Valentines Day Inspired Bar Cart

All other items are from Homegoods or TJMaxx // Coral Bowl is from Kirklands

We're a few weeks away from Valentine's Day, and just about the only thing in the spirit (no pun intended) is my Society Social Bar Cart.

I've never been a huge fan of this holiday, nor do I typically decorate for it. But since y'all loved my last bar cart post, I thought I'd spruce up the cart and get it ready just in time for February 14th. While I'll be enjoying the actual day with three wonderful friends, riding back on the Amtrak from New York Fashion Week, my romantic plans are yet to be determined (i.e. they don't exist yet… but there's still time. Am I right ladies??).

I didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money on adding Valentines-esk decor to my cart, so I decided to work with pieces I already owned. I brought back the Carrie Bradshaw quote sign, a pink tin to hold all the essentials, a brand new monogrammed tray and wine glasses, my coral bowl and a monogram K. You too can capture the same look, simply by adding a few "color of love" pieces to your cart.

Once the "day of love" passes, I'll be really sprucing up (this time, pun definitely intended) the cart just in time for spring. Can't wait to share another post with y'all soon! In the meantime you can shop some of my bar cart essentials above or via the widget below. Just click the link or photo to shop each piece directly.


Rose Quartz

I always look forward to the announcement from Pantone as to which color they chose to represent the year. For 2016, I guess Pantone couldn't choose just one, because a combined representation is made up of Rose Quartz and Serenity. A pale pink, paired with a shade of my favorite color, purple.. the perfect combo as we head into spring!

Pastel colors are making an early appearance this year, so it's no secret that stores have been stocking up on items featured in Pantone's Colors of the Year. While there are two colors, today we're discussing just one.

Just in time for the month of love, pale pink items are flying off the racks. Below are a few pieces I'm loving. All of which are perfect for the upcoming Valentines holiday or to start wearing now, on through the spring months.

Just click on any of the images below to directly shop that product. And to keep the shopping fun going, I've listed a few notable sales at the bottom of this post! Happy shopping friends!

Sales Worth Mentioning: 

Banana Republic: Extra 50% off sale
J.Crew: 30% off winter essentials + an extra 40-50% off sale!
Paper Source: 30% off all calendars + planners
Sole Society: Winter Clearance, save up to 60%


Mr. Incredible by Drybar

My obsession with Drybar began a long, long time ago. It all started with a new blogger friend, lunch and a visit to the Georgetown location.

I'm pretty picky on who does my hair and rarely have experiences where the style turns out better than I imagined. That's when I was introduced to Drybar. I fell in love with the service and the products. The smell of the Texas Tea Shampoo had me hooked. Y'all, the smell of Drybar products sticks with you for days. In a good way of course. It's like they're always there for you, even when you can't pop in the store.

Since my first Drybar visit, I can't get enough of their products. I've tried many of them, and most recently was given the newest product to join the lot... Mr. Incredible.

Okay, so this was probably a little cheesy. Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is around the corner and I couldn't resist a metaphorical way to introduce y'all to my newest Drybar obsession. Either way, you have to give Mr. Incredible a try.

It's a leave in conditioner. A product I've really been searching for recently. I've always used a detangle spray after washing my hair, but that's all it does. If I'm going to spray something in my hair, it needs to do more. So I've been on the hunt. Thankfully Mr. Incredible came just in time.

This everyday product helps detangle, yes. But does so much more than that. It conditions, prevents breakage, enhances shine, softens, hydrates, defrizzes + more! WOW, all of that in one product!! So much better than spraying three or four different things on my hair. I love the way it smells too (obviously, ha!).

Since I have very thick color-treated hair, I needed a product that would tackle the thickness and be safe for my highlights. This product, does ALL of this. Mr. Incredible truly is... incredible!

Checkout more Drybar products, here. And schedule a visit to the nearest location to you, here.
**Thank you to Drybar and BrandLinkDC for sponsoring this post. Compensation was provided in product, as well as the Mr. Incredible Leave-in Conditioner to try. Photos and opinions are my own.


Georgetown Style

Over the weekend I met up with three of my best friends, and one of our favorite brands, to discuss a fun collaboration for next month's trip to New York City. Lauren, Jenn, Laura and I are traveling to Fashion Week for the first time. We want to enjoy the experience even more by partnering with some of our favorite brands for the weekend. I'll be sharing more info about these collaborations and our trip in early February.

Since we were meeting so early on Sunday, I needed a warm and casual outfit. I planned to also do a little shopping after our meeting, so layers were definitely necessary. I still wanted to look put together and professional. So a nice, tailored blazer provided just that. I added a pop of color and my favorite jeans, as well as a southern flair in my loafers. A casual and comfortable, yet professional outfit of the day.

Sadly the shoes are from C. Wonder, which has since closed, but I added a few other loafers I'm loving in the widget below.


Two Years of Blogging

Where does the time go?! It's so hard to believe that tomorrow marks TWO years of blogging for me. Can you tell I'm excited??

