Spring Trend - The Block Heel

Block Heel

One of my favorite trends this spring is the block heel. For someone who loathes walking around in high heels all day, the block heel makes wearing anything but flats much more fathomable. The four inch, pencil thin heel just isn't for me. After an hour or so my feet hurt, my knees feel numb and I look for any excuse to take them off -- I'll admit that I've walked around barefoot before in public just to get the dang things off. #noshame So I for one am ecstatic that the block heel is making a comeback. I've featured a few of my faves above for the budget conscious and budget worthy. You can find some stunning options no matter your price range. Which ones are your fave?!

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Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/Twitter said...

Super cute options. Just one question, and I ask knowing that it's totally personal preference, but since all of these are a sandal/open toe style, would you wear tights or pantyhose with them (as long as the seam is tucked under your toes of course)?

Primp & Proper said...

Thank you!!! Well personally, since they're open toe and it will more than likely be warm, I would most likely not wear tights or pantyhose with these. However, if you really wanted to... I would suggest a light hose that is almost unnoticeable and super thin for the warmer temps!