Out With the Old, In With the New

So I've been hinting over the past few months and weeks that big changes were in store for me and my blog. I started First Impressions back in January, having no earthly idea where it would take me. My original intent for blogging was to keep up with my writing as a journalism major and to offer advice to those who wanted it on the post grad life. Over time though, what I enjoyed writing about and what y'all like to read about, quickly shifted.
The first few months of blogging were merely for fun, writing about anything and everything. Let's be honest... I cringe at the sight of some of my first posts. While I'm no where even close to making it big or even becoming a professional blogger, I have definitely seen improvement and growth over time. And because of that, I realized it was time to make the ultimate decision... either quit blogging and pat myself on the back for giving it the ole college try, or really poor my heart and soul into it. The main thing I've come to find is that blogging is pretty much a second full-time job. My days, nights and weekends are consumed with post preparation, editing photos, scheduling social media and interacting with my DC community. So I thought a lot about what I was getting out of blogging and where I ultimately wanted my little ole site to go. 

After a lot of thought, time reviewing other bloggers' stories, talking with friends, and making goal lists, I decided that blogging was something I thoroughly enjoyed and wasn't ready to give up! However, the one thing I was ready to give up was my old blog name. First Impressions came about as referring to the post grad life, and how impressions (good or bad) are very important. The name just doesn't fit me anymore or what I love to write about. And if my blog is going to get a new name, you better believe it's going to get a fancy new site!

So I ditched the old name, old layout, hired a fabulous new site designer, bought my own web domain and with the help of some great blogger friends, a new project was born!! Today will be the last post for First Impressions, as the new site and blog will be revealed on Monday (don't worry, you'll still be able to access all of my old posts and content)!! The site will be getting a fresh face lift, looking more professional and clean. My friend Tammy of A Loyal Love has done an amazing job, and I cannot wait for y'all to see the new and improved blog!! 

You're probably like, "seriously Kristyn... you can't make me read all of this and not even give me the slightest peek into the new site!" I'm definitely not a person who likes to disappoint, so today I'm revealing the new name of my blog... (drum roll please)

YAY!!! I'm so excited to share with y'all more about the name Primp & Proper, and to reveal the entire blog site to y'all on Monday! Now before you go running off, the type of content and what I write about will be very similar to what I've been doing. Just bigger and better. I'll explain more on Monday, but for now I hope y'all will continue to follow me on this journey and I THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE of you for your constant support and love. Oh, and if the excitement for the reveal isn't big enough... there's a HUGE giveaway coming next week too! #sostaytuned

Have a great weekend friends, xoxo

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Chris - @nylonlover69 on Twitter/IG said...

Yay! Totally excited for you!

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks so much Chris!! Appreciate your constant support and following :)

Have a great holiday season!! xoxo

A Loyal Love said...

It's been so much fun being part of your journey and working on your new site with you! Can't wait!


Primp & Proper said...

Well thanks for being apart of it Tammy!! It has been so much fun working with you!

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