Discover New Wines by the Glass with Vinebox

A few months ago one of my coworkers was talking to me about this new wine service she had signed up for. She loves wine, as do I, and has tried out quite a few services and monthly wine clubs. To be honest, I've never really thought about joining one because I didn't think that I could afford it. But my coworker introduced me to this new service that sends you three wines to try by the glass! I was instantly intrigued. I had never heard of that before!

I previewed today's post on Snapchat (kroyster815) last week, and y'all went nuts! I've never had that many responses to a Snapchat in my life. In a good way of course!

As a twenty something on a tight budget, wine services and clubs have always seemed out of reach and affordability. Until now.

VINEBOX is a monthly wine club that curates three wines for you to try at home. Each box is delivered straight to your doorstep and cuts out the middle man. But what makes VINEBOX so special and unique, is that it isn't by the bottle, but by the glass.

I love this!

Why, do you ask? Well for starters, the membership is cheaper, yet you're still getting the white glove service. Boxes are around $30 a month depending on the level of membership you choose, and shipping is included!

You also have the option to try it for a month, and then cancel if it isn't for you. Where as a lot of the clubs require you to commit to three or more months before ever trying the service! No bueno.

I'm also picky about my wine. So I would rather try one glass, before opening an entire bottle. No wine going to waste, and no drinking an entire bottle if you don't love it. Also, if you open an entire bottle, sometimes they go bad before you can even finish it. I mean, I've never had that problem (ha!), but I am sure some of you have had that happen before.

On the flip side, VINEBOX is a great service for those of you wishing to increase your wine palette. If you've long been someone who just consumes wine for fun, but are looking to widen your wine spectrum, then this service is a great place for you to begin doing so. By trying out new wines by the glass, you can take a few months to figure out if you're more of a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir kind of person.

VINEBOX also tries to mix humor and fun into your monthly box. No more endless pages of facts about the wine, you or I cannot understand. Each wine comes with a card that features where the wine is from, what type of food to pair it with, and details on how you can purchase full bottles. There's always a humorous quote on the back of each card as well. See... catering to us young millennials! This isn't your parents wine club y'all!!

They're currently looking for new members to receive September's box! You can signup here, and learn more over on their FAQ page as well. Hope y'all love VINEBOX as much as I do!

This post is in partnership with VINEBOX. All opinions and photos are my own.