Happy Halloween + Link Love, Vol. 11

Happy Hallows Eve!! I don't know why, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it has something to do with epic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown we had growing up, or the fact I can pig out on all kinds of candy without being judged, or get really creative with a costume. I love decorating my apartment, visiting the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins with my roommates. I just love this time of year! I can't believe it'll be here and gone tomorrow, so I plan to make the most of this Halloween weekend!! (Image via)

Tonight I'm having a little Halloween girls night with a few friends. We're going to pig out on some fall treats, consume a vast amount of wine and pumpkin beer, and watch Hocus Pocus. It's the perfect way to start off the weekend!

Tomorrow I'll be party hopping with a few friends as well. I can't wait to share my costume with y'all. Be sure you're following me on Instagram to find out who I'm going to be.

Hope y'all have a great Halloween weekend!! Can't wait to see everyone's pictures and costumes!!

Now, onto some link love and a few Halloween related links for this week...

Shop With Me
  • The perfect leather and grey tote bag! Best part is, it's under $60!!
  • A girl can never have too many bags, right? Need this satchel!! 
  • My love for fall hats just keeps growing! One day soon I'll feature one in an outfit post. 
  • This fall pencil set is absolutely adorable! Would make a great addition to any thank you or host gift!
  • In love with this herringbone cape! **on major sale!

Links I'm Loving
  • While I love leggings as much as the next person, this video had me dying laughing! This lady is spot on about how to properly wear leggings! 
  • Quite possibly the cutest and least scary video you'll see this Halloween! How precious is this puppy?! 
  • Is Uber the next dating app? Apparently you can pickup more than just a ride... how about a date?
  • Still in search of a last minute Halloween costume for tomorrow? Fellow blogger Caitlin Coving shares a super easy tutorial on her blog!
  • A brand NEW Whine About It video is here! Season 2 kicked off this week and Wednesday's episode is all about "Things I Hate About Halloween!"

In Case You Missed It

Coming up next week on the blog: It's going to be a great week on the blog! Now that Halloween is behind us, I'll be shifting focus to Thanksgiving and early holiday prep. I'm bringing back My Favorite Things post for November + a giveaway!! I'll also be sharing a new recipe, perfect for fall. And rounding out the week focusing on the perfect gifts for your holiday hostess! Can't wait to share!

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Girls Night Out with Tablelist

I love a good night out on the town with my best gal pals, but what I don't love is waiting in line or showing up to a bar with no where to sit or stand. It's literally the worst. You either have to get to a particular place early to even find an area for you all to hangout in, or show up later in the evening only to wait out in the cold.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Well, in comes Tablelist. (Use code PRIMVIP to save $50 on your first booking!!)

Tablelist is pretty much your night out concierge. All done through a free iPhone app. You can choose your bar, lounge, nightclub or rooftop and quickly reserve a table for you and your friends. No waiting in line, no crowding in the corner and no stress at the end of the night when the check comes. Why? The app lets you invite your friends and you can split the check, just like you'd split an Uber to the bar.

How easy is that?

A few of my friends and I went to SAX Lounge. I booked the table and chose a time through the app, added my credit card info and we were all set.

We even had a personal concierge text me shortly after to confirm our table. She checked in the day of to make sure we were good to go, and the day after to see how it went. That's customer service right there!!

We showed up that evening and walked right in. Our table wasn't ready yet, but the lounge greeted us with free drinks while we waited. We didn't wait long, but glad we did. Because one of the best tables in the house opened up! We had a huge lounge area all to ourselves. The three of us chatted over several bottles of champagne. At the end of the night, we left when we were ready. No waiting around for the check, no wasting time trying to figure out who had what, or worrying how to split the bill. It was all taken care of through the app!

Tablelist is offered here in DC, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Foxwood Casino, The Hamptons and Boston. With other locations soon to follow. DC offers numerous bars, lounges, nightclubs and rooftops to choose from. There are also plenty of table sizes and options available at each location. Download the app and book your girls night out today!

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**While this post is sponsored by Tablelist, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help Primp & Proper grow!


Life Lately, Vol. 2

Happy Tuesday y'all! Only four days left to get your Halloween costume ready and stock up on candy!

