A Backpack That Gives Back

One of the first things I look for when deciding whether or not to take on a collaboration for this blog, is if the brand gives back. The majority of the brands I support on Primp and Proper do just that! It's important to me to share companies that not only take pride in the product they produce, but also find a way to give back to those in need through their work. I was recently introduced to a brand who embodies both of these things...

Just Porter.

They currently produce only one product... backpacks. I'm currently using the Hazen professional backpack.

A backpack for everyone: the creator, the traveler, the entrepreneur, the wanderer and dreamer, the young professional. The list goes on.

Just Porter takes pride in creating quality and professional backpacks, made with great attention to detail. Their bags are handcrafted and designed in clean lines in order to maximize efficiency. Basically they got rid of the unnecessary pockets, zippers, bag accessories and more. No need for the fluff and fancy. It's about utility and efficiency.

You can use their bags for travel, to carry your books to class or papers to the office, or use it on a hike, or on a run to the gym. Their bags are designed for men, women and children. A bag for everyone!

And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. How do they accomplish this? Through a buy a bag, give a bag program known as Give1/3. For every backpack purchased, Just Porter donates a backpack full of school supplies to a student in need. And in your name! How cool is that?! Not only are you scoring an awesome, well made backpack for yourself, but you're gifting one to someone in need at the same time!

Like I said, a brand that takes pride in their work AND gives back at the same time. Without a doubt the only reason you need to support a brand like Just Porter. Learn more about their Give1/3 Program here.

Checkout their entire line of backpacks here + one that's perfect for the office! Their bags are especially great for those of us who live in a large city and take public transportation or bikes to work/class. You can easily carry all your essentials in a Just Porter bag.

Buy a bag, and give one to a student in need now!

Photos by Nicole