last weekend we made it through the entire first season, plus 3 episodes into the second. So far, I love it! Yes it can be a bit gory and yes, the nudity is a bit too much, but the overall plot has us hooked. I can't wait to dive more into the seasons!!

Thursday I began my vacation prep by getting a gel mani and pedi. I also began packing for my trips to Seaside, Florida and the Hamptons.

I'll be in Seaside Saturday through next Wednesday, and will also be celebrating my 27th birthday there with my family and Corey!!! Wednesday we fly back, I repack and train up to NYC on Thursday with Jenn to meet Dana and Allie for a weekend in the Hamptons. I am beyond excited to see those ladies. We haven't all been together since February's Fashion Week.

If you have any must see's for my trips to Seaside and/or the Hamptons, let me know in the comments below!

And before you go, here are some links + things I'm loving. Enjoy, and happy weekend!!

  • I've been on a real sneaker kick for fall lately, and have been eyeing these and these to add to my closet. Both are under $75!
  • If you're in the DC area, Restaurant Week is next week. I'm sad to miss this year's, so y'all dine out for me. 
  • Just added this Barbour jacket to my coat closet and know I'll be wearing it all fall and winter.
  • Netflix released the trailer for The Crown Season 2 yesterday. Anyone else a fan?!
  • A dupe on the pearl slides for summer. They're only $25!
  • I'm on the hunt for a good makeup primer. I've tried MAC and ITCosmetics. But haven't been in love with either. Any suggestions you've tried and work well?
  • After a lot of consideration, educating myself and reading this post from Shelby and this post from Katie, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. I'm not doing it to lose weight per say, but to refocus my eating habits and get back into a workout routine that works for me. After a failed Whole30 experience, I'm hoping this program fits my lifestyle and body, well. 
  • In a few weeks I'm heading down to Richmond with Laura and Jenn. We're doing a media visit with the Jefferson Hotel. So excited! Any hot spots we must try out when we're there? Hoping to snag tickets to the YSL fashion exhibit. 
  • Your feel good story for the week.
  • And just for fun, some of my favorite blogs to follow are Pink Champagne Problems, Lonestar Southern, Glitter and Gingham and Gal Meets Glam. These are the four I follow daily and y'all should too :)


Lindsay said...

I really like the Elf primers (https://www.elfcosmetics.com/makeup/face-faceprimer). I've tested almost every option and have always been happy. Each primer has been really easy to apply, and it makes my foundation last longer and look smoother. I usually grab a $6 bottle on a Target run, and definitely recommend giving it a try!

Primp & Proper said...

Thank you so much for the rec, Lindsay! I'll definitely be looking into the Elf primer next time I'm at Target. Hope you had a great weekend!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous shot of that Kendra Scott jewelry! Also I love the Crown and am so ready for season two! It's helping me cope with my Downton Abbey withdrawal haha

Kate @ Makingthecaseblog.com

Primp & Proper said...

Thank you so much!! Oh my gosh, I know! I loved Downton Abbey SO much!! Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

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