Pinrose Nordstrom Launch + Friday Link Love

TGIF! Am I right? Today's a wonderful day, not only because it's Friday, but because it's the last day that stands between me and the greatest month of the year! Not only is it my birthday month (August 15th for those of you wondering, ha!), but it's also a great transition month for fashion!

August brings a TON of sales + new arrivals at some of my favorite stores. Why? Most brands are trying to push out their summer inventory, gearing up for the fall season + releasing their first wave of fall arrivals. It's a fashion win win.

One brand in particular is kicking off the month of August in a big way. Pinrose is launching their collaboration with Nordstrom tomorrow!! If you're not familiar with Pinrose, they're a fragrance company that specializes in bringing perfume out of the dark ages and making it an effortless, and accessible luxury for the modern millennial.

When you typically think about perfume, most people view it as a luxury that'll cost you north of $100. What's worse, is that the bottle tends to mislead you. Companies design over-the-top packaging that lures you in just because the bottle is cute. Then you get about 10 sprays before it's empty. What a waste of money! Till now...

Pinrose still brings you the luxury aspect, but at a much more affordable price! Pinrose is making things even more accessible. Starting tomorrow, Pinrose will be available in 118 Nordstrom stores nationwide! You can snag their Eau de Parfum bottles for only $50, or if you're not ready to commit to one scent, take the scent quiz or try out their petal packs (25 various scents for $24).

The best part about the petal packs is that they make traveling easy. No glass bottles breaking, no wasting precious luggage space or weighing down your bags. The petal packs fit easily in your carry on + they aren't liquid!! So you can bring them on the plane with you!

For me, I love putting them in my purse. After a long day at work, it's easy to refresh before happy hour by simply using one of the petal packs!

Checkout all the available fragrances here + starting tomorrow, find them at one of your local Nordstrom stores!

Now, a few more links for this wonderful Friday! Have a great weekend y'all!!

  • Only a few more days to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Snag those fall staples early. 
  • A very inspiring story of a little boy who just received the world's first pediatric double hand transplant. This is your feelgood story of the day!
  • Vera Bradley is seriously killing it these days. So many new pieces that you'd never even guess were VB. Checkout their newest line that's perfect for fall!
  • We all cried when Kate Spade Saturday closed, but Kate Spade NY is wiping those tears away by expanding their brand. Here is what's coming next!

In case you missed it: my most popular post recently has been the debut of my home work space + y'all really loved yesterday's hair tutorial. Check them both out!

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Kristyn's Hair Tutorial

Alright y'all... the post you've been asking (and very patiently waiting) for is finally here!! I'm really excited to bring you a post all about MY hair, ha! Many of you have asked about how I maintain + style my hair. SO for today's post, I'm going to answer ALL of your questions (hopefully).

As a precursor -- I will say that I have extremely thick and long hair. So my tips + tricks may/will not work for everyone. BUT, hopefully you can use some of what I talk about in this post. Also, I'll link to the exact products I use throughout the post so hopefully you can snag the same products for yourself!

For as long as I can remember, I've been highlighting my hair. YES, my natural hair color isn't blonde. I ADMIT IT!!! Many days of my youth were spent in the pool. All of the chlorine damaged my hair and left it dry and faded the brown that I was born with. The color just wasn't doing anything for me, so I decided to start getting highlights. My biggest piece of advice:**If you want to change the color of your hair... PAY to have it done professionally. Whether you want one color all over or highlights, I cannot stress enough how much it's worth the money to have someone do it right. The biggest goal is you want your hair to look natural. I'm sorry, but most box dye jobs can't do that.

Now I realize that coloring your hair can be expensive. For me, it's the one thing I splurge on. I cut back in other areas and save for my "every three month" visit to Kenny. Kenny is my hairstylist here in DC and he's BEYOND amazing. I've gone to him ever since I moved here and HIGHLY recommend him.

Thanks to the work that Kenny does and the products he uses, I don't have to do any additional maintenance or upkeep to my hair. I don't use any fancy products and will say that your typical drugstore shampoos and conditioners will do the trick. I use Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo and Conditioner (for color-treated hair). I've used this for about 10 years now. I love their products + they smell amazing too.

Since I have EXTREMELY thick hair, I use Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray. Don't laugh, yes it's for children, but it's the best detangler for those of you who have thick hair.

I simply comb out my hair using a paddle brush and blow dry. The BEST hairdryer is Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer. It's SUPER powerful and helps cut down on the dry time (which I desperately need!).

