Life Lately

I was inspired by my good friend Katie to do a "life lately" post. It has been awhile since I've shared what has been going on during my offline life + I've taken a little blog break the past few weeks. So it's time to catch y'all up and get back into the blogging grind. For real this time. The new month and my favorite season upon us, has truly amped up my blogging motivation + provided me with a ton of new post ideas and content. So get ready.

Saying Goodbye to Summer: It's hard to believe that in about two weeks we'll officially be saying goodbye to summer. While fall is by far my favorite season, I'm always sad to see summer go.

This past summer definitely was one of the best I've had. It's hard to recount all the amazing experiences (we'd be here all day). There were several firsts too. Went to my first blogger conference. Gambled for the first time in an actual casino (and won $40!). Played my first 9 holes of golf. And so much more!

I went to many Washington Nationals games and several concerts like Sweetlife FestivalMumford & Sons + Zac Brown Band.

I also made a ton of new friends, turned the big 25, watched my best friend get married, experienced a wonderful relationship, and am truly ending the summer with some amazing memories. While this past summer brought a few hardships and unexpected things as well, I'm leaving the summer stronger, in a positive mindset and looking forward to what fall has in store.

Learning a New Skill: This coming weekend I'm really excited to finally be doing something I've always been interested in learning... calligraphy. I've been dying to learn this art for many years! I finally took the plunge and look forward to learning from one of the best, Laura Hooper Calligraphy. I'll definitely be sharing a recap of my experience next week on the blog!

Travel: While I didn't do much traveling this summer, other than to Charleston and Nashville, I do have a few trips in the works for fall.

I'll be heading down to Rocky Top for the Tennessee vs. Georgia game in October. I cannot wait! My veins will always bleed orange and anytime I'm back in Neyland Stadium, I'm truly in my happy place.

I'll also be down in Knoxville for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is what I'm most excited about. My family decided this year to forgo the traditional Christmas and presents, and take a family trip. We're heading to Orlando for a week at Disney and Universal Studios!! We've heard Christmas is the best time to visit Disney, so I'm pretty excited about it. My inner child is screaming with excitement!

What I'm Reading Right Now: I'm starting to get back into finishing the books that I began at the beginning of the summer. Just a few chapters left in #GirlBoss, about halfway through Leave Your Mark, and I just purchased Aziz Ansari's book, Modern Romance. I was super pumped to get this book. It came in the mail this past Friday and I'm already three chapters in. It's WORTH the read for sure. Aziz is hilarious! I definitely picture him reading the book to me. Makes it even more entertaining!

Work: While I normally don't share too much about my day job on the blog (most of you know that I work in politics), I've actually had quite a few of you reach out to me about getting your foot in the door and wanting to learn more about living in DC. I'm always happy to chat via email about it, so keep the questions and emails coming!!

Taste of the South: If you've been an avid follower of the blog, you know that I spent my entire past year and pretty much every second of March preparing for one of the biggest charity galas here in DC. Taste of the South hosts more than two thousand people at the Washington Hilton each year. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 34 years for deserving charities across the southeast.

This year is especially exciting because Tennessee has been selected to be the featured charity!! The majority of the proceeds will be donated to our state charity, Camp Koinonia. If you're interested in getting involved, or are a business that wants to help out, please get in touch!

What I'm Loving Right Now: That it's almost fall. It's my FAVORITE time of the year. Basic, I know. But it really is. I've got a fun "fall fashion" post coming your way tomorrow, so stay tuned!

What's Ahead On the Blog: The blog sort of took a backseat this summer, but that won't be the case this fall. I've got a lot of fun things planned for this month! Some new recipes, outfit posts, career related posts, and of course, fall fashion. Is there anything in particular y'all want to see? I want to know what you'd like to read about on Primp & Proper. Leave some ideas in the comments below!

Thankful: I have to say... I have been blessed with some pretty amazing friends and family. Of course I already knew that, but it's easy to get caught up and take things for granted sometimes. I truly cannot thank y'all enough for reading my blog, being so supportive and excited about what I'm doing.

I've made some of my best friends through blogging, and I have to pinch myself each day realizing how lucky I am.

Even through the crux of life, even through heartbreak, even through personal things... I have my health, a job I love in a place I love, a great family and wonderful friends. So I'd say I'm doing just fine.

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