Friday Favorites

Congrats y'all, we made it to yet another Friday!!! I'm not sure how this week has been for you, but it has actually been a nice change of pace for me. The busy season of spring has seemed to take a little break, only before amping up again next week. This past week wasn't as hectic and allowed me to relax a bit more, enjoy the evenings after work a little longer and spend more time outside in the gorgeous spring weather. Spring in DC has got to be the most gorgeous time of year. I seriously challenge y'all to find another city more beautiful than mine in the spring time. It's cherry blossom season y'all, and plenty more photos are coming your way! #sorryimnotsorry

This weekend also appears that it's going to be another slow and relaxing few days. Which I am totally okay with. It's also the beginning of peak bloom for the cherry blossoms. So I definitely plan to head down to the tidal basin at some point. Tonight I'm going to enjoy the warm weather by grilling out with some friends, and I've got a fun blogger event tomorrow at Charles Schwartz, hosted by my friend Ashley in DC. Other than that, I plan to catch up on Netflix and blog posts. Oh by the way, I recently started a new Netflix series called Bloodline. Any of you watch this? I'm only a few episodes in, but I'm hooked!! Already my new favorite Netflix series, aside from House of Cards of course.

To jump start your weekend, here are some Friday Favorites for your enjoyment. Hopefully these links will tide you over till it's time for the happiest of hours. Enjoy!

  • In the DC area the next week or so? Make sure checking out the cherry blossoms is on your must see list. Any Washingtonian will tell you it's a must do if you're in town. Here are some wonderful tips for avoiding the tourists and snapping that Insta worthy photo. 
  • I've been searching far and wide for the perfect neutral block heel sandal for spring. I finally found it
  • Let's be honest, autocorrect has let us down a time or twelve. Ever wish you could take back an embarrassing text? Thanks to this app, now you can. 
  • Remember those jeweled J.Crew sandals from last season?? They were EVERYwhere. Well, I found a pretty identical pair, for less than $25. #yourewelcome
  • SoulCycle fans rejoice! The creators behind the cycling craze have now made it even easier for you to book your next class
  • You can still get your first month of Rocksbox FREE with code primpandproperxoxo. Simply follow this link to signup and begin creating your wish list. Try out jewelry pieces from brands like Gorjana, Loren Hope + more!

Oh, in case you missed any recent posts on Primp & Proper, here are a few of my favorite and most popular posts from the past two weeks:

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Unknown said...

Love these! The article from the Washingtonian about the Cherry Blossoms is great!

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Bree!! I totally agree :)

katie // a touch of teal said...

Love that picture! I am going to try to get to the Cherry Blossoms myself - seems like you have a fun weekend on deck! I need to get that app ASAP.

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Katie!! Hope you were able to make it down and see the cherry blossoms this weekend!! And YES, that app sounds like it'll be a lifesaver! LOL