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, first off, thank you. You also probably remember when I was First Impressions and blogging about life post college. I originally started a blog to keep up with my writing (was a journalism major) and share my life's adventures with family back home. There were zero intentions of this becoming anything but a fun hobby.

Now, two years later, blogging is still very much a hobby for me BUT it has also turned into a fun side business. I don't do it for that though. My main focus has never shifted or wavered. I want this little spot on the web to be an outlet for me to share my life, my style and random thoughts of the week. It's all about having fun and the past two years have been just that!

I was reflecting this past week on where I was before blogging, and to be honest, it's hard to imagine life without it. I've gotten into such a routine from it. But the biggest thing that has come from blogging has been the friendships and connections I've made. From meeting so many of you, to connecting with local brands and businesses, to making some of the best friends I could ever ask for. Blogging has become so much more than weekly posts, but the starting point to everything else.

I have had so many amazing experiences that would have never occurred if I hadn't logged onto Blogger two years ago. This blog has taken me to new cities, challenged me to step out from behind the camera to in front of it, introduced me to new products and brands that I now can't live without, and taught me more about myself than I could have ever learned without this.

Primp & Proper has such a LONG way to go, I know it. But we all have to start somewhere, am I right?! I thought it would be fun to take a look back today at where I started to where I am now, as well as where I want to be this time next year. I've also featured a few of my favorite posts over the past two years and photos throughout today's post. But before you continue scrolling, let me just say.... THANK YOU! No words can express my thanks to you all. So I want to just simply let you know, from the bottom of my heart, how much I appreciate you reading, commenting and being a friend. Yes, y'all are my friends. Whether we've met in real life or not, I treasure each and every one of you. Without you, this all wouldn't continue.

So, before I cry.... LOL let's take a look back at where this all first began:

I didn't know how to even use blogger, let alone any blogging feature. 

I had no idea what HTML was or how to code. It's another language, right?!

I had no intentions of doing outfit photos, posts or fashion related anything. 

I had no idea how to reach out to brands or work with anyone on a post.

I had 220 Twitter followers, just created Instagram, had no Facebook page or Pinterest page.

Thought about quitting blogging at least once a week, ha!

Page views consisted of visits from myself and my mother.

Knew only two or three bloggers!

Now two years later, Primp and Proper:

Features posts about life, style and entertaining. I mix in travel and DC related posts too!

I have worked with 45+ brands and businesses!
Like Vera Bradley, Rent the Runway, Kendra Scott, Drybar, Warby Parker and more!

I now know what HTML is and can actually do some things on my own.

I have added outfit posts and look forward to adding even more this year!
First outfit post / most recent outfit post (big difference huh?!)

I now have 10,000+ social media followers. 

Now at 250,000+ page views (hopefully not just my mother refreshing the page, ha!)

Been featured on the Washingtonian website and in their January 2016 issue.

Still get frustrated with blogging sometimes, but can't see myself quitting anytime soon!

Now have TONS of friends here in DC and across the country, all whom I've met through blogging!

A new year just began, and as of tomorrow so does my third year of blogging. I have many things I hope to accomplish in my third year. Everything from more outfit posts, to connecting with new brands, traveling more for the blog, to updating the site (coming late February 2016). I am prepping for New York Fashion Week (my first time!) in February, and brainstorming for other trips throughout the year.

I want to take some classes in photo editing and graphic design, so I can hopefully bring y'all some really cool graphics. And also start hosting more events in the DC area. I want to expand my reach within my community and collaborate more with local brands.

These are just a few ideas I have for the year, some are even already in the works!

Finally, I leave you with some of my favorite posts from the past two years:

Holiday Happenings Series: Gift Exchange, Party and Christmas Morning


Winter Pastels

Pastels have always been a Spring staple... until now. One of the biggest trends I've noticed this winter so far is incorporating pastel colors in your outfits, now. You can even add white to this trend. Who says you can only wear white in the summer? And who says you can only wear pale pink in the spring? Nobody. 

It all comes down to how you wear them. Obviously you're not going to wear a white eyelet dress, sans tights in the winter. No, that's just crazy. And you'll freeze to death. So wearing pastels in the winter can easily be done in your accessories and by sticking to the overall winter weather pieces.

I've had this pastel purple sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren for years. It's one of those timeless staples that you can wear year after year, and never goes out of style. I paired it with a J.Crew jeweled collar shell to add a pop of sparkle and to keep the outfit easy. No need for a heavy necklace. The extra layer underneath the sweater also helps to keep you warm. I paired these two pieces with my favorite skinny jeans and Ralph Lauren Riding Boots. Who says you also can't add a different pastel in your accessories? This pastel pink tote from H&M is perfect to carry the day's essentials, and pairs nicely with the pale purple. 

An easy, casual Friday look for the winter. Check!


Apartment Before Pics + Moving Tips

We all have skills that we've learned to master throughout the years. For me, moving apartments is one of them.

