Football Friday: Styling Orange, Part II

Jersey: Alumni Hall | Jeans: Violet Boutique in DC (similar here and here) | Sandals: Target

It's Friday. Thank, goodness!

This week, this month, the past few days... they've all been a doozy, ha! I'm so thankful the weekend is finally upon us. How was y'all's week?

I will say though, this week I haven't stopped relishing in the big Tennessee Vols victory vs. Florida. I was at the game and it was insane! Let me tell ya, ha! So it's perfect timing that the second part of our Football Friday series comes this week. Tennessee is gearing up for a big game tomorrow vs. Georgia. If we win, we'll most likely head to the SEC Championship. A game Tennessee hasn't been to since 2007, where we played LSU. I was at that game, and remember the heartbreaking loss. So it's high time Tennessee got the opportunity to redeem themselves down in Atlanta.

Any who, lots of factors in play for that scenario, so let's just focus on the outfit shall we. I know in a past post I said we should leave the jersey's to the boys, but there are times when they're necessary. Like when you live nine hours away in DC, and watch the majority of the games at a bar or a friend's place. I'm heading over to a friend's house tomorrow for the game, so I want to be comfortable and casual. A jersey and good pair of ripped denim is in order for my game day attire!

Make sure you checkout the other bloggers and their game day looks at the bottom of this post! We'll have our third and final post of the series on Friday, October 21st. I'll be sharing a look for cooler weather game days, so stay tuned! Have a great weekend y'all!!

Oh, and one note about the clear clutch. Not sure if you know, but most stadiums (college and NFL) have switched to the "clear bag rule," meaning you can only carry a small clutch OR your bag has to be clear. This of course is for safety reasons, and makes for a smoother security line.


Kristi G said...

Love love love these pictures- Love the jersey and tie up flats! So cute :) And that front porch area.. yes!


Unknown said...

Agreed on the jersey! A girl's gotta have one!


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