Over the Weekend, Playing Catch Up

So it feels like it has been forever since I've been on the blog! I'm sure you guys feel the same way, so my apologies for keeping you waiting for a new post!!

Last week was EXTREMELY busy for me. Honestly, this entire month is. Not sure what it is about the month of June, but it seems like anyone and everyone wants to cram every single event or trip into one month. You know there's 11 whole other months people, ha! But I digress. I'm totally not complaining, because I'm having a blast!! Just hate having to pick and choose what I do and miss some awesome events along the way (still have major FOMO from last week's Blogger Scene).

Since I had so much going on last week and over the weekend, I decided to take a mini "blog vacay" so I could focus on having fun and enjoying the few days I had with family and friends. If I'm being totally honest, I really really enjoyed the break. It was nice to focus solely on being in the moment, and not worrying about rushing home to finish tomorrow's blog post. It was also a much needed break, because I've felt a little "blog burnout" lately.

BUT with that said, it was extremely refreshing and rejuvenating. I had such a fun few days, and can't wait to share with y'all all that we did, as well as photos from the past week/weekend!

Now that I've gotten my blog vacay over with, it's time to play some MAJOR catch up with y'all!!! My apologies in advance for the long post, but there's SO much to share with y'all!! Let's break it down....

The Roysters visit DC --

My parents came into town last Tuesday, as they usually do once a summer. They spent a few days in Virginia Beach prior, so they were nice and rested and ready for a few action packed days in the District.

Tuesday: night I had a few friends over to cookout with my family. A few of them have met my parents before, so they really wanted the chance to get to say hello. There were also some friends and a special someone who hadn't met Momma Suze or Papa Royster, so this was the perfect chance. We grilled out some amazing chicken, corn, broccoli (it's amazing on the grill), and my mom made her delectable "death by chocolate" dessert! It was a really fun night on the rooftop!

Wednesday: my father and I headed up to Merriweather Post Pavilion to see my FAVORITE band in the entire world perform. I've been a Mumford & Sons fan since their first album, and when most people in America had no clue who they were.

I remember watching their concerts online, just so I could get more of my Mumford fix. I was lucky enough to see them here in DC two years ago, but now that they're HUGE it's hard to get tickets. Thankfully, the best father in the world got me tickets as an early birthday present!! It was the perfect father/daughter night. I didn't think Mumford could top the first concert I went to, but somehow they blew it out of the water. If you ever have the chance to see them in concert... GO!!!

Thursday: my family and I headed up to Camden Yards to watch the Red Sox vs. Orioles game. My brother is a HUGE Red Sox fan and my dad is a HUGE Orioles fan. So for the past few summers I've lived in DC, we've all gone to the game. While I try to remain neutral, since I'm a Nationals fan all the way, I was persuaded this time to don Red Sox gear and cheer them on. I guess I wasn't much luck, because they lost. #whoops

Friday: morning my parents packed up and headed home. It was hard to say goodbye, cause I always enjoy having them here for a few days. Luckily, I'll get to see them in just a a few short months in Nashville for my friend Ashton's wedding.

Sigmas in the city --

After my parents left Friday morning, I did a quick turnaround of the apartment and prepared for two of my good sorority sisters to visit. My little, Randi, and good friend Paige (who's also a fellow blogger), headed up here on the MegaBus. I've been begging them to visit, and it was the perfect weekend for them to do so.

Friday: I took the day off from work and waited for them to arrive. Once they dropped their stuff off in my apartment, we headed to the Adams Morgan area for lunch and ate at Southern Hospitality. We then stopped by one of my fave boutiques, Violet. I am working with Violet Boutique on a fun collab for my blogger conference in two weeks, so there will be more to come on that!!

After some shopping at Violet, we headed to Georgetown. We stopped in a few stores, and decided it was just too darn hot to shop. So we walked down to the Georgetown waterfront and grabbed drinks at Sequoia.

They have the perfect outdoor setup with cabana chairs and umbrellas. We sipped on some delicious mango margs, and chatted for several hours. Afterwards, we headed home to change and ended the night with a delicious dinner at Policy on U Street.

Saturday: was the most chill day. We woke up early and caught a few hours by the pool.

We then enjoyed an AMAZING lunch at Agua 301 down by the Southeast waterfront (in the Navy Yard). If you're in the area, I HIGHLY recommend it. Probably the best steak tacos I've ever had in my life.

We then came back to my apartment and relaxed before getting ready. We wanted something fun to do Saturday night, so it was the perfect timing that this weekend was the 35th Annual Capitol Hill Club Anniversary gala.

It was the perfect excuse to get all dressed up, and then meet up with some of my friends. Afterwards, we popped over to El Centro to meet up with some of my coworkers and friend + blogger, Jenn.

Sunday: we surprised one of my good friends, Paris, for her 30th birthday at Red Rocks on H Street. We got all her friends together for a yummy and bottomless brunch. Definitely a must do if you're in the DC area. We know how to do brunch.

Now I'm exhausted again --

HA it never fails. I always need a vacation, after the vacation. While it was a fun few days, I am so ready to relax... again. BUT that's not going to happen. The next two weeks are even busier (if that was even possible). I've got SO many fun things coming up this week and next, and then next weekend I head to CHARLESTON!!!

So I guess I'll rest, when I'm old or something, HA!! How was y'alls week/weekend?! Do anything fun?? Can't wait to share some brand new posts with y'all this week and get back in the blogging groove. So stay tuned and have a marvelous Monday!! Xo

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Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/Twitter said...

What a great post, K! Glad to hear that you took a break and got to spend some quality time with your fam... and that "special someone" you mentioned.

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks!!! Yeah, it was a great few days with everyone :))