Knoxville Packing List

Knoxville Packing List

This coming weekend I'm excited to head down South for a few days to my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee!! I haven't been back to the area since Thanksgiving, as my family spent Christmas vacation in Walt Disney World. So it has been a hot minute since I've seen the sites of K-town. 

I'm heading home for my little brother's graduation ceremony. He will be graduating from The University of Tennessee with a degree in Political Science and Economics. I'm really proud of all he has accomplished at UT, and excited that he's following in his big sister's footsteps with a political route in mind!

I'm also looking forward to spending time with family, shopping around town with my mom on Friday, and finally meeting my best friend's baby, Rossie-Cate!! 

It's going to be a non-stop visit, with lots of fun! So I designed a packing list that's both versatile, but dressy for all of the celebratory events + Church on Sunday. I've shared some of the items I'm taking with me above. I also hope to have my brother, who is actually a great photographer, assist me with a few outfit pics while home. Already putting him to work and he hasn't even walked across the stage, ha! So proud of you little buddy!


How 2 Wear It said...

Congrats to your brother! My brother takes my outfit photos for me the majority of the time so I love that your brother helps you out as well! Isn't it great having a supportive sibling?!

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Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Morgan!! So excited for him :) It really is!! I have to do a lot of bribing and begging, hahaha! But he does a great job though!

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!