Staying Organized in the New Year

One of my favorite things, and how I keep myself from losing it sometimes, is organization!

It is something I actually enjoy, and feel that I'm pretty good at. I love participating in as much as I can. I have a hard time saying no, and love being apart of as many fun things as possible. So in order to participate in as much as I do, I have to be extremely organized. Especially now. With a full-time job and blog, as well as coordinating a charity event here in DC and the many events throughout the week, there's no other way to get it all done.

How do I do this you may ask?

By creating a system that works for me and using products that make me enjoy organization.

Everyone has their own way of staying organized, but I thought I'd share a few of my tips to help get your new year started off right!

  • Keep a planner // this one goes without saying. If you can remember every meeting, dinner, or event without writing it down... I'd love to meet you! Personally, I have to keep a planner and choose to write things down versus using a digital calendar.
  • Color is your friend // for work purposes, I do keep a digital calendar. Color coding each Outlook reminder or task by category. That way I can know exactly which reminder is for which person, the type of meeting, etc., without having to open the reminder details. I also color code things in my planner. Tasks or daily to-do's are blue, actual meetings or events are pink, trips are purple and blog tasks are green. This helps me differentiate between things.
  • Write everything down // this goes for organization, as well as just general life/work advice. At work, I write everything down that I do, anything my boss tasks me with, as well as phone calls. I time stamp the page or memo each day as well. This has definitely saved my butt a time or two!
  • Lists are your best friend // each week I type up a to-do list. Anything and everything I need to do for work, personal, blog or my charity event. Everything, no matter how minuscule, gets written down. That way I don't forget a single thing I need to do. 
  • Create daily lists // sometimes my overall to-do list can be two+ pages. That can seem overwhelming and keep productivity low. So, each day I write down the main things I need to accomplish that day. This helps prioritize my to-dos.
  • Make it easy // there are so many notepads, notebooks and calendars that are designed to benefit you and make staying organized even simpler. I use this blog breakdown notepad each week, this GSD Master List pad for weekly tasks, and folders to keep paperwork separated. They're also pretty fun to use!
  • Archive // create new email folders for 2016 and archive old ones. I just created new folders for blog expenses, important work emails and personal expenses. Archiving emails helps declutter your inbox. I also try to leave work each day with inbox zero and keep my personal gmail to less than 40. With gmail, I also star emails that need to still be responded to.

For some people, organization can be a pesky waste of time. But for me, it's something I enjoy. And I enjoy it even more when I can have fun doing it! And that means using products that make me excited to stay organized. I've featured a few of those below:

What are some of the steps you're taking to start off 2016 in an organized way?!


Rachel Gault said...

So with you girl! I love everything you listed. Organization is the best! Which speaking of, I have SO much to do after the whirlwind of the holidays and traveling!

Primp & Proper said...

Oh me too!! I STILL am not caught up! I need so many more hours in the day, ha!