Minty Fresh

Photos by Lisa Chiu 

Cardigan (similar) // Tuxedo Shirt // Necklace // Jeans // Bag // Heels (store closed, great options here and here)

As I mentioned here and here, this Southern lady is ready for spring. So much so that I've already been breaking out my pastels and wearing my boots less and less (that is on the slightly warmer days of course). One of my go-to looks for a casual Friday at work or brunch on the weekend is a simple tuxedo button-up and cardi, with jeans. Mint was really popular last spring, and lucky for all of us, it's still on trend this year. So I paired my favorite color with a statement necklace and pop of a print in my heels (notice they're block heels!! totally on trend this spring). This look is definitely casual Friday appropriate and a look you can mix in so many ways. Try a different color cardigan, statement necklace or printed heel. The options for a simple, yet chic look are endless!

Happy Friday y'all! Any fun plans on your calendar for the weekend? XOXO

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Thursday's 10 Thoughts

I'm sure by now you're well aware of the type of weather we've had over the past few weeks here in DC. Pretty sure I haven't spoken so highly of mother nature recently, ha! While most days you'll find me trekking to work in a parka, blanket scarf and Ugg boots, there are a few days out of the season I'll sport a more fashionable look.... i.e. the days where temps are above freezing. Just because it's freezing outside, doesn't mean we have to compromise on style (that is unless it's twenty below zero with wind chill... then, you'll find me in my parka or Ubering to work). I've worn this coat (similar) to death the past two winters. When the temps are slightly warm enough, I break this bad boy out and my favorite beanie (may be available in stores). See... winter outerwear doesn't have to be so bad!

Here are a few more thoughts for the week...

I should become a salesman for this brand. I mean honestly, this bag is my MUST HAVE!! I've talked many friends and even Molly Sims (yes THE Molly Sims) into getting this bag. What's even better... it'll cost you less than that bottomless brunch on Sunday.

New York Fashion Week may be over... but the buzz is still going on about this and this. #trulyamazing

This was the most popular option from Tuesday's post. I mean how could it not be?! It's under $100 and comes in a whole slew of other colors!

Here's a pretty good laugh for the day.

Two of my favorite stores (this one and that one) are seriously on point with their new arrivals. So many options that are perfect for spring and work appropriate #winning

If you watched the Oscars this past weekend then you probably witnessed this amazing tribute to one of my favorite movies of all time.

I would like to add this skirt or dress to my summer wardrobe. Maybe even spring?! Never too early for a fit-and-flair.

How on earth did I not know about this song till now?! I mean, it features two of my fave artists.

This is one of the more helpful Buzzfeed articles I've read. It's perfect for the makeup challenged like me!

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Spring Trend - The Block Heel

Block Heel

One of my favorite trends this spring is the block heel. For someone who loathes walking around in high heels all day, the block heel makes wearing anything but flats much more fathomable. The four inch, pencil thin heel just isn't for me. After an hour or so my feet hurt, my knees feel numb and I look for any excuse to take them off -- I'll admit that I've walked around barefoot before in public just to get the dang things off. #noshame So I for one am ecstatic that the block heel is making a comeback. I've featured a few of my faves above for the budget conscious and budget worthy. You can find some stunning options no matter your price range. Which ones are your fave?!

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Over the Weekend, Mani + Blowout at one80 Salon

I'm just going to go ahead and say it.... I am OVER the snow. It was cool maybe two weeks ago, but after 7+ days of below freezing temps, ice, slush and ruining 2 pairs of boots... I'm ready for Spring. The weather has also taken its toll on my hair and nails. Between the constant glove/hat wearing and harsh winds, I was due for a day of pampering. So Over the Weekend I headed to one80 salon to do just that.

I got there a few minutes before my appointment, but was immediately greeted with coffee and someone asking to take my coat and scarf. I was sold already. I didn't have time for a Starbucks run, so it's like they read my mind.

After a quick wash + rinse, the stylist escorted me to a station where they do simultaneous mani and blowout. Yes, that's right. At the same time. For someone who is very short on her free time, this service was simply made for me. I was in and out in just under an hour and a half. If you know how much hair I have and how thick it is, that is a huge deal.

I seriously felt like a celebrity. At one point I had THREE ladies working on my nails and hair. It was so cool.

For the nails, I chose shellac and went with my go to, a hunter green. If you stop in, it's called Perfect Poison. For my girls who don't like the gel or shellac, one80 also offers Essie products. Definitely a plus (love my Essie polishes!!). They offer 18 different nail services; everything from a basic polish, to your pedicure, gel nails and more. If you visit one80, I highly recommend Marina as your esthetician.

My girl Alanea did a fabulous, hollywood glam inspired blowout. I'm so used to wearing my hair the same way everyday (creature of habit #sorryimnotsorry), so I was excited to try something different. This style definitely highlighted the mass amount of hair I have, HA. I also thought the style complimented my color and length well. Checkout Alanea's Instagram for more hair inspo.

One80 salon also offers a whole slew of other services. Everything from facials to waxing. Checkout their website for a full list of services they offer.