If I'm running short on time in the mornings, then I'll forgo washing my hair and use dry shampoo. Tips for getting the best dry shampoo look?
  • Once again, I use Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Dry Shampoo for color-treated hair. 
  • In the morning after I rinse off, I'll comb out my hair and then spray a heavy coat of dry shampoo all throughout my hair. Not just the roots. 
  • Then I'll take my hair dryer and for less than a minute, dry my hair. It sounds funny, but it helps get rid of the "white powder" residue and dry any hair that got wet when I rinsed off.
  • Then I'll comb out my hair once again, and it's ready to curl.
  • I've found that the curls hold better when your hair has product in it, so spraying the dry shampoo all over helps the ends curl really well. 

Next, how I curl my hair.

So again, don't laugh. I will say that I'm pretty "old fashioned" when it comes to how I take care of and style my hair. Don't fix what ain't broken I say!

I use hot rollers. Yep. That's the trick. At least for me anyway. No, not the sponges and no I don't sleep in rollers overnight. They're plastic rollers that heat within, and then you use metal pins to hold them in place.

The best set of rollers is Revlon RV261 20-Roller Ionic Professional Hairsetter. As far as I know, you can't buy the set in stores. I found it on Amazon though. It'll be the best investment for several reasons. 1. they've lasted me for 10+ years, and 2. they save you TONS of time!!

Instead of standing in front of the mirror for an hour using a handheld curling iron, it takes me less than 10 minutes to put the curlers in my hair. I then can use the time while they're setting to do my makeup. Hey, I'm all about the time saving steps in the mornings. I love my sleep. 

Once my makeup is done, about 10-15 minutes after you finish putting the curlers in, you take them out! Time saving at its finest.

To curl, I start at the roots and use the larger curlers. Next, I do the sides or hair that will be around my face, using the smallest curler. Then I do the back, or crown of my head, with the large curlers again. Then I just fill in the rest of my hair with the medium size and any remaining small curlers. For my hair it takes about the entire set of curlers.

After your curlers have set, remove the pins. At first your hair will probably look like Shirley Temple, but do not fret. Another tip? DON'T SHAKE OUT YOUR HAIR!!!!! That's the quickest way to looking like your mom in the 80's. Your curls will fall out some after a minute or two, and the curls won't be as full.

Finally, style how you see fit. I usually pin my bangs back so they aren't bothering me throughout the day. Then, spray. The BEST hair spray, hands down, is Aussie Instant Freeze.

Trust me. I've tried 10-15 different sprays and nothing has ever worked as good. Bonus? It's cheap. This amazing product has held up countless curls, even through the extreme summer heat and harsh, winter winds. Purchase it. Love it. Use it. It'll be your hair's best friend!!

Any questions?? Email me or leave in the comments below. Happy to answer anything that I may have left out. 


Night Lily Maxi Dress

When I first saw this maxi, I was a little hesitant about purchasing it. For two reasons. The first? I'm normally not one to wear bold prints. Secondly, I'm usually not a fan of the longer dress. I'm not the most eloquent person when I walk (I drag my feet, major), so I steer clear of anything that could hinder my walking or cause me to trip. BUT that's why I love this maxi so much. It's shorter than most, so no tripping will be had. I can also still show off my favorite sandals. The material of the dress is thin enough so I can wear it all summer long too. I then added a few of my favorite accessories to pull the entire look together. It's perfect for a summer date night or dinner with your best friends. Oh, and if that didn't sell you enough... the dress is currently half price too! So snag one for yourself before it's gone!

Photos by Nicole

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

One of my favorite sales throughout the year is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It's one of the only sales that you can shop fall's must haves before the new season arrives. Rather than waiting till a month or so into fall, you can get great deals on those staples like a good coat, boots, the perfect handbag, etc. Shop some of my favorite pieces above. Just click on the item and it'll take you straight to the page to shop! How simple is that?! Happy shopping y'all and have a marvelous Monday! Xo

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Southern Shirt Company

During the summer months, one of my go-to outfits is denim shorts and some sort of tee or tank. It's a simple and easy look for the pool, walks along the waterfront or lounging around the apartment.

Since receiving this Southern Shirt Company tank, I haven't stopped wearing it. You can ask my roommate and friends. I wear it all the time... even to sleep in, ha! It's just so comfortable. I love the color too (Maui). I also love the quality of the tank. I have washed it so many times already, and it still feels/looks like new.

Southern Shirt Company also sent me a t-shirt in a mint-blue color (recently seen here). This too, has been a constant go-to of mine this summer. I usually wear it to sleep in or with Nike shorts to the store.

