Office Supplies Refresh with Office Depot

While there are millions of children and young adults heading back to school or off to college right now, there are many of us who aren't.

One of my favorite things growing up, and the only thing that made be excited for going back to school, was shopping for school supplies. I had to have the latest graphic folders, colorful binders and every Sharpie pen in stock. I loved school supplies.

My love for highlighters, pens and supplies definitely carried over into the real world with me. I still keep a paper planner, writing everything down with my favorite Sharpie pens + writing additional notes with colorful post-it notes. Call me old fashioned, but I love it!

While I may not be heading back to school, I have since then used August as the perfect excuse to restock and refresh my office supplies. Both at home and at the office.

I throw away worn out pens, restock the necessities and checkout the newest gadgets. I love efficiency, so anytime I can try out a product that makes work easier or faster, I'm totally on board.

Since it's August, I recently headed to my local Office Depot to do just that. I picked up a few things to help get my home office back in order. Like my favorite pens (purple of course), highlighters, erasers, post-its and more!

I found these really cool flag highlighters that take efficiency to a whole other level. Built onto the pen are colorful tabs that I can quickly pull off and mark a spot in my favorite magazine. Instead of pulling out recipes or inspiration, I can quickly tab off that page to remind me to go back. I also enjoy reading books that help me progress in life or my career. So I can now mark pages that I've highlighted, and can remember to go back to them later. I just love that I found this new product! It'd be great for those of you who read a lot of briefings, books, etc. for work.

So just because you're not heading back to school, jetting off to college, etc., it doesn't mean that you can't participate in the fun of getting new office supplies and refreshing your own office! Checkout all the supplies available at your local Office Depot or OfficeMax. They have everything you need!

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Unknown said...

I just restocked all my office supplies even though I'm not heading back to school, buying new school supplies was always my favorite and I think my brain is now just programmed to go buy new pens and stationery this time of year!

xo Bree

Primp & Proper said...

Same here Bree!! Love getting new supplies! Hope you checkout all that Office Depot has to offer too!

Rachel Gault said...

School supply shopping is the second best season, right after Christmas! I love it!

Primp & Proper said...

It definitely is Rachel!! Thanks for reading :)