Over the Weekend, Travel and Adventure Show

Over the Weekend I attended the Travel and Adventure Show with my roommate and friend/blogger, Katie. The show was the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. We visited booths that offered both domestic and international travel options. Everything from European getaways, to a short drive up the coast to Delaware.

After touring the exhibit floor, the three of us headed to the Travel Theater to hear one of my childhood favorites speak. Growing up, I LOVED the Travel Channel! Something about seeking my sense of adventure and traveling further than the Appalachian Mountains. One of my favorite Travel Channel hosts is Samantha Brown. Everything from Great Hotels, to Passport to Europe. I watched her religiously!!

Samantha Brown shared some great tips on traveling, as well as explained how the development of technology and expansion of the Internet has affected traveling. She gave some really great insight, and I thought it'd be awesome to share a few points with y'all:

  1. The biggest change in travel has been the decline in use of Travel Agents and travel books, and the incline of relying on the Internet, online reviews, blogs and websites. 
  2. Samantha says we should still use Travel Agents. If anything, they take the stress of having to plan an entire trip off our shoulders. Travel Agents also are our go-to's if anything goes wrong. They know how to help!
  3. Go where the locals go! Stop visiting just the "touristy spots." When you're at lunch, ask the locals where they love to visit and dine. Odds are, you'll get an even better experience than the one you planned off online reviews. 
  4. Some of Samantha's favorite smart phone apps are Pocket Earth, Google Translate, Travel Channel App and FlightAware. She also loves sites like Twitter, Airfare Watchdog to help get the best deals. Don't be afraid to reach out to businesses via Twitter for info and deals. 
  5. Another great tip... create a separate email account for your vacation or travel. Sign up for various hotels, sites and airline emails so you can get notice on deals. Filter out the clutter and narrow your searches by separating your travel emails and information, from your personal and work emails.
  6. Her biggest tip? "Take the media out of it and just be social!" Sometimes asking locals where to go, meeting other tourists, and engaging with those around you, will offer a 10 times better trip than what social media tells you to do. Don't be afraid to ask!!

After visiting more than 100 travel booths and hearing Samantha Brown's tips, the only question now is, "Where should I travel?!"

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Unknown said...

That sounds like such a fun time!!! I've been getting a major travel bug since I've never travel much, let alone been out of the US. It's time!


Primp & Proper said...

Me too!!! I haven't really traveled much overseas, so I've been itching to do it!

Sabrina said...

I love the part about just being social!! I haven't gotten to travel much but I've tried to stay at hostels on the few trips I've been on and it's great because you meet a lot of fellow travelers who always have the best advice. Plus the hostels usually host tours and activities where you get to experience local stuff rather than touristy stuff.

Primp & Proper said...

That's great advice too Sabrina!! Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day!