May Favorites + Looking Ahead

Welcome back y'all! Did everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend? Hopefully it was fun, relaxing and a quick getaway for you. Or, maybe you're still on vacay. Good for those folks!

Hard to believe, yet again, that I'm bringing you another end-of-the-month recap. May was a wonderful month! Very, very busy. But wonderful. Lots to recap, so let's get started shall we?! 

Personal - May Recap

May brought a lot more fun and play. Remember my post on finding balance? Well, I've taken a lot of the steps I mentioned, and this month I felt 10 times better. Less burnout. More energized and ready to tackle my daily tasks.

I kicked off the month with a boat cruise, celebrating two friend's birthdays. There were a few birthday parties, happy hours, blog events and receptions. I also started working out with a trainer who happens to live in my building. My good friend, hall mate, blog friend, and photographer Nicole, we both decided it was time to kick our butts into shape. That, we are doing! We've met a few times with Tim and he's great.

I attended the Virginia Gold Cup with my sweet friend Lauren. It's an all day horse race out in Virginia Wine Country.

A weekend later I headed down to my hometown of Knoxville, TN for my little brother's graduation. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, and recently moved to Nashville to start his first post grad job. So proud of you ZZ! I also got to see one of my best friends, Lindsey, and her baby Rossie Cate! It was so nice being home for a long weekend.

I wrapped up this amazing month with a trip down to Virginia Beach. My old roommate and good college friend Liz, has a beach house down there. We laid by the pool, road on the boat down the bay to lunch, danced all night at her Dad's Memorial Day party, and enjoyed some much needed time away from the city.

Blogging - May Recap

When it came to blogging this month, things slowed down a bit. Not intentionally. It was just a crazy month with traveling and the weather. The weather was just awful. We had I think 17 days this month of rain. Most of that was back-to-back days of it. So needless to say, that kept me from taking a lot of outfit photos. I'm hoping the weather will cooperate, and I'll have lots of new fashion content for y'all in June.

I also attended a few blog events, but most notably I loved kicking off the summer pool season with Washingtonian Magazine at the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel. It was the perfect evening and weather! Some of my fave blogger gal pals were there to celebrate with me too!!

Favorite May Posts

The Short Story (outfit post)
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Crown & Ivy for Belk (outfit post)

May Goals Recap

Not sure if y'all remember, but last month I added a new section to these monthly recaps. Here's the original post. I wanted to quickly recap my progress on the goals I set for May.

  1. Pass 5,000 Instagram followers - check! So thankful to have so many amazing followers!
  2. Get back to decorating my apartment - sort of check! I have added a few new decorative items and when I was home a few weeks ago, I picked up several pieces for my gallery wall. I'm waiting for my mom to ship them up since they were too big to carry on the plane. 
  3. Work on editing my photos better - no dice! Sadly, I never got around to downloading PhotoShop. Mostly because I didn't have many photos to edit. That goes back to the terrible weather I was talking about earlier in this post. 
  4. Drink 1/2 my weight in water each day - sort of check! While I didn't always get to the exact amount, I did continue cutting out dark sodas (sorry DC!) and adding in more water!
  5. Save $200 - check!! I made a few adjustments this month and had some additional blog + Poshmark sales come in. Thank goodness. While I saved a little more than $200, I have already decided to use that money toward an exciting trip coming up. More details coming soon ;) 

Personal - What's Coming Up for June

June is going to be yet another busy month. I have a few trips coming up (one to a place I've never been). I'm kicking the new month off this weekend by celebrating one of my best friend's birthdays. I also plan to park my butt by the pool on Saturday (praying for good weather). But before I get to the weekend already, I'm excited to be knocking something off my bucket list this Friday. I'm so blessed to have a job that provides really unique and exciting opportunities. Friday I get the chance to head down to Marine Day at Quantico. I will get to meet with some pretty amazing Marines and learn more about what a day in their life is like. I will be taking y'all with me over on Snapchat!! So make sure you're following along there at Kroyster815. Trust me. It's something you can't miss!

June Goals
  1. Entertain More // now that summer is here, I hope to have a few more cookouts and pool parties this month. Now that I have my own place, there's no excuse not to!
  2. Finish a book // that may seem pretty lame, but for someone who isn't an avid reader, I hope to finally finish one of the 10 books on my nightstand that I've started, ha!
  3. More outfit posts // I hope to make up from a rather minimal outfit inspo May. This should be pretty easy since I'm jetting off to a tropical location in about a week!
  4. Download PhotoShop + learn how to use it // carrying this May goal over to the new month.
  5. Cook more // this should be pretty easy now that it's grill season. I want to take advantage of the new grills my apartment building just put in. 

Blogging - What's Coming Up for June

Y'all... June is going to be one exciting month for Primp and Proper. Why? Because myself and my blogging bestie Jenn are heading off to an exciting tropical location the end of next week. We're jetting off on our first media trip, with lots of exciting adventures in store. I can't wait to share more details early next week.

With a fun vacay in my future, that means plenty of exciting blog content coming your way throughout this month. New outfit posts, trip recaps, a travel guide, etc. I'll be sharing where we're going on the blog next week, but make sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram, as we'll be giving sneak peeks before details hit the blog. 

Have a great start to your week, and enjoy the last day of May 2016!!


Girl Meets Bow said...

Yay for an awesome May and a fresh new month tomorrow!! One of my goals was downloading/learning Photoshop and Lightroom and from one newbie to another I can tell you it's not as scary as it seems! :) With a little googling and YouTubing I've been figuring it out pretty well! Good Luck!

Primp & Proper said...

So glad to hear!! It's something I've been meaning to do for awhile, but just keep putting off. Makes me more eager to get it done knowing it's not too hard. Thanks for the encouragement :)

Unknown said...

Photoshop is easy peasy, I've been using it for years! So glad I learned it in college lol and Yay for working out!! Hope it's going well!! :)


Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine said...

Your photo from the Virginia Gold Cup is adorable! That rain was annoying, but you wore it well with the boots :)

Primp & Proper said...

That's what everyone says. I think I'm going to download the monthly fee one, cause I can't afford the super costly software right now :( BUT I'll definitely have to find some tutorials / people to teach me how to use it.


Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Amanda!! It definitely was, but just had to make the most of the situation :)

Rachel said...

So exciting about your trip! Can't wait to read all about it! I'm with you on the reading. I used to love it but as I've gotten older (and esp lately) it's fallen by the wayside. I just finished Me Before You and it was a really good one! Good luck with all of your goals!

Primp & Proper said...

Can't wait to share Rachel!! Reading really has. I just barely have time for it anymore sadly. But hoping to get some much needed "read time" in over my vacay to Key West! I may have to pick up that book to read as well!! I can't wait to see the movie!