Can you believe that? I talked a little bit last week about how fall seems to be flying by. I feel like I say that every year. Even though I feel so behind, I definitely haven't had a lack of events or fun things that have been going on. So I thought I'd share another Life Lately post this week!

As a reward for reading, I added a few sale links at the bottom of this post! So be sure to read all the way through and take advantage of some amazing deals going on this week! I'll be sure to update the post throughout the day! (Below Image Via)

Halloween: Last week one of my coworkers came up and asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. It dawned on me that I hadn't even thought about it! Usually I'm crafting my costume weeks in advance. In the past I've been Cyndi Lauper, an old timey bank robber and last year I was Mary Poppins! I love getting creative. This year? Not as much. Just with the craziness of the past few weeks, I totally overlooked it.

Thankfully, a last minute idea popped into my head. Luckily I own pretty much everything I need and only spent $20 on accessories. I can't wait to share with y'all on Instagram later this week!

Upcoming Events: My favorite season for events in DC is upon us! As the holidays approach, most of my week nights and weekends will be filled with fun parties, events, and receptions! There are talks of another Bloggersgiving (a pre-Thanksgiving meal with some of my blogger besties) and I'm hoping to coordinate a fun dinner for friends at Christmas.

Travel: Honestly, this has been the slowest travel season for me since moving to DC. Last fall I had quite a few trips going on to Knoxville, Memphis and Chicago. It was a crazy few months. This fall is definitely a nice change of pace. I traveled home a few weeks ago and will head home again for Thanksgiving.

What I'm looking most forward to is heading back to Disney World + Universal Studios for Christmas break!!

My family decided this year to do something rather unconventional and definitely off the cusp of our normal holiday traditions, and take a trip to Orlando. We haven't been since my senior year of high school. I'm really looking forward to Christmas Eve dinner overlooking the Animal Kingdom!!

Yearly Skin Cancer Screening: If you take away just one thing from today's post, make sure it's this.

About four years ago I had a little mole on my arm and I decided it was time to get a professional opinion. Mainly so I could put my mind to rest. Thankfully, it wasn't anything to worry about! But, that tiny mole changed my whole outlook on skin cancer.

When I swam growing up, I spent many nights after practice at the tanning bed. Mainly because the heat really helped relax my muscles, and at the same time kept me looking tan since I spent half my life in a bathing suit. At the time, I never realized the damage I was doing to my skin or that I was increasing my chances of skin cancer drastically.

So, every October I schedule a yearly skin cancer screening. Did you know that most insurance plans will cover one skin cancer screening a year?! Yes!! For me, a small copay and a 10 minute exam is the least I can do to make sure I'm staying safe and I'm not missing anything. Just pick a month for you, and decide each year to make an appointment with your local dermatologist.

What I'm Loving Right Now: Right now I'm really focused on gearing up for the holidays. Since I let the fall get too far ahead of me, I definitely plan to make up for it by diving into the Christmas season. That means way more decorating, baking and holiday events! Sorry roommates!

Once Halloween is over, I'll start rolling out my gift guides for the holidays... including Thanksgiving. Don't you worry! I'm not wishing away another holiday!

What's Ahead on the Blog: As mentioned above, holiday gift guides will soon start being added to the blog. I plan to change over my 25 Before 25 page to a shopping page, which will make things even easier for y'all to shop!

Before we dive head first into the holidays though, I'll be sharing some Thanksgiving related posts. Like tablescape inspiration, my favorite side dish and what to wear for your Thanksgiving Day meal!

Once we get past November, I'll be sharing a series of posts each Thursday leading up to Christmas. I'm teaming up with some blogger friends to share outfit inspiration for the holidays! We have some fun things planned + giveaways!!

Oh, and speaking of giveaways... there will be several coming at you in November too!! Lots of fun things planned for the rest of 2015 on Primp & Proper. And if that's not enough, P&P will be getting a little face lift by the new year + I'll eventually be switching over to Wordpress from Blogger. Don't worry though, you shouldn't notice much of a difference site wise (aside from a few minor tweaks).

Thankful: As always, THANK YOU for being such loyal readers! I love when y'all comment on posts or send emails, giving me your thoughts on a post or something you'd want to see on the blog! If you haven't reached out yet, please do! Let me know in the comments below or email me any thoughts or suggestions!

