Fitness Friday with ClassPass

Happy Friday y'all!! It'll be 5 o'clock somewhere very soon, promise! Before you get into your weekend festivities though, I wanted to share with y'all a little workout motivation post.

I've mentioned on the blog before, about a workout service called ClassPass. It's a fabulous monthly membership that allows you the opportunity to hop from one fitness studio to the next, all in the same month. No more overpriced memberships that give you access to one type of class and one gym each month. With ClassPass, you can barre on Monday, hit the gym on Wednesday and yoga it out on Saturday morning. It's awesome y'all.

Since sharing my first post about ClassPass, I've gotten several questions about the ease of use and being a first time user. To give y'all first hand knowledge, my dear friend and fellow blogger, Jennifer, and I set out to give ClassPass a try together. We spent the month of April heading to various gyms, studios and trying out different types of classes. We went to some classes together, and others on our own. All the while gaining "first timers" experience to share with y'all!!!

So let's break it down in several easy steps shall we.... first, sign up for your monthly membership. Once you've gone through the super simple process of creating your account and paying your dues, you'll be able to start signing up for classes.

Choose how you want to search, either by studio or type of class, and then you can browse the various times offered. It's even broken down by area. Super simple, right? Then choose a class you want to take and sign up! There's even an app that makes the process easier.

It took less than 5 minutes to become a member, and then start signing up for classes.

Now that you're signed up for a class, here are some tips for "first time ClassPass-ers." I'll admit, I don't like going to things by myself. I guess it's a comfort thing. So I was a little nervous to try out Pure Barre for the first time, and by myself. So here are some tips for making your first class, alone, easier:

  • Arrive early, so you can get a good location. Whether that's a spot in the back for a barre class or a stationary bike that's not in the front row. Either way, you don't want the intimidation factor of being in front. You have to start out slow, and use the front row as motivation. 
  • Introduce yourself to the instructor. Let them know this is your first time trying out this class. By letting them know before the class begins, you'll avoid the awkward "raise your hand if your new" question. Plus, you'll get extra attention from the instructor. They'll take notice and make sure the steps are explained in more depth. 
  • Go in with a positive attitude. Don't show up telling yourself that you're going to be embarrassed or not know what to do. It'll show. Instead, go in with a positive, can do mindset. 
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch. Most classes get right into it, so do plenty of stretching while you wait for it to begin.
  • Try it out. The great thing with ClassPass, is that you can try out all kinds of classes or workouts. If barre isn't for you, try cycling. That was the case for me. As a first time ClassPass-er, I didn't realize how many options I had. I also didn't realize how fortunate I was to be able to try out so many different kinds of classes... all for a one-time fee. It was great.
  • Take a friend. If it's possible, invite a friend to go with you. Some fitness studios will offer a free class for first-timers. And then afterwards, suggest they sign-up for ClassPass and join you!
What other tips do you have for taking workout classes for the first time solo? I was just super nervous. Afraid I was going to stand out and not know what to do. But honestly, that wasn't the case at all. Everyone is so friendly. Oh, and don't be shy! Introduce yourself to others, especially regular class members. Odds are, they'll be able to give you some tips before the class starts as well and help push you through to the finish!

Signup for ClassPass here! Oh, and be sure to checkout my friend Jenn's blog today too. She's doing a similar post and sharing her view point on being a first time ClassPass-er. Learn even more tips from her, and find out which classes she took.

P.S. if you need a little workout motivation, this is awesome!! I think it fits this post PERFECTLY!! It's extremely motivating, no matter how you workout!! Have a great weekend loves!! Xo

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**This post is sponsored by ClassPass. Compensation was given in one free month of membership. Photos and opinions are my own. 


Darcy said...

Arriving early is such a necessity in order to guarantee you get a good spot!!

Primp & Proper said...

It definitely is! Thanks for reading, Darcy!! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Kristyn! I use ClassPass in DC as well! I would love to hear if you have any favorite studios/classes!


Primp & Proper said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for reading :)) My favorite class so far has been the Biker Barre class. It's very close to my work, so super convenient during the week. I also love the fast paced nature of a cycling class. Makes the workout go by quicker! Definitely recommend you check it out :)