No, Jonas is not the fourth brother!

Okay, so let the jokes commence. Unless you're living under a rock (or down in Florida), you're probably well aware that the storm of the century, Jonas, is heading straight for the nation's capital. A.K.A… where I live. If only it was Nick Jonas who was visiting instead of 2+ feet of snow. Just my luck.

Any who...

This Southern gal has never experienced anything more than a few inches of snow, let alone blizzard conditions and 2+ feet of fresh powder. I have zero imagination when it comes to what this impending storm is going to bring, and I am anything but prepared. Usually I'm the most organized, plan ahead kind of person. But how does one plan for something they've never experienced?

At the very least I'm well stocked food wise. Got all the essentials… water, milk, meat, cheese, wine and cookie dough. Like I said, the essentials! Other than that, I feel like I'm so unprepared for this storm. At the same time, I'm not really sure what else I can do to be ready. Other than wait and see what tonight, on into tomorrow, brings. I'll be sure to keep y'all updated with tweets + Instagrams, so make sure you follow along. But while we wait for Jonas to arrive, let's talk a little link love shall we?

OMG!! One of my favorite brands is coming BACK and in a big way!!
Kendra Scott released her newest collection this week! Checkout some of the most gorgeous pieces, perfect for spring!
Fringe sweaters are all the rage right now! I just ordered this one from Nordstrom!
My friend Katie wrote an incredible post for all you bloggers out there! She shares five of her most utilized blogging tools + secrets!
Just ordered these pale pink aviators… they're in this year's Pantone Color of the Year + they're  only $15! Can't beat that!
"It's not too late to say sorry..." or should we? Here's why we need to stop saying sorry and stick up for ourselves.
I ordered the most gorgeous rug this past weekend for my new apartment! It finally came in and I'm in awe! The colors are vibrant and really helps brighten up my white walled apartment.

If you're in the pathway of the storm, stay safe and keep warm! See y'all back here on Monday! Xo

Oh, and if you're like me and weren't in the area in 2010 during Snowmageddon, then this is apparently what we're in store for + maybe even more! Yikes!!


Rachel said...

You have quite a storm heading your way/there already! I hope it's not too crazy. Hopefully you'll be able to be productive in doors this weekend (including Netflix binges)!

Primp & Proper said...

It definitely was a crazy storm indeed! I wasn't all too productive, but have gotten a lot done today. Thanks Rachel!!