Over the Weekend, Last Bit of Winter

Hopefully this is my last "winter-y" type outfit for the year. According to the calendar, it's officially spring. However, Mother Nature clearly hasn't gotten the memo because this past weekend we enjoyed slightly above freezing temps and blistery winds. I pray that this was the last bit of winter.

Over the weekend I had a ton of errands to get caught up on, post TOTS. Everything from getting the essentials (and non-essentials) at Target, to cleaning the apartment and switching my closet over to spring. It was an extremely boring, yet productive weekend. As for my errand outfit of the day, I wanted to be comfortable and casual. Denim and chucks are usually my go-to for running around town. I threw on one of my fave new tops, and a warm, yet spring-esk jacket. I had already jumped the gun and stored my winter coats for the year, so I needed some outerwear that would keep me warm, yet didn't look like my wardrobe was following mother nature's winter-y lead. I love this CoffeeShop hooded jacket because it's super lightweight and felt almost like I was wearing a blanket. I was warm and comfortable all day.

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