Love what you see? You can snag 10% off your Southern Shirt Company purchase with code Kristyn10. The code is good between now and September 30th. Be sure to stock up on gifts for Christmas (it's never too early), items for yourself, or surprise your friends or boyfriend with a new tee. I promise you, they won't be disappointed!

Photos by Nicole

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**This post is sponsored by Southern Shirt Company. Product was given as compensation. Opinions and photos are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Primp & Proper going!


A Proper Work Space

Happy Tuesday! Did y'all have a wonderful weekend? I'm not sure what it is about this summer (okay, so maybe I do know ;)), but it has surpassed all the rest and it's not even close to over! Each weekend just gets better and better, with many fun events and trips still to come (main reason why this post didn't go up yesterday, whoops).

Friday night I headed to the Nationals baseball game, Saturday I went tubing with friends down the Shenandoah River in Harpers Ferry, and Sunday I rounded out the weekend with some errands and a nice dinner. DC finally had a full weekend with perfect (but hot) weather, so it was amazing to spend most of it outdoors.

I also spent Sunday morning getting my room organized and clean for the week ahead. One thing that has been on my to-do list for months, has been to update and reorganize my desk area. I haven't even sat at my desk in weeks, because it has been covered in piles of stuff I've been meaning to go through (thanks SBScon). Since I had to wake up bright and early Sunday morning (BF had an early golf tee time), I decided to make the most of my morning and be productive.

While I spend most of my week at my full-time job, I do pretty much all of my blogging from home. Last year my parents helped me take the plunge and purchase a brand new computer. I wanted a desktop since I already had a work laptop. I didn't want two laptops lying around, so I opted for the newest iMac and love it.

When it came to creating my desk area, I wanted to maximize all available space. I live in a tiny apartment, so any storage I can create, is necessary. That's when I found this Target desk, complete with two shelves underneath for storage. I have one basket for goodies such as birthday cards, paper straws, wine bottle bags, paint pens, etc. The upper shelf holds this amazing gold glass bowl that I picked up for $12 off Groopdealz. Best purchase ever. It holds my DSLR camera, cord and charger.

Next to my desk, I wanted a storage tower to hold papers, clutter, mementos, etc. I searched for months to find the perfect one, and in a stain that matched my bedroom furniture. I also didn't want to spend a fortune. I found this one at T.J.Maxx for under $100 and snatched it up real quick.

To complete my little "office space," I wanted to add some fun accessories. Like the push-pin board, above, that I found at HomeGoods (which fits the wall space perfectly).

I also found a gold desk lamp and @ symbol accessory at HomeGoods. Y'all wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a gold desk lamp. They're all either silver or black. It was a long, long search. But I did it.

The final touch? Adding a daily reminder to work hard and be the #GirlBoss that every woman should be. You don't have to own your own company, be an entrepreneur, etc., to be a #GirlBoss. Own what you do and let this sparkly banner be a constant reminder that you can succeed in whatever that is. My friend Adrianne from Studio Pep made this for me (c/o), and I couldn't wait to add it to my computer. You can buy one for yourself here too, or create a custom banner with any message you like.

On a side note, y'all should definitely checkout Adrianne's Etsy shop. She has SO many cute party supplies, balloons, event decor pieces, etc. It's incredible what she can turn a little piece of sparkly paper into.

I just love how my desk area turned out and am glad it's finally organized. Even in the tiniest of spaces, you can still create a separate area. I still have a few pieces I want to add, but will get to those soon. What are some of your favorite desk accessories?

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Cherry Blossoms

Remember last week when I was talking about stepping out of my fashion comfort zone?! Well, I definitely did with this outfit.

Last month when I was searching for the perfect outfit to take with me to the Southern Blog Society Conference, I wanted to find something that was out of the box and made a statement. I was particularly looking for something to wear to the Friday night cocktail party. I wanted to make a great impression, while at the same time incorporating a little DC flare.

That's when I found this AMAZING Cherry Blossom skirt from Violet Boutique. I fell in love with it instantly. It's one of those pieces that I can wear many times throughout the year. Not just in the spring when cherry blossoms are blooming.

When I went into Violet Boutique, the owner Julie had reserved a dressing room for my friends and I, and was already filling it with looks she wanted me to try. It was like she was in my head. She knew exactly the look I was going for. I narrowed the search down to two options. One, that I felt 100% confident in and was totally within my comfort zone. However, Julie suggested I really reach beyond where I felt comfortable and try something I never had before... a crop top.

Y'all, I have never been one with the crop top trend. Let me be frank, I just don't feel like drawing attention to my stomach. But my friends and Julie really sold me on this particular crop top, because we paired it with a high waisted midi skirt. So only about half an inch of my stomach actually showed. Luckily, it was the flattest part of my midriff, ha!

