A Weekend in Charleston for #SBScon

It's almost that time y'all!! In just a few short hours, I'll be hopping on a plane with three amazing friends to Charleston, South Carolina for the weekend. We're heading down South for the Southern Blog Society Conference and will be staying at the Belmond Charleston Place hotel. It's going to be a fabulous few days with 75 bloggers from across the southeast and southwest. (Image via)

There will be so much to share with y'all upon my return. Till then, follow along on social media. I apologize in advance for the mass amount of Instagrams coming your way, but there will be so many fun moments to share. So I've decided to do this week's #FollowFriday a day early. Be sure to follow all of these lovely accounts + me, this weekend! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and see you back here next week!

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Prepping for a Weekend in Charleston

If you didn't already know (cause I've been talking about it for weeks!!), I'll be heading down South to Charleston this weekend!! I'm so excited for a fun few days in one of my favorite cities.

While a few days away from DC are definitely in order, this isn't necessarily going to be a vacation. Okay, okay... it'll mostly be fun + play. BUT the reason I'm traveling there is to attend the Southern Blog Society Conference.

Around 100 or so bloggers from across the southeast and southwest (they're joining this year!) are flying into Charleston for a few days of fun, networking and mingling with other bloggers + brands, learning ways to grow our blogs, etc. Just looking at the schedule for the three days I'll be there, my mind is already racing with all I have to do to prep. It'll be fun, but the most jam packed weekend for sure. I'll share more about how you can follow along, later this week!


As I prep for my trip to Charleston, I wanted to share with y'all some of the goodies I'll be packing in my suitcase. I'm also sharing my packing strategy over on my friend Julie Leah's blog, so be sure to check that out as well.

When it comes to packing for any trip, I try to pack the least amount of stuff as possible. Mainly because I tend to bring back more than I arrived with. However, for a blogger conference with some of the most fashionable ladies around, there's no such thing as packing light, ha!

Travel Outfit: When it comes to traveling and rushing through the airport security lines, I'm a pro. I guess I owe it to my daily routine of going through metal detectors at work. So I tend to opt for something simple, comfortable, and minimal. 

I will be wearing one of my summer go-to's... a lightweight Polo Shirt Dress and carrying a light jacket (similar) in case I get cold on the plane. Slip on sneakers are best for sliding on and off during the security line, and great for that quick run to your gate in case you're late. 

When it comes to jewelry, less is more. That is, less you have to take off and makes for happy travelers behind you! Opt for a watch, so you're always on time, and a simple tassel necklace (no metal in it!).

Speaking of watches... how awesome is this JORD wood watch (c/o)?! I've been wearing watches for years, and no outfit is complete without one. I love this particular watch because it's extremely lightweight. Why? Cause it's made of wood! How cool is that?! JORD offers watches for men + women, and in several styles + finishes.

Mens Wooden Watches
I love this light wood color, with the rose gold plate. It's just the right neutral colors, that it works for pretty much any outfit. It's also perfect for summer, because it isn't extremely heavy. You also don't have to worry about it getting wet, or sweat from the summer heat ruining it!

What I'm taking: Even though I'll definitely be taking more than I need, I'm attempting to pack strategically. Meaning: focus on bringing extra outfits, but narrow down my accessories. I don't need 5-6 bags or purses. I've narrowed things down to all clutches, aside from my carry-on of course. They're smaller and take up less space. I'm also trying to conserve shoe space by bringing along neutral options that'll go with any outfit.

This trip is also different than most, as I need to prepare for business too. Meaning I need to make sure I'm fully stocked on business cards + media kits. There will also be mass amounts of social media going on and zero time to recharge my phone. So I've found the perfect charger to bring along. It holds 4 full charges + you can charge two phones at once. A quick way to make friends with a new blogger who has a dead phone, ha!

What I'm wearing: While vacations usually result in easy packing... mostly taking bathing suits, cover-ups, and dresses... this one is a whole other ballgame. Everyone will be dressed to the nines, all the time. So I've gotta dress to impress! My wardrobe will consist of mostly dresses, with some easy outfits for sightseeing and touristy things. Can't wait to share more with y'all in some brand new outfit posts, upon my return.

Anything you think I should take with me? Any must-sees or dos while I'm in Charleston? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Preserving Memories with Project Repat

When I was in college, I LOVED ordering event shirts. I ordered them all. Whether that be sorority tanks, club t-shirts, mixer shirts or buying Sigma Kappa block letters in every fabric/color possible.

It was definitely the "thing" to do in college. That's all we wore. An oversized frat T and our norts (Nike shorts). I refused to hop on the chaco trend (sorry y'all)... so tennis shoes it was. This was my normal class attire. Again, it was totally the thing to do.

Post college, I went from owning the latest in campus fashion... to being a t-shirt hoarder. It's definitely no longer the "thing" to do in the real world. I have a few favorite shirts and tanks that I wear around the apartment, to run errands or at night when I sleep. But for the most part, my college shirts have sat in Rubbermade bins in my closet or buried at the bottom of my dresser drawers.

I've been wondering for awhile now what I could do with the mass amounts of shirts. I didn't want to donate "letter" shirts to Goodwill, nor did I want to throw them out. That's when the most brilliant idea fell into my lap (no pun intended). Why not have a t-shirt quilt made?!

I have a quilt on my bed now, that has all my swimming t-shirts from the 12 years I was a competitive swimmer (fun fact, if you didn't already know). I get so many compliments on my swimming quilt, so why not make a blanket that I can use while lounging on the couch, that has all my sorority t-shirts?!

So I partnered with Project Repat and Her Campus to create the perfect memory preserver. I can stay warm with my new blanket, but at the same time enjoy the memories I made from all those fun events in college.

Project Repat was SUPER easy to work with. They send you step-by-step instructions on how to create your blanket, as well as a pre-paid envelope to ship your shirts back in.

NOW, let me say. When I first got the envelope, I thought it was tiny. I was like, "there's no way in heck I can fit 16 shirts in this tiny bag!!" BUT, if you watch their short tutorial video + read the instructions, you'll need to cut the t-shirts in half and only send the side you want to be placed on the blanket. Thus, making all your shirts fit in that tiny little bag.

The turnaround was quick too. Project Repat has the quickest turnaround on the market... about 2-3 weeks. Not too long of a wait. There's also a rush option too, if you need the blanket sooner.

When I received the blanket, it was exactly how I wanted it. I love how they used a fleece lining, so that the blanket is comfy and warm. It's also super easy to wash. Just like you'd wash a load of t-shirts.

This is a GREAT idea for all you sorority alums or post grads. Whether you were in a Greek organization or not, you can tailor this blanket to whatever organization you participated in. A t-shirt blanket is also a great idea for your boyfriend, or take all your dad's old high school/college sports shirts and surprise him with the perfect gift. The options on how to personalize your blanket and preserve memories are endless!!!

Checkout Project Repat and watch the short video below. Let me know if you have any questions about the blanket or working with Project Repat.

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**This post is sponsored by Project Repat and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Primp & Proper possible!**