A Blogger's Favorite Things Dinner

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the opportunity to give back to those who give so much to me... my friends and family! Yes, "receiving" is awesome. But to me, the feeling of seeing someone's face when you "give" them a gift, is even better. Not trying to sound all cliche here (and not saying you should return my presents Mom), but I really do enjoy giving during the holidays.

That's why a few years ago I decided to start an annual dinner with some of my favorite bloggers. A way to gift some of my favorite things to some of my favorite people. It's just "my way" of giving back during the holidays. I like think of it as my own "Oprah's Favorite Things" or "Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!" haha. Each year I have partnered with some of my favorite brands, and held the dinner at one of my favorite DC restaurants.

This year for my 3rd annual dinner, I partnered with The Hamilton to host nine of my friends for an evening of dinner and drinks, celebrating the holidays together, and a little gift exchange.

The Hamilton prepared custom printed menus in the color scheme of the evening, red and white! The service was absolutely impeccable, and the lamb gnochetti is something I'm still talking about till this day. Is it too soon to go back and get another round, ha?!

Seriously though. If you're looking to host a dinner, shower or event, The Hamilton is the place to do it. I've hosted numerous dinners at their restaurant, and every one has been fabulous. They really go above and beyond with every detail... offering to customize menus for free, showcase a signature drink, and allow me to setup the table prior to my guests arriving. Their menu is also really expansive, so there's something for everyone and at every price range. The Hamilton will even split the checks for you! Which is a HUGE bonus for large parties like ours.

I worked with Swoozies to gift each girl a personalized wine tumbler + holiday sequined tote bag for the girls to carry all their goodies home in. How freaking adorable are these totes?! There's six different styles to choose from, and each one us under $25!!

The wine tumbler's are perfect for on-the-go, and can be used for both hot and cold beverages. I used mine last week to carry my coffee to work! And the bags... y'all, I have been stopped at least five times with people asking where I got my tote. It has been the perfect carryall to take my lunch and necessities to and from work this holiday season!

Kendra Scott gifted each girl a Naomi Two Finger Drusy Ring, either silver or gold. Very fitting for the holidays! Special thanks to Corbin for arranging this gift :) This ring is perfect for the holidays, but also perfect to wear year round. It just adds a touch of sparkle to your outfit!

The Flower Luxe donated two gorgeous rose boxes to serve as the most stunning centerpieces!! The white box is below, and they also donated a box of red roses as well. Sadly the lighting in the restaurant wasn't the best, so this was the best photo I could get of the setup.

I absolutely adored these rose boxes. How unique of an idea is this?! I first noticed them at this past summer's Blogger Scene event. So when I needed a centerpiece for my dinner, The Flower Luxe was the first brand to come to mind. These boxes would make a stunning gift or addition to any tablescape.

And Vera Bradley went above and beyond to gift My Favorite Thing of 2016, the Elena Leather Crossbody Bag to each of the girls. This has seriously been my favorite thing this year. I have it both in black and hunter green, and carry it just about everywhere. I love the quality of the bag, and how much actually fits in it. The girls went nuts when they opened their bags to find these!!

You're probably thinking... how can it get any better?! Oh, but it did! Along with these wonderful gifts, I gave each girl a bottle of my homemade vanilla + a tin of my favorite Christmas cookies and homemade chocolate turtles. Sadly they didn't last long enough for me to get a photo, ha!

I'd say this year was the BEST Favorite Things Dinner yet! Not only did each girl walk away with a bag full of my favorite things, but we also played the white elephant game. And not with gag-gifts. Each girl brought "their favorite thing" to play the game with. We had everything from cookbooks, to wine glasses, to beauty products and face masks, and more! I walked away with an "ice roller" that was Libby's favorite thing.

Phewww, what a night! So many favorites all in one place! My favorite restaurant, favorite brands, favorite foods, and some of my favorite people! A Blogger's Favorite Things dinner has grown to be another favorite... my favorite tradition of the holidays! Cheers to all the brands that made this year's dinner possible!

Photos by Lauren


The CaroLøve said...

Love the Hamilton! Not sure if you're a big sushi fan but the first time I went there with Bree I had sushi with pineapple in it and it was incredible! Merry Christmas!
x0x0 Caroline

Monica {Cake and Lilies} said...

This was SO fun, Kristyn!! Thank you for hosting, and as always, love celebrating the holidays with you :)

Lauren Michelle said...

This was such a fun evening! Thanks again for including me and for sharing your favorite things with us. You're the best! Hope you're having a very merry Christmas at home.

xo, Lauren

Dana said...

So sweet of you to host this - makes me miss ya so much more than usual!

Pink Champagne Problems

Girl Meets Bow said...

I love this idea and think it would be so much fun to do next year with my gals! So sweet of you to host and coordinate such a special night. Sounds like a blast! Enjoy the rest of this Christmas week :)

Rachel said...

Wow, this sounds like an incredible time! Girls nights out are the best + all of the gifts you pulled together are stellar. I love the totes!

Primp & Proper said...

Yess, love their sushi! They have half priced sushi during happy hour!! The best!!

And Merry Christmas to you too love! Xo

Primp & Proper said...

Of course!! So glad you were there to celebrate the holidays with me and everyone!! Hope you have the best time at home, and Merry Christmas!!

Primp & Proper said...

Of course!! Thanks for coming, and for helping me take all these photos! You're the best!! Have a great Christmas as well, :))

Primp & Proper said...

I know!!! If only you were here! We missed you! Hope to see you soon! Xo

Primp & Proper said...

You totally should!! It doesn't involve too much planning or prep at all. And is just a fun way to spend time with your besties during the holidays!! Happy Christmas to you too love!! Xo

Primp & Proper said...

They definitely are!! Hope you have a very, Merry Christmas!! Xo

Anna said...

Looks like such a fun event!