Follow Friday, May 29

Happy Friday y'all!! I'm excited to be starting a new series for the summer, called Follow Friday! Really original, I know. For awhile now, I've seen plenty of people share tweets or Instagram photos about accounts/bloggers/shops, etc., that they recommend you follow. One thing I've never seen though is an explanation as to why. Sure they may have great photos, but there's always a reason why you enjoy following someone. So, I thought instead of just sharing someone's handle, I'm going to also explain why I enjoy following these people + why you should too! Stay tuned each Friday, all summer long, to see who else I recommend. Share your Follow Friday recommendations in the comments below + with me on Instagram!

To kick off the inaugural post, today's Follow Friday ladies are Julie Leah, Emily Thomas, Shelby with Glitter & Gingham, and my friend Meaghan with District Sparkle.

@_julieleah_ // I first met Julie at a Southern Blog Society meet-up and have followed her blog ever since. Julie has some of the neatest outfits. I love how she finds a way to take so many different bright colors and tie them all together. It's so fun to follow her Instagram. She shares everything from outfit inspiration, to the newest trends for the season and she pulls off the bright lipstick super well. I need her to teach me her ways!! She also has the absolute cutest house, and Barbie pink front door. Like how precious is that?!

@emitoms // I first started following Emily on Twitter. Even though she has well north of 115K followers, she followed me back! Not only followed me back, but really interacted with me. So I started following her on Instagram, and let me tell you... her photos are amazing!!! Seriously, so visually appealing and fun to look at. Emily is a social media baller and I only hope she can someday teach me her ways. She also does a great job of introducing her followers to new accounts to follow, provides tons of inspiration and motivational quotes, and is a true testament to putting your mind to something and it paying off!

@glitterandgingham // One of my favorite style bloggers and fellow Southerner to follow! I seriously want to steal her entire wardrobe. There hasn't been one article of clothing, accessory or item that she has shared, that I wouldn't buy for myself. I love how she can pull off the bright colors and patterns so well. She's also another member of the Southern Blog Society and I hope to meet her this June when I travel down to Charleston for the conference!!

@districtsparkle // So many wonderful things I could say about Meaghan. She's my first blogger friend I ever made, and met her at the same SBS lunch that I met Julie. Her sassy and sarcastic attitude reminded me of myself, ha! So I knew we'd get along just fine. We've remained good friends ever since. Meaghan has also been a wonderful help to me over the past year or so with blog stuff. I can't thank her enough! BUT enough about how wonderful she is.... ha! You should definitely follow her and her blog, District Sparkle. Meaghan pulls off the edgy, yet feminine, look so well. She's been featured in countless magazines, websites, etc., but her most recent feature on Washingtonian.com was ballin'! Check it out and be sure to follow her for plenty of inspiration on how to style your favorite black/white and leather pieces!! (She also goes to NYFW each year and has the best behind the scenes photos... just sayin')

That's it for this edition. Check back next Friday to see four more beautiful people to follow. Have a great weekend y'all, xoxo!

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**All photos via respective blogger/person's Instagram account.


Melissa said...

This is a great list :) I love that you've added the reasons as to why you're following them, also!



Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Melissa!!! Have a great weekend :)

TheMissMorganLife said...

I am obsessed with Instagram and can't wait to check out these accounts! Thanks so much for sharing them! I love these types of posts!

Have a great weekend!


Primp & Proper said...

Yay!! You'll definitely enjoy them Morgan! Glad you liked the post :) Hope you have a great weekend too!!

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