One80 salon is located at 1275 K Street NW, Suite 101, Washington, D.C. 20005 and is just a short walk from the McPherson Metro stop. Call to book your appointment today -- (202) 842-9113 -- and let them know you learned about their salon through Primp & Proper!

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**Services at one80 Salon were complimentary. Photos and opinions in this post are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Primp & Proper going. 


Casual Friday Look

Photos by Nicole of A Dash of Gold

I will admit, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than our forecasters have at correctly predicting the snow amounts, HA! I was super excited for what was predicted to be 8+ inches. As the night went on, that total was lowered several times. All in all I'd say we got about 4-5 inches, a whole lot of slush and ice.

Since discovering that fellow blogger friend Nicole of A Dash of Gold lived in my apartment building, it was the perfect day to take outfit pics together and have a little fun in the snow (I'm a kid at heart). I decided to pick an outfit that is perfect for a casual Friday at work, fun day of shopping with friends, or even for a day of adventures in the snow. It's another mix of edge + prep. I'm really having fun mixing these two styles together lately and experimenting with different looks. The mix of a puffer vest and statement necklace, with dark denim and chucks, makes for the perfect balance of edge meeting prep.

If you got a fun snow day yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it! If you got another one today… enjoy it even more! I admit, I was getting stir crazy and am thankful to be going back to work today. Happy Hump Day y'all!! XOXO

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Favorites from #NYFW

"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this is known as Fashion WeeK" - Carrie Bradshaw.

If you've ever watched a single episode of Sex in the City, then you know that Carrie Bradshaw was (is?) the queen of fashion and New York. She loved a good statement piece almost as much as writing books about men.

It may come as a shock to some, but I've always been a huge fan of fashion. Growing up you would have never known that considering I mostly lived in sweats and walked around with wet hair… to me, it was swimmer chic.

Fast forward a few years and I moved to Capitol Hill… considered by many to be out of touch with what is fashionable. However, as I've grown as a blogger and gotten more into the wonderful fashion scene that DC does have (yes, there's more to all of us Washingtonians than a black pants suit), I really have started to break out of my fashion shell. I'm taking more risks and really paying attention to the trends.  And that's exactly what New York Fashion Week is about. Establishing the trends for the new season.

One thing I noticed that's going to be a major focal point of the FW2015 scene, statement coats (looking at you BCBGMAXAZRIA). I mean they were everywhere. Not just a simple camel trench or navy cape. Nay! But the bright, colorful and sometimes tribal looking prints. I mean we all know I love a good statement coat, so to say I'm excited is an understatement.

Another trend I noticed that's going to be prevalent will be fringe. I saw fringe featured in quite a few shows… especially Rebecca Minkoff's. Can you say 70s?! Looks like quite a few details from that era are making their way back to fashion this year (still not sure how I feel about it).

At this point you're probably over hearing my ramblings, so we'll get on with it. I watched quite a few shows, scoured the internet for various designer presentations and of course stalked all the major brands, bloggers and Instagram accounts for updates. So here is just a taste of what's to come this fall/winter.

Tadashi Shoji // One of my favorite collections was Tadashi Shoji. It was just purely amazing. At first the collection seemed to be entirely black and white, with some accents of color here or there. Then all the sudden you get pops of emerald green and purple! The gowns were phenomenal. Below are a few of my faves. Did you miss the show? Watch the full runway show here and see a full photo recap here (*Images also via here). 

Rebecca Minkoff // One of my favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff, featured a 70s-esk collection with lots of fringe. Yes, fringe. I loved it. I need a pair of the fringe boots asap. The bags you may ask? Well they definitely didn't disappoint, but what caught my eye were the clothes. Below are a few of the looks I loved… (*All Images Via)

Speaking of Carrie Bradshaw, a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker… SJP definitely didn't disappoint this past week. She also teamed up with TOME to feature her new fall shoe collection in conjunction with the TOME Fall 15 line (on pre-order now). 

Some of my favorite presentations were Kate Spade NY, Banana Republic (making their Fashion Week debut -- see photo below) and the DKNY show. Marissa Webb also NAILED it with her ready-to-wear line. I could see myself wearing pretty much everything in her collection. Oh and for the men, Perry Ellis is definitely one to checkout (shout out to my blogger friend Dana!!).

To give y'all one final look from the past few days of Fashion Week, my pick for most creative runway setup and fashion show -- Tommy Hilfiger. I mean, I love football. I love fashion. So combining the two is pure genius!! (*Image via)

This is just a taste of what I noticed the past few days of #NYFW. Fingers crossed that one day soon I'll be able to attend my first show in person and share some of my own Fashion Week adventures. Till then, I'll live vicariously through social media and other various recaps. 

What were some of your favorites? Not to worry, Fashion Week isn't over just yet (Cannot WAIT to see J.Crew's new collection, EKKK)! See more shows and behind the scenes footage here. Happy #NYFW ladies and gents!!
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Bachelor Viewing Party with ProFlowers

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of reality TV. It's one of my guilty pleasures, with my most favorite show being The Bachelor and all its various spin-offs. There's just something about this franchise that keeps me coming back season after season.

