Thursday's 10 Thoughts - Vol. 10

Y'all have probably thought I've fallen off the face of the Earth or given up on blogging lately. I assure you that A. I am still alive and kickin, and B. no giving up here! As I mentioned before, this month is the busiest one out of the year for me. I've been gearing up for Taste of the South, a charity gala which is this Saturday y'all (make sure you follow me on Insta for behind the scenes photos), so my attention and focus has pretty much been on that over the past few weeks. For today's Thursday's 10 Thoughts post I decided to give y'all a little insight into what Taste of the South is all about, by featuring several photos from last year's event (photos via Revamp/Daniel Swartz).

There are still lots of last minute details to prepare the rest of this week, celebrate this weekend and then the plan is to crash on Monday. I apologize that blogging has taken a little back seat recently, BUT I assure you I'll be back with the regularly scheduled program middle of next week. Lots of fun posts and giveaways coming your way!!

Speaking of giveaways... there's one going on RIGHT NOW over on my Instagram. I've teamed up with a great group of bloggers to give one lucky reader a $250 Kate Spade gift card. So head over now to enter!!!!

Now on to my thoughts for the week...

A wise person once told me... write everything down. That's why I'm probably the last person on this planet who still uses a paper planner, but it's necessary. Especially since life has been crazy the past few weeks. I cannot recommend this gem enough. It's a serious lifesaver.

Now that Spring is here (well at least trying to get here), it's time to add in a little color to my rather neutral wardrobe. My favorite way to do that is by throwing on a colorful cardi. J. Crew Factory makes my favorite. Buy one in every color. #allthecolors

Next month I'm starting my first trial with ClassPass. Unlimited workout classes for an entire month, for $99?! Yes please!! Sign up and get $25 toward your membership!

If you didn't already know, Kate Spade Saturday is going out of business. Sad, I know. Take advantage of their 50% off everything sale. So many great finds like this top.

Sad that you didn't get your chance to fight for Chris Soules love on the Bachelor?! No worries. Arlington, Iowa has plenty of other eligible bachelors. #yourewelcome

This will be the next addition to my closet. Perfect for spring.

As if I didn't love Diet Coke enough, this definitely sent my infatuation over the edge. #CokeForTheWin

I've always wanted to drive across country, taking in all the sights of the US of A. The best way to do it? This guy figured it out.

I suppose it's that time to put away the hunter green nail polish and get with the spring program. I've been wearing this color on repeat lately.

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Finally -- here are some of my gorgeous friends at last year's Taste of the South Charity Gala...

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Unknown said...

I still use an actual planner too!! I can't bring myself to use my phone and I love finding a fun planner each year. These photos are gorgeous - I'm sure this year's event will be so fab!


Primp & Proper said...

Glad to know someone else does, Alissa!!! And thank you :) I can't wait to share photos from this year's event soon. XO

Sabrina - Kiss & Ride said...

Wow! Can't believe Kate Spade Saturday is going out of business... seems like they opened that little shop on M street only months ago!

Primp & Proper said...

I know, right?! It's so sad! But be sure to stock up while you can. Such a great sale going on right now.