Deals and Sales:
Banana Republic: Take an extra 50% off sale
H&M: Save up to 30% on your entire purchase + free shipping (ends tonight)
J.Crew: Take an extra 40% off final sale styles + 25% off full-price styles (some exceptions)
Kate Spade NY: Their annual surprise sale! Save up to 75%!


Link Love, Vol. 10

Is it seriously already Friday?! It feels like this week flew by. That's always how it is during the fall + holidays though, right? I mean it's hard to believe that next weekend is Halloween!! Weren't we just celebrating the beginning of fall?

I feel so behind this year y'all. I have barely decorated the apartment, have only made one fall recipe, haven't even made my mom's chili or carved a pumpkin! We've even had our first frost here in DC, and none of these things have happened yet. Crazzzzy! The only thing I have managed to do is visit my favorite local orchard and pumpkin patch.

Honestly, it just hasn't felt like fall to me yet. In actuality though, October is almost gone! So what is going on? It's probably cause I've had my mind on a million other things this year. Initially I felt like I've missed so many things, but there's still plenty of fall left with the holidays right around the corner. Although time is flying by, I plan to make the most of what 2015 has left to offer. Starting with this weekend...

Tonight I'm celebrating a friends birthday, tomorrow cheering on the Vols (hopefully to another victory) and Sunday I'm going to my first Redskins game. Although I'm not a fan of my hometown team, I'm definitely excited to attend my third NFL game.

What's on tap for y'all this weekend? Before heading out to your fun plans, here's some Friday Link Love for you...

Shop With Me
  • The Tory Burch Private Sale is here! Shop and save up to 70%.
  • Great news!! H&M just got added to rewardStyle and LikeToKnowIT!! So you can now shop H&M pieces directly from my blog posts, social media and Instagram! Seeing as well over half my wardrobe is from there, this is great news for you and me!
  • Some of the popular Tory Burch shoes and purses are on MAJOR sale!!! Save up to 70%!
  • New favorite cable turtleneck sweater!! Comes in ten colors too!
  • Save up to 60% on fall staples at H&M and 30% on their home decor!
  • How amazing are these wedge booties?! They're on major sale too!
  • The cutest coffee mugs for the holidays! Would make perfect gifts for your friends or coworkers!
  • Adding these wine colored lace-up flats to my closet asap! 
  • Who doesn't love a good bay leaf wreath or garland for the holidays?! Shop early to save 20% and have your items delivered right after Halloween so you can enjoy them all holiday + winter long!

Links I'm Loving
  • ICYMI: The Star Wars trailer was released this week and looks epic!
  • Rent the Runway CEO and founder Jennifer Hyman talks about her nightly routine and things she does to help unwind from the day. Great tips for all you Girl Bosses out there!
  • Gilmore Girls will no longer just be reruns on Netflix. Soon, you'll see something new!
  • Think being a blogger is all glitz and glamour? Sometimes it is, but there's a LOT that goes into it. Here's a behind the scenes take on being a blogger. Hint: it's a stressful, time consuming thing. 
  • ABC Family released their 25 Days of Christmas schedule this week! Eekkk, can't wait!
  • A surprise episode of Wine About It Wednesday with Matt Bellassi went up this week!! This time... tackling the worst things about skiing!
  • The Draper James flagship store opened this past week! Take a peek inside Nashville's newest boutique! 

In Case You Missed It
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J.Crew Puffer Vest

Now that the temps are cooling down, I can finally break out my puffer vests. Every year I add a new one to my collection from J.Crew or J.Crew Factory. They have the best selection. The one I'm wearing in today's post is a dark brown and last season. But both the crew and factory have a wonderful selection of vests right now. I shared a few in the widget below!

The options to pair with your favorite vest are literally endless. Either wear a basic tee, chambray shirtplaid shirt or gingham button down. You can mix and match these vests so many ways. Y'all know I love versatility with my wardrobe!

I'm also decked out in Kendra Scott jewels! I can't get enough of this tassel necklace or bauble bracelet. I also linked to some more KS favorites below! Just scroll through and click on each piece to shop directly on their website. How easy is that?!


Over the Weekend, Butler's Orchard

Happy Monday y'all! In lieu of a Make a Statement Monday post, this week I'm bringing back an oldie but goodie… a brand new Over the Weekend!!

