Christmas Gift Wrapping

Now that we've talked about gift ideas for him, her, and the hostess, it's time we discuss presentation.

I'll fully admit... I am the worst present wrapper in the entire world. So much so, that I have been banned from wrapping any gifts in my household. When it comes to wrapping the gifts for my mother, I have to rely on my dad's assistance. It's funny, cause when people find out that I can't wrap a simple box, they laugh! It seems as though it'd be an easy skill for me, but it most certainly is not.

Since I haven't mastered the triangle folded corners yet, I usually resort to pretty packages in the paper's place. I look for unique boxes, bags and ribbon to really make the gift presentation special. It's more fun, easier to wrap and saves me a ton of time.

I've been pinning and clipping package inspo over the past few weeks, and decided to share what I've found with y'all. You can take your gift presentation one step further this holiday season with any of these unique wrappings. Just click on each photo to be taken directly to shop the product!

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**Photo via DIYCandy. You can also download these printable wrappings via their website as well. I do not take credit for this photo. 

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