April Favorites + Looking Ahead

So April came and went, am I right?!

It was a pretty jam packed month. Between work, a full-time blog, meetings for other organizations I participate in, preparing the final touches for the Taste of the South Gala and various social events, it was a non-stop month. I haven't truly recuperated from the gala weekend, but starting to get there.

Today's post is all about recapping the past month, and looking at what's to come for the new month ahead.

Personal - April Recap

Personally, April was very busy. It was mostly spent preparing the final touches for Taste of the South, enjoying the gala and recuperating from the entire past year. I shared in detail how the gala went, here. Many of you have asked if I'll be on the planning committee for next year. Truth is, I don't know. I can if I want to, but I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to continue, or focus my time on something new. I'll let y'all know once a decision is made!

I was so lucky that my sorority little, Randi, was able to fly up from Nashville to spend the weekend with me. We only get to see each other maybe three or four times a year. She's one of my best friends, and I'm so thankful that Sigma Kappa brought us together almost seven years ago (man I'm old, ha!).

Other than the gala, April wasn't entirely a social or event filled month for me. There were numerous blog events and weekend hangouts that I unfortunately had to miss. Either I was busy with gala stuff or too tired honestly to attend. BUT, May is going to be a different story!

Blogging - April Recap

Just like my social life, the blog also kind of took a back seat this month. I was able to keep up with posts a little better this year vs. last year, but ultimately took a mid-month break.

April also brought some exciting news I've been waiting to share. I will be heading back down to Charleston this August to attend my second blog conference with The Blog Societies!!! I had such an amazing time last year that I couldn't wait to get back. I made so many new connections, both brand wise and friend wise! I look forward to also staying at the Kings Courtyard Inn while down there. We're trying to also tie in a little beach action to our trip this year, and hoping to do a short stay somewhere close by once the conference is over. I really look forward to keeping y'all in the loop about this trip and sharing details along the way!

Favorite April Posts

It was a pretty light month, post wise, but some of my favorites for April were:

Personal - What's Coming Up for May

This weekend kicks off a pretty fun month! I'm going to a few happy hours and birthday events tonight, sailing the high seas of the Potomac River tomorrow on a pirate cruise, and meeting some friends for a fun brunch on Sunday.

I also have several good friend's birthdays this month, so I look forward to celebrating those!

I'll also be celebrating FOUR YEARS IN DC on May 11th!!! And FOUR YEARS WORKING on May 14th!! Seriously cannot believe that I've been here that long. So crazy. I'll have some fun posts in conjunction with these two milestones, so stay tuned!

Next weekend I'm heading to the Gold Cup horse race and staying with my sweet friend Lauren. I shared in this post the dress I'm wearing.

Mid May brings a trip back to my hometown in Tennessee for my little brother's college graduation. He's graduating with a degree in Politics (following the footsteps of his big sister... so proud!) and Economics. So proud of him and all he's accomplished at The University of Tennessee!! I also can't wait to spend some quality time with the fam and FINALLY meet my best friends Lindsey and Sam's baby, Rossie-Cate!!

I'm hoping to round out the month by kicking off summer somewhere fun on Memorial Day weekend. Not sure of plans yet, but have a few ideas in mind!

Original Outfit Post Here

Goals for May

This part is new to the monthly recaps!

I decided what better way to "look ahead," than to set some goals for the next month?! To keep me in check, I'll be sure to share my progress on each goal in the next monthly recap. So here's what I'm hoping to complete in May...
  1. Surpass 5,000 Instagram followers | I hope to accomplish this by increasing my engagement with my current and potential new followers. I've been slacking this past month, mainly because my focus has been on Taste of the South. I know this one is doable because I am less than 170 away! 
  2. Get back to decorating my apartment | Now that things are slowing down for me, I hope to get back into the decorating swing of things. I already have purchased some new pillows (will share soon) for the couch, a new comforter for my bed, and a few other odds and ends. I'm hoping to find a few TN related pieces for my gallery wall when I'm home later this month. 
  3. Work on editing my photos better | It's so nice having a friend and blogger who lives across the hall from me. We meet whenever we can to take pictures for our blogs. I will admit that my editing skills aren't the strongest, so I hope to work on this in May. 
  4. Drink 1/2 my body weight in water every day | This past month I was extremely dehydrated. I was getting bad headaches and had zero motivation once the gala was over. I started doing better with my water intake last week, but for May I hope to get into a routine of drinking about 3 smart water bottles (refilling of course) a day!
  5. Save $200 | This may not seem like a lot, but to me... it is. I live alone, so rent and utilities are all on me. For the past few months I haven't been saving any money. So I plan to cut out those $5 Starbucks lattes, only spend money I make from Poshmark on clothes, and take the bus / metro more. Hopefully these little changes will help me save some money!
Do you have any goals for the new month?!

Blogging - What's Coming Up for May

May is bringing some really exciting content! I'm kicking off the new month on Monday with a brand NEW blog giveaway!! We're keeping it simple and giving away CASH, ha!

I have some new outfit content coming up, planning to continue the dating series, and hoping to get back into my regularly scheduled posting. I also hope to share some recipe posts, as well as another home update with you all!

I do want to take the time as well to share better content, stay consistent and engage more on Instagram. I may not be able to accomplish everything I set out to do in May, but hoping by setting some goals, it'll help push me to attempt my best!



Rachel said...

Loving your goals for May! I hit my 4 year mark of working full-time earlier this year and my mind is blown too!

Primp & Proper said...

Right?! Crazy how quickly four years can fly by! Happy 4 years of working to you too!!

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