One of my favorite fall traditions is to take a short drive outside the city to visit Butler's Orchard. Over the Weekend, my blogger friend Alicia and I hopped in the car and drove out to the Maryland countryside to spend our Sunday Funday at the orchard and pumpkin patch.

If you live in the DMV (District/Maryland/Virginia) area, Butler's Orchard is a must visit!! It's only about a 45 minute drive outside DC and really easy to get to. When you get off the interstate, you drive a mile or two before taking a left turn. Once you take that turn, it's like you're transplanted to the Smoky Mountains or something. You'll drive a few miles down this windy road, through a gorgeous forest of fall foliage. You'll pass a small barn, before you come upon this massive red barn. It's so, so cute. The main barn houses all of Butler's produce, apples, fresh made apple cider, homemade pies, jams, local made cheeses and cured meats. It's literally a one-stop-shop.

Outside the barn you'll find every pumpkin you can ever imagine. Large, small, white or orange, you'll be able to find anything you're looking for.

If you want to pick your own pumpkins, you can drive on past the barn to their pumpkin patch. It's a great place to take your significant other, family or a fun girls trip!

The best part is, the prices are extremely affordable. And there's a little bit of something for everyone! If you do visit, I highly recommend the cinnamon apple pie or honey crisp apples. Literally I wait all year to visit Butler's Orchard, just for their delicious pies and desserts.

Checkout Butler's website, see what events they have coming up this fall, book a hayride or simply get directions on how to get there! I promise you, Butler's Orchard will make the perfect fall afternoon or evening activity!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 9

Happy Friday y'all! Man... what a week it has been. Just when I finally got a hold of things, became motivated and excited to get back into the blogging groove... life goes and happens again. Don't you just hate that? Life always getting in the way. So I apologize for the slow blog week.

I haven't really shared what has been going on, but in the attempt to be more open with y'all, let me tell you whats been going on this week.

This past weekend I was home for the first time since April. The weekend was going well, enjoying time with family and friends, and celebrating a big Tennessee win against Georgia last Saturday. Y'all, it was seriously the most exhilarating feeling being back in Neyland Stadium with 102,455 people. My ears are still ringing! It was about time the Vols got a break and a big win.

Any who, after being on such a high... I went to such a low. I found out later that night that my grandfather passed away while we were at the game. He is the first member of my family to pass, and one we didn't expect to leave us this soon. While I'm not going to share any more details than that, I do want to share a little bit about the man he was.

Some of you may recall, I went down to Tennessee back in April to help award my grandfather the Bronze Star Medal and Act of Valor. He was a Korean War Veteran who waited 60 years to receive these honors. It was the best feeling in the world to be able to make that happen for him, and be able to be there for the ceremony. Bobby was also a police officer for many years, and the Police Chief of Knoxville.

He was honored this past Wednesday with a full military and police honors at his funeral. He wasn't just my hero, but a hero to many. And that showed. It was quite the outpouring of support and attendance from many in the community. Some, whom he had never met, but impacted in his service to the city. While I had some circumstances that kept me from being there, it was such a blessing to see how many people were.

He will always be my courageous, wonderful and strong grandfather. I know he's in a better place. Honestly, I feel like God needed someone up there to help serve him even more so than he did down here. So knowing that, comforts my family and I tremendously.


To make sure we're ending the week and starting the weekend off on a great note, let's talk some link love and fashion shall we?

Shop With Me
  • The brand new Kendra Scott Winter Collection launched this Wednesday. Shop the Mirror Mirror collection here, or via the widget below. I pulled a few of the pieces I've got my eye on. 

  • I finally gave in and tried a fall lip stick. I'm usually a nude gloss kind of gal, but decided it was time to give color a try. I found this matte lip pencil and I'm obsessed. 
  • Still haven't decided how I feel about lace up flats yet, but these might help me decide.
  • Loving this poncho! Oh, and it's a steal at $30!
  • More new arrivals from Draper James! Loving their outerwear!
  • Once again, you can NEVER have enough blanket scarves
  • The perfect LBD for work! Pair with tights, booties and a fun statement necklace!

