Holiday Outfit Versatility

I just love everything about the Christmas season and New Years. It's such a magical time; especially the amazing office parties and Christmas gatherings. I was looking at my Kate Spade planner this weekend, and my palm immediately went to my face. Looking at just one night this week, I have FIVE receptions or events in the same evening. I mean obviously I cannot go to every single event, so the biggest issue is narrowing them down. Aside from that though, is finding the perfect outfit that is versatile for all the functions I will attend in the same evening. What makes things easier for me, is that I can blame my attire on "this is what I wore to work." So throughout the holidays, the term "desk-to-drinks" is taken to a whole other level.

I am sure I'm not alone in this, so I've featured some of my fave pieces for the holidays below. I chose stores that are hopefully readily available and close to you... because let's be honest, the holidays are here. There isn't much time to order something online, and pray that it arrives before next week's party. You can find all of these versatile pieces at your local Ann Taylor or Loft stores. The best part? All of these pieces transition well from a day in the office, to your evening festivities.

Holiday Attire
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