How to Blog with a Full Time Job

I realized this past weekend that it has been a hot minute since I've featured a career related post. Oddly enough, I started blogging to share my tips and style for the young professional. So it's high time I bring back a little work wear inspo.

Sweater Vest: Ann Taylor | Rust Crop Flares: Ann Taylor | Cream Shell: Ann Taylor (similar)
Pumps: Nine West (come in 8 different colors) | Bag: H&M (similar) | Bracelet: Kendra Scott (c/o)
Photos by Rosa Loves DC

But I didn't want to just share a "here's what I wear to work" post. Let's get a little discussion in as well, shall we?

I get asked quite often, how I maintain a full-time job and what seems like a full-time blog. It's a question I also ask myself on the reg, ha!

I started blogging as a side project or hobby if you will. I never imagined that it'd grow into something that sometimes can seem like a second job. Not in the sense that blogging feels like work, but in the fact it does take up a lot of hours of my week.

I know quite a few other bloggers have touched on this subject before, and it's always nice to hear all perspectives from bloggers with full-time jobs.

I currently work 45-50 hours a week, sometimes less or more depending on the craziness of the week. Those hours are strictly spent at my desk, in the office. So that leaves nights, some lunch breaks and the weekends for blogging. Mix in social events, adult duties (i.e. laundry, running errands, cleaning the apartment), Church on Sunday mornings, devotional group on Tuesday mornings, and football games on the weekends, and I'm left with barely any time for getting actual blog work in. Oh, and there's sleep somewhere in all that, ha!

So how do I get it all done? The easy answer, I don't. It's all about prioritizing, staying organized, having a plan and thinking ahead. It's also about learning to "let go" when I can't get a post finished, or a set of photos I took turn out blurry. I'm a one woman band, and human. Sometimes, it just doesn't get done.

But over the past 2.5 years, I've found a process that works for me. A few things that help make blogging life a little easier and less stressful. I'm no pro, but I've found the process below to work best for me.

Planning Ahead

The biggest way to stay organized and know what needs to be done, is to plan ahead.
  • Toward the end of each month, I print out a blank calendar for the upcoming month. I fill in sponsored posts, collaborations, series, and other posts that need to occur on a certain day.
  • I then fill in with other ideas I have for the month. This is a rough draft, and has never, ever stayed the same. But it helps give me an idea of what I need to shoot, content I need to prepare and makes writing out my weekly to do lists a little easier.
  • On Fridays I will look at the upcoming week and finalize my content for each day. I'll make a to do list for the weekend, making sure I get all photos taken then if I haven't already. So if needed, I'll schedule a shoot with my friend Nicole who lives in my apartment building. My goal is to always have the upcoming week's photos done the weekend prior. This is especially the case during the fall and winter, because I leave for work in the dark and walk home in the dark. My outdoor lighting strictly comes only on the weekends.
Planning ahead really only relates to creating my content. There's still a lot more that goes into each blog post, such as...

Writing the Posts

Writing each blog post is the least time consuming thing I have to do. Editing photos, taking photos, preparing shoots, linking products, scheduling social media, etc., is what takes up the majority of my time. 
  • I usually write my posts at night, Saturday mornings if I have nothing going on, or Sunday nights. 
  • I always write my post content first, then add in photos and links last. 
Like I said, writing the content is the shortest amount of time spent blogging. One of the most time consuming things, and one task I absolutely hate doing, is...

Scheduling social media

There may be some bloggers who love this, but I for one HATE scheduling social media, ha! It's not the most fun, can be the most time consuming, and tedious after awhile. 
  • But since I have a full-time job, I can't sit at a computer all day, sending out tweets and Facebook posts. Thus, I use Hootsuite for 90% of my tweets and all of my Facebook posts. 
  • I usually schedule social media on Sunday evenings, as well as at night once I schedule (finish) a post. That way the post topic is fresh on my mind, and I can come up with something better to say than if I scheduled social media weeks in advance. It also helps break it up, ha!
Speaking of social media, there's a lot of upkeep with that too. I spend about 30 minutes before I go to bed each night, responding to Instagram comments, tweets, liking photos and editing my Instagram photos for the next day or so. I always post Instagram photos myself, which is why you mostly see them early in the mornings or late at night. I rarely post during the day, unless there's a sale or I have some time at lunch. 

But aside from all the work that goes into creating each blog post, there's also...

Events and Networking

Both of which are important for getting your brand out there. I wish I could attend every single event I'm invited to, but the reality is I can't. A lot of events, media dinners/lunches, etc., can occur during the day, late afternoon or go from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. I don't get off work till 6:00 p.m., so the likelihood I can get across town before 7:00 p.m. is slim. So unless an event is later, or I get to leave work earlier, I tend to have to say no. I honestly feel like I miss out on a lot sometimes, but such is life. 

In the same regard though, it means when I get to go to a blogging event, I'm extremely excited to be there. These events also mean I get to see some of my friends and catch up with them, so I jump at the chance to go to as many as I can. 

Pheww, I know that's a long post and I haven't even talked about what I'm wearing here yet. But I hope this gives y'all a little insight into how I maintain both my full-time job and full-time blog!

Now as for the outfit, this will be short and sweet... rust is a huge color for fall! I love a good cropped flare pant for the office, especially with my favorite pumps. I added a simple cream shell and black tote bag, but took the outfit up one notch by adding this sleeveless sweater vest. It's one of fall's simplest accessories, that you can literally pair with just about anything. Jeans, pants, crops, over a dress, etc. This hands down is one of my favorite fall looks for the office, and not surprisingly, the majority of the pieces are from Ann Taylor.

I'd love to hear from those of you who have a full-time job as well, and how you maintain both that and your blog. Or maybe it's not a blog, but another side business or hobby. Let me know some of your tips and tricks in the comments below!