Outfit Details:

Links I'm Loving
  • In case you didn't already know if you're basic or not, here's how to tell. #guilty
  • Apparently one major restaurant group in NYC wants to do away with gratuity for servers. Personally, I don't think this is a good move. But what do you think? 
  • My friend Bree has been sharing a great Blogging 101 series on her blog lately. If you're new to blogging or thinking of starting one for yourself, definitely checkout her recent posts. 
  • Congrats to My Style Vita and Poor Little It Girl on their launch of The Blog Societies this past week. Now, anyone in the country can apply to join this group (formally The Southern Blog Society). Interested in joining? Apply here

In Case You Missed It

Coming up next week on the blog: This weekend I'm heading to Butler's Orchard with my blogger friend Alicia! So I'll have some fun recap posts from that + an Instagram roundup + steps you should be taking now to prepare for the holidays!! All that + more, as I hopefully can really get back into the blogging swing of things this time. Have a great weekend y'all! 

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Make a Statement Monday: Fall Skirts

When I first saw this fringe blanket skirt from LOFT, I knew it had to be mine. It was the epitome of fall. From the blanket type material, to the 70s-ish vibe it gave off with the pattern, to the fringe... it is totally on trend.

Statement skirts this season are super popular. I'm sure you've seen a lot of people wearing the tan wool skirts or the 70s patterned skirts like the one featured above.

Personally, I'm a skirt gal. They're so easy to wear in the fall and winter. Pair with a simple top, tights and booties, and you've got the perfect outfit.

I paired my LOFT skirt with a chambray shirt, navy tights and these brown H&M booties. I wore this outfit for my friend's baby shower yesterday, and then threw on a pair of riding boots for a more casual evening look. You can even pair this skirt with a slinky type blouse, sans tights and heeled booties for a weekend look or night on the town. It's the perfect wear-all skirt!

I've featured a few more statement skirts I'm loving in the widget below! Whether you go with a short skirt, midi, or pencil for work, the options to make a statement this season are endless!


Big Orange Friday + Link Love, Vol. 8

Happy Big Orange Friday y'all!

In case you're unaware of what that means, every Friday before a Tennessee football game, fans don their best UT orange attire. While I have been a little put out with my VOLS lately (losing too many close games), I will always be a Vol for life. So, that means showing my UT pride, even when I don't feel like it.

This weekend I'm heading home for the first time since Christmas. I'm excited to spend a few days with family and friends, and attending the Tennessee vs. Georgia game tomorrow. Hopefully my presence will help end the losing streak? We shall see!

In honor of my trip home, I'm sharing a Big Orange Friday look on the blog today. Along with the usual Link Love. Now that I come to think of it, this look may be better suited for an LSU fan. But don't mind the purple fringe crossbody. And also, the sweater is a tad more UT orange in person.

I found this J.Crew sweater a few weeks ago when I was at their fall arrivals preview. I wanted to purchase the sweater in every color, but opted for the UT orange. I paired it over a chambray shirt with my favorite jeans. And added a little statement shoe and crossbody. Now that the temps are cooling off, I'll probably pair this sweater over a white tuxedo shirt and with my favorite riding boots.

Now onto what y'all are really here for... some link love, because it is Friday after all!

Shop With Me
  • GiGi New York is having a Friends & Family Sale!! Get 25% off your ENTIRE purchase with code WEAREFAMILY. Now is the perfect time to purchase those Christmas presents for a friend or even yourself!
  • Speaking of the J.Crew sweater featured in today's post, it comes in many, many other colors. I may just have to grab a few more for the fall. 
  • Old Navy is having a major sale! And I mean MAJOR!!!
  • I ventured away from my usual hunter green polish, to give this Bordeaux color a try. I can definitely say that I'm digging it!
  • You can never have enough blanket scarves.
  • I've never been much of a hat person, but just ordered this one. It's the perfect color too!

Links I'm Loving
  • Waiting on Martha started a great conversation about entitlement in the workplace and paying your dues as an intern. I love what she had to say and plan to share my thoughts with y'all on the blog next week.
  • Want a feelgood commercial that'll brighten your day? This one gives me all the "awwwws." 
  • A really REAL article about how we're ruining our own lives without even noticing we're doing it.
  • Skip a few PSL's each week and put that money towards advancing your career. Here are 5 easy things you can do that cost less than that morning latte. 
  • Once again Chipotle is offering you a boo-rito of a deal! Show up to any location wearing your Halloween best, and you can snag your favorite meal for $3!! But, there's a catch!
  • In case you're living under a rock this week, this is your public service announcement that McDonald's is finally serving all day breakfast. So on Saturday afternoon when you desperately need a sausage biscuit because you're umm, tired... McDonald's has your back! 
  • Cheap flights from the U.S. to Europe could soon be a reality. Cheap as in less than $70. 

