Dating, Vol. 1: Worst Dating Generation

Time for a mid-week treat post! Well, treat for y'all. For me, not so much. Ha

Like I mentioned in the introductory post last week, I had some pretty big reservations about creating a series like this. Not out of embarrassment, okay... so maybe a little of that. But more so about what y'all thought. I wanted to make sure this was something my followers would enjoy reading. Much to my surprise, it is! I was blown away with the response I got from the first post. Seriously y'all. I had three times the amount of pageviews than my previously highest viewed post. I was stunned. Unless Google Analytics is lying to just boost my confidence. Either way, I'll take it.

So without further adieu, let's kick this series off talking about our dating generation in general.

Note: from here on out, the majority of the posts I write for this series will pertain to the current 20 and 30 something generation. Why, because that's the category I fall into. I can only write about my age group. So keep that in mind when reading each post. Thanks for following along! Xo

I was born into the worst dating generation ever. Seriously. 

I'm not saying that to form a pity party around me. Or anyone my age for that matter. I'm just speaking the truth. It's a fact. Maybe it's not scientifically proven, but I have plenty of evidence to support my generational claim. 

Let's discuss.

I was born in 1990. The beginning of the problem. 

I was raised in the generation of colored overalls, Birkenstocks, denim mini (and I mean mini) skirts and gelly shoes. All of which never, I repeat never, should make a comeback. 

It was also the time for boy band heartthrobs, the young Leo and numerous movies that romanticized and dramatized love. Aside from the horrible attire of the 90s and early two thousands (because let's face it, fashion has made a strong effort to move away from such terrible wardrobe choices), it was the movies that originate this post. 

Let me explain.

Growing up, I was surrounded by movies. I watched Titanic enough times that my mother actually had to repurchase the movie (back then, two VHS tapes because it was THAT long) twice. Yes twice. That's how many times my good friend Ashton and I watched it. A few years later we grew into Sweet Home Alabama. REESE!! My Southern icon and someone I admire very much. Then came The Notebook era. Ahh, Noah. Better yet, ahh, Ryan Gosling. One of my favorite movies. It tells one of the most romantic love stories of all time (Okay. When I say "all time," I really mean my generation. Have you see Gone With the Wind?! Classic.). 

And this my friends, is the problem. Right here.

This is where my generation was sent down the hopeless path. Myself and many others dreamed of the day we'd meet our insanely gorgeous Noah (from The Notebook). The day a man would:

  • Write us countless love letters, ask us out twenty times before we actually said yes, or a man who would "never let go" (thanks Leo, that's your fault). 

Instead we're left with:

  • Men who send us "love texts." Or can we even categorize "hey babe. you're hot." as love?! Us ladies jump at the first invitation for a date. Okay, so first dates now days consist of "grabbing drinks." And also left with men who will date you for months, then all the sudden realize they don't want a relationship. aka, they let go. 

Man we're doomed. 

These movies painted a picture of how amazing love should be. How amazing finding your soulmate would feel and how wonderful a man should treat you. This is where everything went wrong. Between Disney movies and Nicholas Sparks, my generation was destined to consistently get their hopes up. 

[INSERT - statement for those who have found true love. Have you seen the movie He's Just Not That Into You?! There are always exceptions to the rule]

Now let me say this. I am sure there are some of you who have found such true, amazing, Noah and Leo filled love. To you, I tip my hat and say "hang on tight sister!!" But for all the single ladies (Beyonce knows what's up!), we're left to fight to the bitter end of the Tinder-ness hole. Literally. Tinder is how my generation meets men these days. If only Ryan was on Tinder…. humph!

Gone are the days where we hop on a cruise ship and find our long lost love. Gone are the days we hit up a town fair and meet our soulmate dangling from the ferris wheel. Gone are the days of "meet-cutes" and "how I met my future husband blurbs." We have now entered the days of, "well, he was hot and so I swiped right. And he said he'd like to grab drinks. So we did. It was great. Now we're in love. YAY Tinder." 

Okay, so I'm sure for many the story will be better than that. 

But that's the gist of it! My generation was raised with the hopes of finding that amazing, mind-numbing, sparks flying romance. That's what we were taught we deserve. And we do!! But we have let that amazing future flame burn out by succumbing to the romantic-less world of online dating. 

[I'll save a post regarding online dating for another day.]

My point is this.

Our parents were raised in an amazing generation of meeting their true love in what now is characterized as "the old-fashioned way." My generation was raised with the same hope for finding love as our parents, but fell into a ridiculously hard time of making that dream a reality. I know there are many factors that play into this though. It's not all the movies' fault, ha! 

So where do we go from here? Do we continue to get our hopes up? Or do we lower our standards and desires? Or do we continue holding out that there are still some amazing old-fashioned men on our horizon? I for one am a hopeless romantic. Maybe that's my problem. Again, another post for another day.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!! (all images via Google/searching millennial dating generation)