New York Fashion Week Day Three & Four

Happy Monday! Everyone have a great weekend?

Mine was mostly spent outdoors enjoying the gorgeous spring-like weather DC had. I also spent a lot of my weekend getting caught up on stuff around the apartment. Including cleaning out my closet. I had so many great pieces that I didn't want to just get rid of, so I finally created a Poshmark account. This way y'all can shop my closet!!

Here's the link straight to my account. Right now I'm selling mostly fall + winter pieces, some great name brand handbags and totes, and several items perfect for spring mixed in. Everything's negotiable, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Any who, today's post is all about my final New York Fashion Week recap!! I decided to combine Day Three and Four, mostly because these days weren't as busy as the others. So today's post is all about the final two days of our trip. Don't forget to email me any questions you have about Fashion Week, attending yourself or questions about my trip in general. Feel free to leave in the comments below too. I'll be answering all of these questions in a full Fashion Week 101 post on March 1st.

Saturday, February 13th 

9:30 a.m. // Wake up call, get ready. Laura and I head to the Taoray Wang show (watch full show here).

11:35 a.m. // Show starts 35 minutes late, but we're front row once again! So, so excited!!

I absolutely loved this show. It was probably one of my favorites to be honest. I just loved the ready-to-wear pieces. A lot of the items in the collection are pieces that I would actually wear.

Like this gorgeous winter white coat! It's so Olivia Pope!!!

And this gorgeous lace top and trench coat combo!

11:48 a.m. // Laura and I head over to the ShopStyle Social House to meet up with Lauren and Jenn. The ShopStyle House was the perfect place for a mid-day break. It was a three story loft that had beverages for us to refuel, a makeup counter to get our hair and makeup touched up, and the chance to connect with brands like GiGi New York, Sole Society, World Market, Daniel Wellington and more. We also got to take home a few goodies from each of the brands! Thank you ShopStyle!!!

1:30 p.m. // We head to ABC Kitchen for a delicious brunch! We met back up with Dana, and our friend Amanda from M Booth PR joined us as well. Thanks Amanda for treating us all to a fabulous lunch in the city!! If you are in the Flatiron area, I highly recommend ABC Kitchen for lunch or dinner. Next time I'm in the city I definitely want to try it out for dinner, as I hear it's even better than their brunch!

3:45 p.m. // We hailed a cab and headed over to SoHo to meet with Roxy from Society Social!! I was so so excited about this meeting. For those of you who don't know, Society Social is where I got my bar cart from.

4:00 p.m. // Meeting with Society Social! We walked in and were instantly greeted by Inslee (y'all may recognize her paintings and watercolor prints) and Roxy. We almost died!! Such a treat to meet two fabulous entrepreneurs.

Inslee and Roxy share a shop down in SoHo, 73 Spring Street. It is the absolute cutest loft. I've seen sneak peeks of their space on Instagram, but it was so cool to see it in person finally. Every spot in that space was utilized and featured products from Society Social and Inslee.

Roxy was the sweetest person. We never expected for her to meet with us more than 20 minutes or so, but much to our surprise we were there over an HOUR!!! She was so kind to host us, and share all about how she created her business. She even asked our opinion about her ideas for designing her new home. It was so fun being able to give our thoughts about her vision!

I'll share a little more about Society Social and Roxy in a separate post soon. But for now, I'll be dreaming of how I can incorporate even more Society Social product in my new apartment!!

5:10 p.m. // We cabbed back to the hotel to change for our last runway show and dinner. We changed into our Rent the Runway beauties and walked quickly back to Moynihan Station for the Monique Lhuillier show. It was SO cold and we all were in the thinest dresses. Yikes!!

7:00 p.m. // The Monique Lhuillier show (watch entire show here). Oh my gosh y'all. Story time. So Jenn and I got last minute invites to this show. All we had were confirmation numbers and no idea if we were sitting or standing. We asked so many people working the show, but no one could seem to be able to help us. So we decided to just walk right into the venue. We stood at the front waiting to be the first to fill in open seats. All the sudden one of the workers ushered us into the THIRD row!! We ended up sitting right behind Hilary Duff and Naya Rivera (from the show Glee)!!! Jenn and I almost died. We couldn't believe where we were sitting at one of the biggest runway shows at Fashion Week.

The show started and it was everything I dreamed of and more. Some of my favorites were these green floral pants and pink coat. I also loved the pop of sparkle in the collar.

This skirt and silk blouse would be gorgeous for an office appropriate outfit of the day.

and these two gorgeous gowns that ended the show!

Attending the Monique Lhuillier show was the absolute best way to end our weekend at Fashion Week. Towards the end of the show Jenn and I looked at each other and just started tearing up! We just couldn't believe where we were, how we got there and what we were experiencing. It was truly a dream come true! The show and the entire weekend!