In Case You Missed It

Coming up next week on the blog: Sharing my thoughts about why unpaid internships matter + how you can prepare now for the upcoming holidays + another brand new outfit post! Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend loves and Go Vols!

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Pumpkin Bread

One of my favorite things about fall is being able to bake with pumpkin. I love trying new recipes and already have quite the stock of pumpkin puree in my kitchen. Not only is pumpkin super healthy for you, it's extremely versatile. You can use it in soups, pasta dishes, as a side dish with your favorite chicken recipe, pancakes or in a dessert. The options are literally endless.

Speaking of versatile... the recipe in today's post is one of the most versatile pumpkin batter recipes I've ever found. While I wish I could take credit for it, the lovely Paula Deen is the rightful owner. While the recipe of her's is for pumpkin bars, I was able to adapt the ingredients to make many different things.

I've used this recipe to of course try out her pumpkin bars, but have made pumpkin muffins, cupcakes, and bread with it. Next I hope to try and bake a cake with caramel cream cheese frosting. Yumm!!

This recipe is super easy, and to adapt it to whatever dessert you're trying to make, you simply adjust the baking times.

Pumpkin Bread: about 30-35 minutes depending on oven
Pumpkin Muffins or Cupcakes: about 20 minutes
Cake: about 30 minutes depending on size of pan

Just make sure you watch starting about 10 minutes out. Every oven is different. 

To make the pumpkin bread, I decided to make three smaller loaves using these loaf pans. If you're making this for a party, than I recommend making your bread a little more fancy by cooking in a loaf pan from Williams-Sonoma. I own this particular one (currently 20% off) and love the design on the top. Just make sure you coat the pan heavily with cooking spray, so it doesn't stick and ruin the design. 

Pumpkin Bread

What You'll Need:
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 2/3 cups of granulated sugar
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil
  • 15 oz. can of pumpkin
  • 2 cups of sifted all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon 
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda

Now Follow Me: Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a large mixing bowl, at medium speed, use your electric mixer to blend the eggs, sugar, oil and pumpkin. Blend till smooth and creamy. Once blended, add the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and baking soda to the same large bowl. Mix all ingredients at low speed until fully blended. 

Spray each of your bread pans, cupcake liners or cake tins with cooking spray. For this bread recipe, I pour the batter about 2/3 the way up in each of the bread pans. I usually have leftover batter, so I make a separate thing of muffins. Which makes about 6. 

Bake for the length of time mentioned above. 

To serve, I like to wrap in wax paper or parchment paper and tie with some twine. If you're baking these for a friend or to deliver, than you can easily wrap a plastic display bag around and tie with cute ribbon. 



Make A Statement Monday

To me, there's nothing like a single statement piece that makes an entire outfit. Sure, you have your basic pieces like a good pair of jeans and a fitted blazer. But it's the shiny necklace or cheetah print loafers that pull the entire look together.

I know that I share a lot of clothing items on the blog. Like some of my favorite staples and go-to items, but sometimes I feel the statement pieces can get overshadowed when sharing an entire outfit of the day post. So, each Monday I'd love to talk specifically about a statement piece that you can build an entire outfit around OR an item that can totally change the feel of an outfit.

Since it's finally fall and really starting to feel like it outside, I thought this week's statement piece definitely needs to scream autumn. What better than a statement sweatshirt?! Some may think this is so basic (whatever), but it's a fun way to show your excitement for the new season, without wearing one of your grandma's embroidered sweaters.

I personally love the ones that Reese Witherspoon just released in her new clothing line, Draper James. She offers two, high quality, sweatshirts that you can pair over a plaid button down, with a white tuxedo shirt or a long sleeve tee. I love how she styled the hello, sugar sweatshirt above. And her It's Fall Y'all sweatshirt is seriously perfect.

I've featured a few more I'm loving below, in several price ranges too!

Fall Sweatshirts

You had me at pumpkin spice (sold out -- similar here or here)

What do y'all think? Would you wear one of these statement sweatshirts this fall?

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**Draper James photo via