This girl has moved apartments seven times in the past eight years. Let's just say, I have grown accustom to staying in one place for a short period of time. Now, let me also preface this by saying I've physically lived in only two cities. So it's not like I'm making cross-country treks or anything. But moving, is moving. It's still a lot of time, effort and money spent.

While I'd like to think I'm a moving novice, there is still plenty yet to learn. With that said, I have learned a few tricks along the way that I wish I knew in the beginning. These tips can help you save time, money and your sanity. I'm also sharing the before pics of my place. Empty, brand new and a blank canvas waiting to be decorated.

I'll be updating y'all along the way over the next few months or so. I'll share photos when I can, provide y'all with some of my inspiration finds from Pinterest and share an apartment wish list. But first, let's start from the beginning shall we?

My awesome kitchen! I will be baking up a storm in here for sure!

Start Saving Now // Sometimes you have several months notice that you'll be moving and can start saving right then. Other times, you have less than a month and far less paydays ahead. So, save now. Whether you're comfortably living with no move in sight or see a lease ending in your foreseeable future, it doesn't hurt to add to your savings now. Even $20 a month can go a long way to saving you from going into debt during a move.

Budget and Prepare // There are so many unforeseen expenses throughout a move. This past move we decided to leave mid-lease. So we got slapped with several fines and fees. None of which I wanted to pay for, but thankfully had budgeted for. We also had several fines for apartment damages (like not painting the living room wall back). The biggest excess in expenses was for utilities. We had to basically pay bills for two places at the same time. On top of all of this, some places require a full month's rent up front + the full rent for that month. Talk about adding up!

If you set a healthy budget and prepare for the worst, you'll be surprised when you come out better in the end.

View inside my bedroom. It looks small, but all of my furniture fit well. You'll see soon enough. Oh, and if you're wondering about that blue window thing. It's a sky window. DC has a law that in order to characterize an apartment as a true one bedroom, you have to have natural sunlight. So this cutout provides just that. 

Do It Yourself
// While we can't always avoid hiring a moving company, many times we can. This move I thankfully was only moving floors within the same apartment building. It took many, many, many cart loads and trips to get it all down into my new place, but I did it myself. I then had some awesome friends come over for a "moving party" to help me move the BIG stuff like my couch, bed and dresser. In return, I bought dinner and beer for everyone. Cost me around $100, but way less than a moving company would.


Hire it Done // Sometimes we just don't have the time or situation to move ourselves or with friends. That's why my previous move I hired it done. I found the best moving company in DC, for a really great price. They packed up my apartment, loaded and unloaded, put my furniture back together all in TWO hours. They were insanely efficient. Cost me around $500 (including tip for three guys), but worth it in the end when I didn't have the time or capability to move myself.

New closet! Not nearly as big as my last apartment's, but still a pretty good size for sure. My favorite feature is the shoe rack!

Utilities // Once you have signed your new lease or purchased your house, schedule utilities. If you already have accounts with places like Comcast or Pepco, then you can easily switch your services online. Be careful, as some places charge transfer fees. I have found that if you call though, most places will wave those. Taking care of your utilities before you move ensures everything will be ready upon your arrival to your new place. And one less headache to worry with mid-move.

Order the Basics // Before you move, order the basic moving essentials from Amazon. They have a great moving package for really cheap. I also ordered a few cleaning supplies to have on hand.

Mail // Most people forget this one. But when you move, your mail just doesn't miraculously go with you. USPS allows you to easily transfer your address online for less than $2 and there's a really easy website for changing all of your magazine addresses. Just simply search the publication and you're taken straight to the change of address page. Super easy!

Self explanatory, but new bathroom!

Throw Away // In the past I've packed everything up and moved it. Only to throw a ton of stuff away post move. What a waste of time and energy. Instead of throwing away post pack, throw away before. Go through drawers, baskets and boxes while you pack. Throw items away you no longer wish to keep, or donate to your local Goodwill.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your apartment // Patience my friends, patience. So many times I have moved and wanted everything just so, that day. Well, it doesn't happen. Unless you're Lisa Vanderpump and can afford to have people move you and unpack in the same day, it doesn't work that way.

Spread out expenses // Like I mentioned in my first point, moving is expensive. It really takes a toll on your savings. So, spread out expenses. Don't buy every piece of furniture or decor item the same month you're paying all those moving fines and fees. Take your time, and purchase over a few pay periods.

Hallway from kitchen/living area to the bathroom (on the left) and bedroom (on the right)!
Oh, and another huge closet for storage!

Colored furniture = bad idea // From the girl who purchased a bright red couch, don't do it! If you're going to invest in furniture, leave the color to your accent pieces, pillows, artwork or rugs. Basically, don't purchase large furniture items in a color that can't easily be changed. Trust me, I know.

Those are some of the basic tips I've learned from my seven moves, ha! What are some tips that you've learned? Share in the comments below!

I'll be back Thursday with another brand new outfit post! Two in one week?! I'm seriously spoiling y'all! Stay tuned, xo!