Thursday's 10 Thoughts

WOW, this week has been crazy pants. All of the rest and relaxation I had coming off a two week vacation is pretty much gone after the past few days. Between work, and the million things going on outside of work, I haven't had much time to catch my breath. On the bright side, it's almost the weekend!! I've got two very good friends coming in town, so I'm excited to catch up with them and blow off a little steam from this week! Anyways, you didn't come here to hear me ramble on... so here are my 10 Thoughts for the week...

I am seriously shocked at how well my New Year's manicure has lasted. Going on a week and a half and my paws are still freshly polished, thanks to my esthetician Kim! My friend Laura and I went to a brand new place here in DC, the Nailsaloon. What did I love almost as much as my freshly painted nails? The gorgeous space of the salon and the complimentary wine, duhhh.

Can't get enough of this lipgloss or brand. Thanks Bluemercury for getting me hooked.

I seriously pray that I find a man like this... no, not the idiot who won't get off the phone. We all need a man who realizes when a lady is being treated poorly!

It's a sad week for fashion ladies... or a good one if you're Tory Burch. C. Wonder announced this week they're closing all of their stores and website within the next few weeks. The stores here in DC have already closed. What's the positive?! The only good thing is you can head over to their website to stock up on some amazing steals at 50% off... #rundontwalk Here are a few of my faves for you to snag...
In other news one of my favorite bands of all time, I mean of ALL TIME, is coming back together for a huge documentary... here's your sneak peek. #forallmy90sfans

Looking for a comfortable black bootie that's chic, yet appropriate for work? I've been living in these recently. They look vicious, but surprisingly my feet feel great! Oh and I LOVE these too.

I recently got into the green juice thing. For Christmas I got a brand new NutriBullet. I'm really looking for some delicious green juice/smoothie recipes. I'm loving the ones featured this past week here. Do you have a good recipe I should try? I'm all about adding in the green, but I love a juice with more of a fruity flavor.

I'm pretty sure it's almost impossible to outdo T. Swift... but this couple sure gave the gal a run for her money.

In case you're living under a rock, this past week Target announced its AMAZING collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer. Want to see more? Checkout College Prepster's recent post or follow @LillyforTarget on Instagram (yes, that's already a thing). The collection launches April 19th. **Photo via College Prep

If you need a little laugh, this has basically been me all week when I head to bed... anyone else wish they could turn their brain off at night?!

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