Thursday's 10 Thoughts

This week has been crazy busy to say the least. I've been gearing up for a huge charity gala the end of the month, Taste of the South. It has almost become another full-time job. We're in the final crunch time now as far as fundraising goes, and the time has come for all the committee members to start receiving their swag shipments. At the gala, we giveaway products from our home state. So over the next few weeks my apartment is going to be filled with "made in Tennessee" creations. The first to arrive being eight giant and extremely heavy boxes of M&M's. Yes, they're made in Tennessee. Well, one of the largest Mars Candy factories is located in my home state!!

This is only the beginning, and by far not the last shipment I'll receive. With that said, if I seem to be blogging less over the next two weeks or taking longer to respond to social media, this is why. I cannot wait to share more photos and behind the scenes with you all regarding Taste of the South, so make sure you're following me on Instagram. There will also be a full event recap on the blog in April.

Other than trying to keep my head above water this week, here are a few more thoughts I've had...

Since Mother Nature is keen on the winter weather sticking around for awhile, I've decided that it's time to kick my beauty routine in high gear. I mean, taking care of my skin through these harsh winter months. My good friend Meaghan offered up some wonderful tips for hydrating your skin and which products have worked best for her.

Many of you have asked how I keep my golden locks intact during the harsh winter winds. It's all thanks to this gem of a hairspray. I swear by it. Summer or winter, it's perfect all year round.

Speaking of hair, wouldn't it be awesome if we could just pay someone to do it for us everyday? Perfectly curled, styled and clean... all for $99? Well, this is about to be a thing.

For those days I'm having a bad hair day, I have recently discovered that I don't look so bad in hats. I'm loving this one and thinking of adding it to my hat collection (making that a total of one so far, ha).

I'm getting ready to start working out again. Who, me? Yes, me. My friend Alissa is putting together a workout routine for me right now. In the meantime, I need to stock up on my workout gear. Like these pants, this top and this jacket. I also want to checkout Fabletics. They have some great stuff too.

Wish we could all (ladies) find a man who would do this for us.

If not, then I suppose we can start paying for more Tinder likes. Sorry 30 and overs, you'll be paying a premium.

If you're lucky enough to escape the winter weather and head somewhere warmer for Spring Break, make sure you pick up the perfect swimsuit. Like this one, this one, even this one or this one.

If you know me, then you probably know I'm obsessed with office supplies. This BuzzFeed was definitely made for me. I also cannot wait till this is a thing.

TGIF tomorrow friends!!

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Unknown said...

You look so cute in hats! Love it on you! I go through phases where I wear them and then feel like they look bad on me lol


Primp & Proper said...

Thanks girl!! I recently discovered that hats aren't so bad, ha! Maybe I just haven't been wearing the right ones. XO

Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/Twitter said...

Those Aerie swimsuits are perfect!

Good luck with Taste of the South!

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Chris! Just ordered one! Hope summer comes soon :)

Thank ya, thank ya!!

Unknown said...

So great to have discovered your blog! I'm also another TN-transplant-in-DC-blogger, and I'm not used to this winter! Hope you'll check me out at www.katestylepetite.com! I'd love to meetup!

Primp & Proper said...

Aww yay Kate!! So glad you did too and I definitely will checkout your blog as well :) Love meeting fellow Tennesseans in DC, so let's definitely meetup sometime!!! XO