A Proper Work Space

Happy Tuesday! Did y'all have a wonderful weekend? I'm not sure what it is about this summer (okay, so maybe I do know ;)), but it has surpassed all the rest and it's not even close to over! Each weekend just gets better and better, with many fun events and trips still to come (main reason why this post didn't go up yesterday, whoops).

Friday night I headed to the Nationals baseball game, Saturday I went tubing with friends down the Shenandoah River in Harpers Ferry, and Sunday I rounded out the weekend with some errands and a nice dinner. DC finally had a full weekend with perfect (but hot) weather, so it was amazing to spend most of it outdoors.

I also spent Sunday morning getting my room organized and clean for the week ahead. One thing that has been on my to-do list for months, has been to update and reorganize my desk area. I haven't even sat at my desk in weeks, because it has been covered in piles of stuff I've been meaning to go through (thanks SBScon). Since I had to wake up bright and early Sunday morning (BF had an early golf tee time), I decided to make the most of my morning and be productive.

While I spend most of my week at my full-time job, I do pretty much all of my blogging from home. Last year my parents helped me take the plunge and purchase a brand new computer. I wanted a desktop since I already had a work laptop. I didn't want two laptops lying around, so I opted for the newest iMac and love it.

When it came to creating my desk area, I wanted to maximize all available space. I live in a tiny apartment, so any storage I can create, is necessary. That's when I found this Target desk, complete with two shelves underneath for storage. I have one basket for goodies such as birthday cards, paper straws, wine bottle bags, paint pens, etc. The upper shelf holds this amazing gold glass bowl that I picked up for $12 off Groopdealz. Best purchase ever. It holds my DSLR camera, cord and charger.

Next to my desk, I wanted a storage tower to hold papers, clutter, mementos, etc. I searched for months to find the perfect one, and in a stain that matched my bedroom furniture. I also didn't want to spend a fortune. I found this one at T.J.Maxx for under $100 and snatched it up real quick.

To complete my little "office space," I wanted to add some fun accessories. Like the push-pin board, above, that I found at HomeGoods (which fits the wall space perfectly).

I also found a gold desk lamp and @ symbol accessory at HomeGoods. Y'all wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a gold desk lamp. They're all either silver or black. It was a long, long search. But I did it.

The final touch? Adding a daily reminder to work hard and be the #GirlBoss that every woman should be. You don't have to own your own company, be an entrepreneur, etc., to be a #GirlBoss. Own what you do and let this sparkly banner be a constant reminder that you can succeed in whatever that is. My friend Adrianne from Studio Pep made this for me (c/o), and I couldn't wait to add it to my computer. You can buy one for yourself here too, or create a custom banner with any message you like.

On a side note, y'all should definitely checkout Adrianne's Etsy shop. She has SO many cute party supplies, balloons, event decor pieces, etc. It's incredible what she can turn a little piece of sparkly paper into.

I just love how my desk area turned out and am glad it's finally organized. Even in the tiniest of spaces, you can still create a separate area. I still have a few pieces I want to add, but will get to those soon. What are some of your favorite desk accessories?

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Monica {Cake and Lilies} said...

So cute, Kristyn! I'm considering a new desk (mine lacks any sort of storage minus the tiny drawer that arrived broken...) so will be remembering this one!

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Monica!! I love this desk! It's such great quality. I highly recommend it!!

Alicia said...

OMG this is too cute! My current desk is a mess haha, but this is giving me some serious organization inspirartion. I love your @ sign and the push pin board!

Unknown said...

This is such a cute desk area!! I love everything - definitely some major inspiration for my work area. I have a different white desk from Target which I love, but it doesn't have the shelves.. that'd be a better space saver! lol


Primp & Proper said...

Thanks lady!! Glad it has inspired you. Can't wait to see what you do with your new space!! Xo

Primp & Proper said...

Target makes the best desks! And extra storage is definitely necessary. Thanks so much :))

Unknown said...

Love this desk! I wish I had even a tiny corner to stick a desk in my apartment but I have yet to figure out where the best spot is. I love the way you styled this space!

xo Bree

Rachel Gault said...

Love this space, very cute! I've been toying with the idea of getting a desktop (I have a work laptop too), but I like the flexibility of also having my personal laptop to pack up wherever I go. Decisions!

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Bree!! Can't wait to see what you do with your space!! Xo

Primp & Proper said...

Totally understand that Rachel. I had the same thoughts. Looking back now, a laptop would have probably been more practical, BUT I love the larger screen and work space. Also it's a great excuse to actually sit at my desk and be productive, rather then sitting with my laptop on the couch or on the bed, ha!

TheMissMorganLife said...

Kristyn, your desk space is absolutely stunning and perfect for a #Girlboss! I just love it! Mine could use a little help, so I definitely need to update, tidy and decorate my space! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space as some lovely inspiration!
I hope you are having a great week!

Unknown said...

Wow you are seriously my desk inspiration haha. So cute!! My desk is an absolute mess right now.... But I keep using the "I'm about to move so it doesn't matter" excuse haha. I think I am also going to have to invest in that computer! xoxo Alexis


Unknown said...

SERIOUS desk envy! I'm waiting until I graduate to redo my desk situation but I'm itching to get started! I love that little banner!

XO Corbin Tate
Classy South Blog

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks so much Morgan!! So glad it provided some inspiration! Hope you had a great week and weekend!! XO

Primp & Proper said...

You're so sweet Alexis, thank you!! I totally feel you on that excuse. At least you can spend the time now finding inspiration for when you do move. XO

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Corbin!! The banner is my favorite part. You should definitely get yourself one too!! XO

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