Thursday's 10 Thoughts

A new name for my blog and a brand new site design, means the start of some fun new series! While I definitely plan to keep the Over the Weekend series, cause y'all just love seeing what I'm up to on my days off, I plan to start some new ones as well! First up, Thursday's 10 Thoughts. While I won't post something like this every week, I definitely plan to mix things up a bit. So here are 10 things I'm thinking about this week...

I posted this ornament on Instagram this past weekend and y'all loved it! So here's some more inspiration for your Christmas tree.

Can I just be her?! Or at the very least borrow her clothes. Or at the very very least spend a day with her and George. I mean is it really too much to ask?? #royalforaday

I've only worn this top once, but everyone RAVED about it. I love a good versatile piece. Pair it with jeans and a blazer for a casual look, or a fitted pencil skirt and heels for work. #loveit

I would agree that quite a few of these thoughts came through my head while watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

I kind of want this skirt for Christmas Eve... might be too fancy for my family, but I don't care!

We've all had these thoughts at one point or another when thumbing through the pages of a holiday catalog. Personally I love this store and their products, but this hilarious rendition is worth the read. Laughing... crying laughing.

Seriously love this brush. What's worse than detangling post shower hair? Having to detangle the thickest and longest hair ever. #KristynProblems This bamboo paddle brush makes life a little easier, and for an added bonus it's eco-friendly!

It takes less than a dollar to make this girl's Christmas! #haveaheart

Hoping to be your own #GirlBoss? Then you need to read these thoughts.

I still haven't gotten a New Year's Eve dress, but I'm really digging this one, this gorgeous number or even this one. HELP me decide please!

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A Loyal Love said...

YES to the Mark & James Mini Sequin Pixie Dress! You know I love RTR!

Primp & Proper said...

That's the one I was leaning toward Tammy!! Great minds think alike :))

Unknown said...

The first or second dress!!!

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Mindy!! Those are my favorite too :)

Unknown said...

That Williams-Sonoma guide had me LOLing in the office! I vote dress #2. It looks good on everyone who shared a photo of it too

Primp & Proper said...

Wasn't it? So funny! Thanks for the vote Tiffany!! I am so torn, ha!

Dana said...

i am absolutely loving this idea! love seeing what awesome things people find on the internet! thanks for sharing, girlfriend!

Pink Champagne Problems

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Dana!! I always thought the same thing, so I decided to start it as a series!! xo