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It has been a hot minute since I've done a "home" related post. Lucky for y'all, I'm making up for it by bringing you two brand new home decor posts this week!! Friday will feature a home update and collab with Mintwood Home (go ahead and check them out), but today is all about inspiration for my gallery wall!

I have a corner in my apartment that is small and awkward. It's not big enough to really put a shelving unit or desk, but it's big enough for its blandness to stick out. I've currently got an old chair sitting there, but am wanting to spruce up the corner and add a fun gallery wall. It'll be a nice little hidden gem once finished!

I am envisioning lots of pieces. A mix between prints, photographs and random wall decor. I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I'd like to paint the wall in an accent color first though. Thoughts? It's such a small space, but I think it could really add some character to the rather bland corner. I also may eventually find a different chair to replace the small black and white one I currently have. It doesn't really go with my color scheme, but works for now.

I'm really wanting to find unique pieces with meaning. I don't want items that just take up space. I found this super cute Etsy shop that sells a lot of colorful prints. I loved the one of the lion, because I'm a Leo. The one of the sunglasses, because I'm always wearing them. And the cheetah print loafers are both something I own, and love wearing. I also want to mix in some local pieces featuring DC, and find some fun prints/pieces from Tennessee.

My gallery wall is my next project to tackle. I've already begun collecting items for the wall, but need y'alls suggestions on other places to find unique pieces. Also let me know your thoughts on painting the wall, as well as any tips you have for keeping a gallery wall cohesive! Thanks friends :)


Unknown said...

I think a gallery wall would look great there! My biggest struggle has been finding different sized frames that all still look good together for mine (I also have a very awkward wall between my closet and the entrance to my room). I've been loving Evelyn Henson prints for my gallery wall plans (just saving up the money to actually get them!)


Sahra said...

I vote a tall swinging floor lamp to create a reading nook type space! I def agree with adding wall art too! Maybe a cozy throw/blanket and kitschy pillow!

Good luck <3

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra

Primp & Proper said...

Great suggestions Sahra!! I love that idea. Thanks for your help and for sharing!! Xo

Primp & Proper said...

Yeah, that's my only struggle too. Trying to ensure everything is cohesive. I need to read some more articles and blog posts about other's gallery walls. Thanks for the tip about Evelyn Henson!! Have a great day Olivia! Xo

Unknown said...

So cute. Be sure to check out Etsy for original artwork, and Minted has great stuff too!

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Whitney!! I plan to scour Etsy this weekend for some more ideas. That's where I found most of these inspo pieces. I also LOVE Minted.

Thanks for the suggestions! Xo

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