Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

Today's the day!! My first gift guide of the season is here and today it's all about the hostess with the mostess!

Over the coming weeks, there will be countless parties, dinners and events. Eeekk, I can't wait!! No matter which holiday you're celebrating, there's always someone to thank! So I've rounded up some of my favorite go-to gifts for the host of any affair!

But before we talk about WHAT to gift, let's talk about WHEN to gift...

Generally, I feel it is proper etiquette to bring a token of appreciation to someone hosting you. However, use your best discretion as to when you should bring a gift. If someone is hosting you in their home or at a casual dinner, I would say it's always appropriate to bring a small thank you. I realize there are times when it's not appropriate or convenient, like if you're someone's plus one to an event or if the host has requested no gifts. In the end, use your best judgement.

Now that you know when to bring a gift, let's talk about what to bring. 

When it comes to the type of gifts I give, I generally try to stay away from assuming someone's taste or style. Unless I know them very well of course. I try to avoid decorative pieces, unless they're holiday related like a fun pillow, serving plate, etc.

I also try to stay away from bringing alcohol, unless I know the host well and it's usually a last resort. You never want to assume someone drinks. If you do know the host well, bring a bottle of their favorite wine or champagne. Stay away from liquor, unless it's a male host. I also like to add an extra touch by bringing a bottle from the host's home state or town (if possible). An extra touch that shows you went above just bringing a bottle of wine! It's also a great conversation starter!

Less Expensive Gifts

For less expensive gifts, try sticking to items that can be used during the night like holiday napkins, coasters, bottle openers or wine corks. You can never have too many of these items.

More Expensive Gifts

For more expensive gifts, I look at hosting books or cookbooks, tea towels, or out of the ordinary glasses such as mugs for Moscow Mules. Most people already have champagne flutes or beverage glasses. Unless you choose to get something monogrammed or find unique glasses somewhere like Homegoods.

Thank You Notes

If for some reason you're unable to pick up a small gift, are unsure about whether or not to bring something, or if there are other means that keep you from bringing something, my general rule of thumb is that a simple handwritten thank you note will do just fine. You can slip the note in the mail the day after the event or party, and the host will receive a few days later.

Sometimes, just a simple handwritten note can be all it takes to say thank you!

If you're looking to shop in person, some of my favorite stores for great hostess gifts are Homegoods, T.J.Maxx, Target or West Elm

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Anonymous said...

omg what does it mean if I already have like, all of these!? AM I a hostess with the mostess?!? haha anyway, I second that wine opener-I use it weekly and everyone is so enthralled by it that even my friends have immediately Amazon-primed themselves one! And Moscow Mule mugs are great for winter drinks-and summer! I've made Mezcal Mules in mine before :)

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra

Sabrina said...

Just ordered the book "What's a Hostess To Do?" for my sister, who is hosting us for the first time for Thanksgiving dinner! I think she'll love it :)

Primp & Proper said...

Oh for sure!! Yeah, I have one of those wine openers too, and it's a lifesaver! ha thanks for reading!!

Primp & Proper said...

YAY!! She's going to love it. I own the book too and have loved reading through it. Thanks for reading!! :)