Girls Night Out with Tablelist

I love a good night out on the town with my best gal pals, but what I don't love is waiting in line or showing up to a bar with no where to sit or stand. It's literally the worst. You either have to get to a particular place early to even find an area for you all to hangout in, or show up later in the evening only to wait out in the cold.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Well, in comes Tablelist. (Use code PRIMVIP to save $50 on your first booking!!)

Tablelist is pretty much your night out concierge. All done through a free iPhone app. You can choose your bar, lounge, nightclub or rooftop and quickly reserve a table for you and your friends. No waiting in line, no crowding in the corner and no stress at the end of the night when the check comes. Why? The app lets you invite your friends and you can split the check, just like you'd split an Uber to the bar.

How easy is that?

A few of my friends and I went to SAX Lounge. I booked the table and chose a time through the app, added my credit card info and we were all set.

We even had a personal concierge text me shortly after to confirm our table. She checked in the day of to make sure we were good to go, and the day after to see how it went. That's customer service right there!!

We showed up that evening and walked right in. Our table wasn't ready yet, but the lounge greeted us with free drinks while we waited. We didn't wait long, but glad we did. Because one of the best tables in the house opened up! We had a huge lounge area all to ourselves. The three of us chatted over several bottles of champagne. At the end of the night, we left when we were ready. No waiting around for the check, no wasting time trying to figure out who had what, or worrying how to split the bill. It was all taken care of through the app!

Tablelist is offered here in DC, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Foxwood Casino, The Hamptons and Boston. With other locations soon to follow. DC offers numerous bars, lounges, nightclubs and rooftops to choose from. There are also plenty of table sizes and options available at each location. Download the app and book your girls night out today!

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**While this post is sponsored by Tablelist, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help Primp & Proper grow!