Lilly for Target

Lilly for Target

FINALLY!! The long awaited and much anticipated Lilly for Target collection is finally launching this weekend (Sunday, April 19)!!

I'll admit when I first heard about the collaboration, I initially wasn't as excited as some. Growing up in the South, Lilly was the epitome of Southern couture. You worked all summer to buy your first Lilly dress in high school, and stocked up on countless pieces before sorority rush. When word first came out that Lilly was creating a sorority line, we had to compete to get our chapter's print released. So for as long as I can remember, it was all about "working for the wear." There's a special feeling that comes over you when you get your first Lilly dress or when you finally got to carry your Sigma Kappa Lilly tote bag (at least for me anyways). These points are all why I was less than thrilled when I initially heard about the duo coming together for a collection.

Lilly - Home

Since then, my feelings have changed. Brands must adapt to the times, and the realization that a $200 price tag for a dress is definitely not for a large market of customers. It's smart in a way for Lilly to build their brand by helping make it more affordable. More affordable = larger customer pool. With that said, I don't think this is going to be a continual occurrence for Lilly. From what I hear, this collaboration is a one time, with maybe a few restocks, thing. So to me, this isn't tarnishing the Lilly brand or the appeal behind wearing one of her dresses.

Now that we've gotten "my feelings" out of the way, let's focus on this weekend. I've scoured the internet to find the best and most thought out articles to help you maximize your time and budget this weekend. Everything from "what time should I get online?" to "how can I make sure I get what I want?" It's all included in the links below. I also featured above some of the pieces I'm eyeing and already have saved in my Target account favorites. Let me know what you're eyeing and remember, this is supposed to be fun! Happy shopping!! Xo

Best Preview // a behind the scenes look at the Lilly for Target launch in NYC
Best Game Plan // all the tips and tricks for maximizing your shopping 
Best "stay within budget" advice // Erin put together an awesome graphic to help you calculate your cart total before actually shopping. How cool is that?
Best Individual Piece Preview // a gallery of 66 images, all displaying what's to come this Sunday
Best Preview of Outdoor Pieces // want to know how to coordinate all of the outdoor pieces together? Waiting on Martha has you covered!
Best Game Plan ** Honorable Mention // in case you haven't read enough in preparation, Racked has you covered too!

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