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I've been out of college for about three years now and have slowly come to the realization that purchasing a condo or apartment is on the horizon. I've rented for years, but as I get more settled into DC I have started thinking about long-term housing goals. While the plans for that are still in the far off future, my thoughts and ideas for how I'll decorate "said new place" have already started forming. Like this office! My dream work space. So many ideas. It would be wonderful to have my own office space someday, but I wouldn't have any clue on where to begin with designing or decorating it.

As a twenty-something with a small budget, I definitely will want to save money where I can and attempt to do most projects myself. Instead of hiring a professional (who can cost upwards of several hundred dollars) to answer just a few questions to help me get started on that new office or decorating, I decided to research alternatives. No, not on the Internet. The World Wide Web can be too overwhelming sometimes and offers hundreds of variations on how to do one simple project. Head exploding. So enter the new app called Fountain.

Fountain is a free IOS app that helps bring the professional into your home via a video conference call. You'll instantly be connected to a pre-qualified professional, that can help answer your home improvement questions. Everything from getting advice on how to decorate your new home (like me in the future) to simply fixing a leaky faucet. The best part? It's extremely affordable. Fifteen minutes will only cost you $7.

You can show your professional exactly what your space looks like via the app, and get personal opinions on those new drapes you bought, but aren't sure if they work with your current decor.

Fountain is a great alternative for people who don't wish to dole out the big bucks for an in-person professional, but get a better and quicker response than what you'd find on the internet. This app is great for the young professional too, because you're still getting the assistance and advice, just at a much more affordable price.

The Fountain app is currently available in the app store for download and was recently featured as "Best New App" in the Apple app store.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting info share about that app!... I'd never heard of it before!

All the Cute

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Amber!! Yeah it's really cool. You should definitely check it out!!!

SincerelyJennie said...

This is actually extremely helpful! What a neat idea.

Primp & Proper said...

Glad to help Jennie!! It really is a cool app and idea :)