The New Primp and Proper

Dress: LOFT | Necklace: Julie Vos | Shoes: Michael Kors (old, very similar) | Clutch: GiGi NY
Photos by Nicole of A Dash of Gold

Welcome to the new Primp and Proper!!!

I've hinted over the past few months that I've been working on a much needed update to the design and layout of P&P. I've been collaborating with a fabulous site designer, Aubrey Kinch. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and really was able to get inside my head and somehow capture exactly what I was looking for. I'm just so in love with how the update turned out!!

I have really just been wanting a site design that screamed ME! The old black and white color scheme just didn't do that. I also wanted something more professional looking, feminine and a site that was simple and easy to use. I took into account all of your suggestions that were offered in January's reader survey. Many of you wanted to see a more cohesive, colorful and easy to navigate site. So Aubrey and I set out to give y'all just that! I really took your thoughts to heart, and hope that we implemented them well. What do you think?!

I also didn't want to just stop at a site update! I wanted to change the way I blogged, the content I was creating and apply changes in cohesion with the new design. I didn't want the changes to only be reflected on screen, but in my daily habits as a blogger as well. So some other great changes coming to Primp and Proper are…

Posts & Schedule // Consistency is key. I want y'all to know when and what you're getting each day. Instead of sporadic posts, I've created a content calendar that I think will keep things consistent and ensure y'all know exactly what you're going to see each day.

In the reader survey I asked y'all how many posts you wanted to see each week. The majority of you said four posts. So, I want to give y'all just that. You'll see a new post each day on the blog during the week, aside from Wednesday. A mid-week break is perfect for getting caught up and focusing time on additional content, like social media posts and Instagram photos.

As for posts, here's what each day will bring…
  • Mondays will either be LEARN posts or OVER THE WEEKEND
  • Tuesdays will either be SHOP posts or an OUTFIT post
  • Thursdays will either be a FEATURE post or an OUTFIT post
  • Fridays will either be LINK LOVE or a LIFESTYLE post such as home decor update or recipe

Instagram // I hope to bring y'all even more photo inspiration throughout the week, and well into the weekend. There will be even more sneak peeks and behind the scenes photos!

Snapchat // I recently opened up Snapchat to the public (kroyster815)! This way y'all can get to know a little more about me personally, off the blog and off other social media. It's also an in the moment feed, with absolutely no curation or preparation. So you're getting to see the real behind the scenes of me and my blog!

Shop With Me // I'm constantly finding new pieces to share or purchase. But, I'm only one person and on a budget, ha! So in an attempt to bring you fresh items to buy, I will update the Shop With Me page as often as I can. Always including a variety of pieces and price ranges! 

Additionally you can shop some of my favorite stores via the sidebar box on the right hand side of this page. Simply click on any of the links to be directed to one of my favorite stores to shop!

And if that's not enough, you can shop my actual closet of gently used clothing and accessories via my Poshmark shop. I'm constantly adding new items each week!

Learn More About Me // I feel like I've been pretty open with y'all on this site. We've been through career updates, breakups and vacations together. I want to keep the doors open and share as much as I can with you all (to an extent). So I updated my About Me page and included some fun facts.

All of these are ideas I've been mulling over for awhile in hopes of bringing you better, more consistent content.

I will preface though, that I am only one person (y'all know). I don't have an assistant or intern (wouldn't that be nice!), so I will try my hardest to stick to all of this mentioned above. But just know, I do have a full-time job in addition to my blog. So if I miss a post or Insta one day, please go easy on me :)

Any who, thanks so much to all of you for keeping Primp and Proper going and for your daily support and encouragement. Hope y'all have a FABULOUS Monday!! Xo


Monica {Cake and Lilies} said...

Wahoo! So many great things to come...can't wait! xox

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Monica!! Appreciate your support and friendship!! Xo

Rachel said...

Lots of exciting stuff :) I like the new structure you're setting up for what type of posts and when. Instagram is a platform I'm trying to use a bit more too. If only we had assistants/interns to help out, ha!

Primp & Proper said...

So glad to hear you like it Rachel! I think it'll be better for readers, to know what they're getting. And for me, to keep on a more consistent schedule!

I agree!! An assistant would make life so much easier wouldn't it?! ha

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE the new site! It's totally you and looks great, and is clean and easy to navigate. Excited about your content, too!! I love all your posts - need to sit down and catch up!


Primp & Proper said...

THANKS doll!! So glad you like it :) I totally agree! So much more, me :)

Appreciate your friendship and support. Have a great weekend! Xo

Unknown said...

You are too cute! I have this dress and love how you wore it! Thanks for the kind words about my cousin. I hope you have a wonderful day!

xo, Shelby

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Shelby!! Great minds think alike! This is one of my favorite dresses as of late. Hope you have a great day too! Xo

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