For the past few years, I've watched each season (almost every episode) with my good friend Ashton. It's our Monday night ritual. We grab some popcorn, catch up till the show starts and silence is definitely in order till each commercial break. We take it THAT seriously (don't judge).

This season has definitely been one of the most dramatic. Whether it's Kelsey's "amazing" story, a cameo from Jimmy Kimmel or because of Ashley I.'s constant mental breakdowns. It has truly been an ah-mazing season (do I have to put a $1 in the Amazing Jar Jimmy?).

To help share in our drama filled Mondays, I invited a few more girls over to watch this past Monday's episode with Ashton and I. The lovely people over at ProFlowers (you know the ones who send the bright green boxes in the mail from your boyfriend) sent me some gorgeous roses and yummy snacks for us to enjoy while we counted down to the "dreaded 2-on-1" date.

I love how the flowers came wrapped so well, that they stayed fresh over a few days and not a single stem was broken. ProFlowers even provided the perfect size vase and instructions on how to make the bouquet last as long as possible. It has been almost a week since I received the roses and they're still as gorgeous as the day they arrived.

What's even more special about the bouquet is that it was specially made in collaboration with the Bachelor!! YES, ProFlowers and ABC's The Bachelor, teamed up once again to create a unique assortment. This time, some simple red roses with a pop of diamonds.

I've truly enjoyed having the bouquets displayed in my apartment all week. There's just something about fresh flowers and the aroma of them in the room -- take note gents!

It definitely wouldn't be a viewing party without some delicious sweets. ProFlowers sent over a box of snacks from Cherry Moon Farms, that featured an assortment of candies, gummies and nuts. I mixed those with homemade popcorn and my favorite cookies, to round out a great assortment of sweets.

You also can't have a Bachelor viewing party without some champs. So I made another version of my Bach-Tini, using champagne, Sprite and Cran-Lemonade. I even found some edible glitter from Harris Teeter that I put around the rims of the glasses. Didn't they turn out so cute?!

Recipe for Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

It was the perfect evening, filled with some fun girl talk and "oh my gosh did Chris really just do that" moments. I mean can we believe how this week's episode ended?! #yougoChrisSoules

Be sure to purchase your Bachelor Bouquet just in time for next week's all new episode, or gents you can order this wonderful arrangement for your lady. Just tell her the Bachelor picked it out and she'll love you forever! You can also checkout ProFlower's Bachelor Compatibility Quiz. See if you're compatible with this season's Bachelor! -- Is it too late to signup, cause apparently I am?! 

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**ProFlowers is the official floral partner for The Bachelor. Thank you so much to ProFlowers for supplying the roses and snacks. Photos and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Primp & Proper going. XO


Galentine's Day Brunch

So truth be told, Valentine's Day hasn't always been one of my favorite days of the year. It has either gone one of two ways... 1) wasn't dating anyone at the time OR 2) the guy I was dating at the time just had zero clue. -- probably why things didn't work out, ha! Needless to say over the years I tended to overlook this holiday, aside from the awesome selection of chocolate candies -- really the only purchase I make in relation to Valentine's Day during the month of February.

As I've gotten older though, and as the holiday has progressed, I've realized Valentine's Day isn't just about celebrating with your significant other. Yes, I am sure that's very special. BUT there are plenty of people in our lives other than our significant other that we should celebrate the day of love with. I mean I truly treasure the friendships I have and love all of my friends very dearly.

So why not celebrate Valentine's Day with some of my fave gal pals at a fun Galentine's Day Brunch?! We can lavish ourselves with gifts that we know make us happy, enjoy a delicious meal, toast with some bottomless mimosas and gab about the guys we wish we were dating. It's a win win in my book. #signmeup

Photography by Lisa Chiu

Today's outfit is perfect for a brunch with my best gal pals, like Jennifer from Southern Anchors blog. If we were going to go to brunch this Saturday, this is the outfit I would wear + scroll down to see the fab look Jenn would wear. My look is more edgy-preppy, with the pop of a J. Crew collar, paired with a simple faux leather skirt. I LOVE Jennifer's look too! You'll see below, but I really like how she paired a simple striped shirt with a pop of color in her maxi! So precious!

J.Crew Button Up (sold out, similar option here or here) // Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater // Loft Leather Skirt // Ann Taylor Black Booties (sold out online, available in some stores -- tall version of boot here) // GiGi Clutch // Loft Bracelet (old)

Now for Jenn's look! I absolutely love the way she mixed a bold color with the skirt and pattern of the top! So chic and classy for a fun morning brunch with girls!! Head over to her blog, Southern Anchors, to see the full look and where Jennifer would brunch this weekend!!

If you're in the DC area, some of my favorite locations for brunch are Zengo, Belga Cafe, El Centro, or Sequoia. Be sure to check them out and make your reservation through OpenTable.

Hope you all have a marvelous Valentines - Galentine's - Single's Awareness Day... however you choose to celebrate February 14th. XOXO

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