The Perfect Bags for Spring

Bags for Spring

Every fashionista has "their accessory" that they tend to purchase the most of. Whether that be shoes, bracelets or handbags, I feel like most people have one particular accessory that tends to fill their closet more than others. For me, that's handbags. When it comes to jewelry, I'm pretty basic and tend to wear the same pieces over and over. As for shoes, I love those too, but I typically invest in quality rather than quantity. BUT when it comes to bags, there are no restrictions! A good work tote, a fun clutch for events. You name it, I want it (if only I could afford to buy them all!).

My favorite time to purchase new bags is during spring. The reason being, most brands bring out the statement bags, bright colors and major trends during this season. Simply because you can get the most wear out of it. Find a bag you love, and you can carry it all spring and summer long. Sometimes well into the fall too. So for today's post, I featured a few items I'm lusting over right now! I recently snagged the Kate Spade NY scalloped clutch for myself during Bloomingdale's Friends & Family Sale. I can't stop carrying it! It's my favorite! Oh, and the GiGi New York clutch is a year round staple. Choose a neutral color, like the stone, and you can use this clutch during any season!

Which ones are your favorites? Happy shopping y'all!

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Danielle said...

cute picks, love the kate spade tote!

danielle | avec danielle

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Danielle! Yes, that is one of my favorites too!

Southern Anchors said...

Okay can we talk about how PERFECT this picks are?? I'm going to need the hot pink tassel one in the middle! NEED IT NOW!
Really jealous you have those scallops sitting pretty in your closet right now. Such a perfect piece for my little blondie :)

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks!! :))