Unlimited Workouts with ClassPass

I've mentioned on the blog before that I am not a huge fan of working out. I absolutely hate running and get super bored with a gym, extremely quick. For me, it takes something new and different to get the motivation juices flowing. That's why I am a fan of workout classes or circuit type routines. I need to constantly be doing something different. However, after a week of the same class I can get pretty bored too. It's not easy to belong to more than one fitness studio or gym a month, cause let's be honest... they're super expensive. So when ClassPass came to DC, it sounded like the perfect alternative for my workout worries.

ClassPass is a monthly membership, yes. But what if you could have a membership to all kinds of studios, classes or gyms... in the same month, for one membership fee?! Such a great concept, right? Well, that's exactly what ClassPass is. You pay one monthly membership to them, for unlimited access to all of their participating studios, classes and gyms. Yeah that's right... you can Zumba, cycle, yoga and barre your heart out each and every month. To maximize your results, you can build a workout routine with a variety of all kinds of classes. You can take up to three classes a month at the same studio, but have unlimited access to all participating locations. In DC alone, there are more than 60 fitness boutiques to choose from. One of the things I love about ClassPass is the convenience aspect. Instead of going online to each studio, signing up, inputting all your info and choosing a class, you can easily book a class through the ClassPass website. One stop, for all your fitness class needs. 

ClassPass is a wonderful idea for those who want to tryout all sorts of classes and fitness studios. The best part is, the membership fee is $99!! You're getting access to more than 60 locations each month for the same price of a monthly membership at just ONE of those places. I mean it's a no brainier to me. 

ClassPass currently serves Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Diego and Portland. Oh, and if you are a constant traveler between these cities, you can signup for ClassPass Flex, which allows you access to EVERY location in EVERY city. Awesome, awesome stuff. More cities are coming soon, but if you currently live somewhere they serve than you can easily signup online!!

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*Images are from classpass.com. Opinions are my own. 

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