But let's talk about the back of it. You won't see any photos here, because after many failed attempts taking photos with my friend Katie, we never got a great snap of the back. It is a gorgeous lace design, held up by two thin bands at the back. Initially I was hesitant about the "barely anything there" top, but I quickly changed my mindset when the temps in Charleston that Friday were well north of 100 degrees.

I'm so glad I listened to Julie, and really stepped outside of my fashion comfort zone with this outfit. The skirt + crop top came together to be exactly what I had hoped for. I ended up buying the other dress as well and plan to wear it to an event here in DC.

If you're in the DC area, I HIGHLY recommend you stop by Violet Boutique. I've talked about them before, but I cannot talk about them enough. They are priced so affordable and have the cutest pieces. Perfect for a twenty or thirty something! The quality of the clothing is wonderful too. I have several pieces that I wear on repeat, that I've owned for several years now.

Violet Boutique is located at 2439 18th Street, Washington, D.C.

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**This post is sponsored by Violet Boutique.
Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Primp & Proper going. 


Kendra Scott Mystic Bazaar Collection

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you'll know I have a slight obsession with my Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace. I wear it several times a week, and it has made quite a few appearances on the blog. It literally goes with EVERYTHING!

I've long been a Kendra Scott fan, so when the brand's representatives were at last month's Southern Blog Society Conference, I was ecstatic. The brand reps brought with them a sneak peek of Kendra Scott's newest collection, Mystic Bazaar. We got to try on the pieces, take photos and learn more about the story behind the new collection. It was a really cool feeling to be able to preview pieces that weren't even in stores yet. The new collection is absolutely gorgeous y'all!!

Inspired by her recent trip to Dubai, Kendra wanted to create a new collection that incorporated more metals, textures, earthy tones and stones (love the marble necklace!!), at the same time keeping what she's known for... the cut and colorful stones.

I'm a huge fan of Mystic Bazaar and couldn't wait to share the newest jewels with y'all. Today is finally launch day!! So you can shop all the pieces you see, here.

Oh, and if you're in the DC area... you can shop the newest collection in person! We now have our first Kendra Scott store, located at 4835 Bethesda Ave. in Bethesda, Maryland. Stop in and try out the color bar as well! Happy shopping ladies!!

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**Second photo via Kim Graham Photography. Remaining photos via Kendra Scott's website.
This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.


Playing Catch Up + SBScon Photos

I'm sure by now, y'all are totally over hearing about my trip to Charleston. Well, sorry I'm not sorry, ha! There's just SO much to share and so many photos that y'all haven't seen. However, I promise this will be the last week of #SBScon related posts. Then we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Speaking of, I need to offer a little apology to y'all. I know that I haven't been posting consistently recently, both on the blog and social media. I've tried to still share fun photos on Instagram and I think y'all are loving what you're seeing. Do you want to see more? Or am I posting enough? Let me know in the comments below.

Any who, the reason I haven't been consistent is well... summer. I've just really been enjoying the past few weeks. Isn't that what summer is all about anyways? My weekends are usually the only time I have to work on posts, but recently they've been jam packed and I haven't had the time to put together great content. And I'd rather bring y'all great posts, than throw something together. Right?

Summer has just been amazing. Filled with pool days, cookouts, concerts, festivals, date nights, sightseeing around DC, friends and family visits and hanging out with friends. The weather has been pretty decent in DC, so I've attempted to spend as much time outside and away from my desk on the weekends. Hopefully that's what y'all are doing too :)

The summer is flying by, but there's still plenty left to enjoy. So you'll probably see a continuing trend of about 2 (maybe 3) posts a week. I assure you though, I'll be back in full-time action soon. Each week there will be new content, but fewer than normal posts. Let me know if there's anything in particular you're just dying to see, read, hear about or learn. I'm always an open door with suggestions or questions :)

This week however, I have FOUR new posts for you. Today is all about photos from SBScon. These are professionally taken by Kim Graham Photography. Snaps to her and the amazing photos she took! I just thought y'all would want to see even more behind the scenes from the Southern Blog Society Conference.

Stay tuned Thursday and Friday for THREE new outfit posts, featuring the remaining outfits I wore at SBScon. Till then, enjoy some more photos from my time in Charleston + an all new post tomorrow, featuring Kendra Scott's newest collection!

Some photos from the Friday night cocktail party...

Here are some photos of a few of the brands that were there...

The gorgeous hosts of SBScon -- Jessica of My Style Vita and Cathy of Poor Little It Girl

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