Dating... a new Primp and Proper Series

Dating... one of the most taboo topics these days to discuss online. Why is that? I mean we all talk daily to our friends about dating, relationships, and seek advice on how to handle the Tinder guy that just ghosted. Dating is a topic many of us are so open about in person, yet embarrassed to put our thoughts on it in writing.

It makes total sense. Up until today, I had serious reservations about sharing such a personal side of my life on this blog. Not because I was afraid of sharing, or that the guy I went out with once in college may read this and think "oh, this is entirely about me, isn't it?!" No, because the odds of him finding my blog are minimal at best, and the odds of him actually thinking something was about him... oh wait, it was always about him.

Any who, back to the taboo-ness of this topic.

Why are people so afraid to share with the world they're dating?! It's something we all do. That's how we meet our ultimate soulmate, get married and create a family. Dating is one of the most prevalent topics for a twenty-thirty something, so why not discuss it more? Odds are we're all dealing with the same situations. A** holes who break our hearts, the emotional hipster who divulges way too many "loves and babes" too soon, the guy who looks good on paper but ultimately it doesn't click, and my favorite... the man who just ghosts (for the older generation, that means a guy just stops replying, texting you back and ultimately disappears).

One of my goals this year for the blog was to be more open with y'all on this site, and incorporate more writing. If you want to see just pictures, head over to Instagram. If you want to just shop, I have a shop page. But I originally started this blog to write. To keep up with my love of writing, and to talk about topics I wanted to discuss.

So I decided to implement a new series.

I was inspired by Grace of The Stripe blog. If you don't follow her, do it. She recounts hilarious stories, situations and dates in a new series as well. Somehow she's my dating spirit animal. We both have very similar stories, which she's able to share with a hilarious and sarcastic tone. Hashtag, goals.

So after reading Grace's dating journey, I decided it was time to share my own. dun-dun-duuuunn

If you are one of my close friends you know I have a mass arsenal of horrible, no good, very bad date, stories to recount. While ultimately I want to keep these unfortunate souls' privacy, I plan to use the ones who have inspired this new series to talk about dating in general. Hopefully this will create a dialogue between us all, as I know many of you have or will experience similar things. I'll add these posts in ever so often on our off days, Wednesdays. Think of it as a mid-week treat! Let me know your thoughts on this new series, what topics you'd like to see covered, and if you think this is just a terrible idea and I should scratch it all together. As always, this site is just as much about you as it is about me. So I want to make sure I'm covering things you want to read about. I appreciate your support and feedback. I'll be back next Wednesday with my first volume of the dating series. Stay tuned!!