8:00 p.m. // We got an Uber and headed to Midtown to meet up with Jessica from My Style Vita. Y'all may know Jessica as one of the co-founders of The Blog Societies with Cathy of Poor Little It Girl. I've met Jess a few times, but always at events. So it was really nice to have the time to get to know her more, outside of events and the Blog Societies Conference!!

Y'all, The Smith was definitely my second favorite place we ate all weekend. There wasn't one thing I didn't like, and we didn't even get to try dessert because we were too full! We had mussels, mac n' cheese, tuna tartar, gnocchi and their brussels sprouts. Okay, so most of that was what I ate (I was so hungry!!). I will most certainly try to eat there every visit to NYC!!

10:45 p.m. // Even though we left dinner with full bellies and exhaustion starting to set in, we decided that we couldn't leave NYC without going out one night. So we cabbed over to Hotel Americano for a rooftop blogger party. We didn't stay long, but were able to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Empire State Building and NYC Skyline. Sadly it was too dark to get a good picture, but trust me when I say it's a must visit if you're in town!

11:50 p.m. // Bedtime, finally!!! And goodnight New York Fashion Week!!

Sunday, February 14th, Valentine's Day 

9:00 a.m. // Our last day! We slept in a little bit while Laura headed to the Tome show!

9:45 a.m. // We still had to shoot our Rent the Runway looks. It also happened to be the coldest day of the trip. Felt like ten below with the wind chill. SO not ideal for shooting outfits outside. But we braved the cold and got the photos. Read more about this story, here.

11:30 a.m. // We finished packing, changed for the day and checked our bags with the concierge.

12:30 p.m. // Lunch at Sarabeth's!

**Interested in getting a Daniel Wellington watch for yourself? I've got a 15% off discount code for your next order. Use KRISTYNALYSSE at checkout. I've linked to the exact one featured in the photo above. I seriously haven't taken this watch off since I've gotten home. It's so lightweight, yet stylish. It's my new go-to for the workday and casual weekend outfits!!

2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. // Shopping in SoHo! We stopped in the Birchbox flagship store, and walked around a few other shops before cabbing back to the hotel.

5:10 p.m. // Finally got an Uber and headed to Penn Station for our train home.

6:00 p.m. // The story you all have been waiting for (if you saw my Twitter rant last Sunday night).

I've ridden Amtrak many times. Even during rush hour or the end of the weekend. Never in my life have I been shoved into a car and not been able to move. Our train arrived 10 minutes late, and instead of giving us the full 10-15 minutes to board and find a seat, the train took off on time. We literally were given 5 minutes to fill the train with hundreds of people and our luggage. **Side note, this is how much luggage just the four of us had…

Instead of spacing us out onto multiple cars, they shoved us all into two. There was a HUGE stand still and hold up in the middle of the car. Too many people going too many directions. You couldn't move or pass anyone. All the seats were full, there was no where to put our luggage and we were all tired and hungry.

After about 30 minutes of standing with our luggage in the middle of the car, we finally were able to make a move to the next car. At this point we found an area to store our luggage, but still no seats. That's when I noticed quite a few people holding seats just because they didn't want someone to sit next to them. After calling some people out, giving a little attitude towards some folks, Jenn and I finally got seats. Laura and Lauren had to actually sit on the ground for HALF of the train ride till a couple got off at Philly and gave them their seats. Seriously?!

I mean I've never been more frustrated or upset with a company before. Nobody on Amtrak seemed to care or even help us. It was a mess and a nightmare. I'm not one to complain on here about a company, but I wouldn't be telling the whole truth if I didn't. I rarely have bad experiences with services, but when I do, you best believe I will be sharing them with y'all. Any who, for those of you who asked after seeing my tweets, I did call and Amtrak gave me a $25 credit towards a future ride. But the headache and hassle was DEFINITELY not worth that small token of "we're sorry."

I hated that we had to end our trip on such a sour note. BUT after we finally got seated, ate our dinner and calmed down, we realized we couldn't let a snafu ruin our incredible weekend. It truly was a magical four days and I'm already counting down the days till September Fashion Week!! For now, I just need to continue catching up on sleep and relaxing with my Birchbox goodies!!

Tomorrow I'll be back with a brand new outfit post, and later in the week I'll be sharing my current favorite pieces for spring!! For those of you over the NYFW posts, I promise that's it for now. I'll have my Fashion Week 101 post on March 1st, but we can finally get back to regular order of business on here. Yay, ha!


Rachel said...

More fun on the next couple days! I've been wanting to get to the Birchbox store, it looks like so much fun! Amtrak can be SO frustrating to deal with sometimes, especially at a big hub like NYC. Hopefully next time it won't be so rough, but holy luggage!! lol

Primp & Proper said...

You definitely need to get to the Birchbox store. It was awesome!! Could have spent another hour there, ha! And yep, definitely how travel goes sometimes. Just had to learn we couldn't let it ruin our trip. Thanks Rachel!

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