Trunk Club For Women

Finding the time to shop these days is few and far between. Between work, the blog, after work and weekend activities, finding a few hours to travel from store to store is next to impossible. When I do find the time, the task of sifting through rack after rack seems daunting. In store I also have trouble picturing how to wear certain pieces. I constantly have the realization, "if only I could try this on at home with pieces I already own." And to be quite honest, after traveling to a store, the last thing I want to do is get undressed and try on countless articles of clothing in a messy dressing room.

I imagine that many of you have the same sentiment as I when it comes to shopping. If so, then Trunk Club for Women is going to be a service you want to checkout.

My friend Darby recently started working for Trunk Club, and I was one of the first people she notified when they opened their women's portion.

Darby and I chatted via email about all of my shopping habits, likes and dislikes, clothing sizes, what I was looking for in a wardrobe, etc. She had specific questions designed to get to know me and my style. After looking over my answers, Darby curated a selection of clothing pieces to send to me via a trunk. I had the opportunity to preview these pieces online, and request which items I actually wanted to try on.

Days later a large trunk arrived to my apartment building. I had ten days to try on the pieces and decide what to keep.

Darby sent me everything from work wear, casual wear, faux fur, to shoes and a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff clutch. Each box comes with a trunk list that details each piece you've been given, the price and brand name.

After you finish trying everything on, you simply put back what you don't want in the box, afix the free shipping label and arrange for delivery. It's truly a very simple and easy process. Did I mention, shipping is free both ways?

It was such a smooth and easy process working with Darby. I loved every piece she sent me. If only my wallet allowed me to keep everything! My favorite pieces were the Vince Camuto Feather Fringe Top + the angled cashmere sweater.

You too can work with Darby! Visit her homepage here, to signup and get started. You don't have to be in the DC area. But if you are, you can schedule an in person consult at the fabulous Trunk Club'house. I have been and let me just say, the views of the city from there are incredible! They'll host a fun happy hour for you and friends after work, or come to your house for a little trunk party. The options to work with Darby and curate the perfect trunk for you and your friends are endless!

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katie // a touch of teal said...

AH! SO glad there is a Trunk Club for women now. It's about time we got our turn. I LOVE those black pointy toed flats - do you know who makes them? And that Vince Camuto top is TO DIE FOR! Talk about a great shirt for Fuego Fridays ;]

xx katie // a touch of teal

Primp & Proper said...

I am not sure Katie, but I'll look through other photos I took to see if I can find out who does. YESSS!! It's definitely perfect for Fuego Fridays ;)

Steve R said...

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