Le Tote

Y'all. I've had a serious problem lately...

Floral Blouse: Johanne Beck via Le Tote | Jeans: Levis | Wedges: Nordstrom

A problem with a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.

Anyone else have this issue? Lately I just haven't been very inspired by the pieces in my closet. Sure, I have my work wardrobe. That doesn't really change. But it's the clothing I wear on the weekends, to events or on vacation that has been really lacking. The reason? Majorly because I'm living on a young professional's salary and rent my own apartment. So the opportunity to purchase new clothes consistently just isn't, well a reality. It's called a budget people.

So I've been seeking a way to combat this problem. In steps Le Tote.

Le Tote isn't like your normal box service. Most "tote services" out there send you items to try on and then purchase. But you have a deadline to return all the pieces you aren't keeping, and you're not supposed to actually wear the items you're returning. Lame.

This is where Le Tote is different. Le Tote sends you a box of five items from your virtual closet, that you have preselected and favored. Sometimes, there's even a surprise! You can keep these items for as long as you like! Wear them as many times as you like. Then when you're ready, send back any items you don't wish to keep, and a new tote is on the way! Like something in your tote and want to own it? Keep it! You'll be charged a member rate, which is majorly discounted!

I love this idea! Essentially you're borrowing name brand clothing each month for a small fee. Send your tote back as many times as you like, and wear each piece as many times as you want! A novel idea I say, ha!

I received my first tote last week, and inside was this gorgeous floral tie blouse. I've never owned a front tie piece before, so I was eager to try something new. Y'all, I fell in love with this top! I definitely kept this item from my tote. It pairs perfectly with jeans or even shorts, and is great for those cooler summer nights or evenings out at the beach when you're sunburned and need to cover up. This print also comes in a dress! Fingers crossed the dress version arrives in my next tote!

You too can signup for Le Tote!! There's some awesome deals going on right now:

  • Get a 2 for 1 deal on your subscription between now and June 30th by using code JUNE2FOR1
  • or, if you miss that deal you can still get 20% off your subscription till August 20th with code PRIMPANDPROPER at checkout

Le Tote has solved my biggest issue lately, and I know y'all will love this service too!

This post is in partnership with Le Tote. Thank you for supporting the brands that help Primp and Proper grow!