Blogger's Favorite Things Christmas Party

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to host a holiday party for some of the good friends I've made along the way through blogging. I've met so many amazing people, both bloggers and businesses, so I wanted to find a way to thank the friends I've made and support the businesses I've connected with. Hosting a fun party was just the way!

I've talked a lot on the blog about my 'favorite things,' so why not put together a Blogger's Favorite Things party?! We all have them! So I partnered with a local stationery shop, The Dandelion Patch, to create an invite I could mail to guests (c/o). I love getting pretty things in the mail, so I chose to do a paper invite rather than an e-vite or email. The girls at The Dandelion Patch really understood my vision for the invite, helping to incorporate my idea to play off the popular Sound of Music song. The poem can be sung to the tune of "favorite things," and the invite was placed inside what looked like a brown paper package and was even tied up with string! To top it off, they did everyone's names and addresses in the most gorgeous calligraphy print!

When it came to the actual setup of the party, I wanted to feature some of my favorite entertaining traditions... a hot chocolate bar, meat and cheese tray, grab bags and gorgeous flowers. Since my apartment is small, I used what I already had for the setup. I turned my bar cart into the hot chocolate bar, used my kitchen counter for the food setup, and the apartment entry way to hold the take home bags and flowers.

A good beverage is always key to any party, and it doesn't always have to be alcoholic! With the cold outside, and it being Christmas time, I decided to incorporate a hot chocolate bar. I transformed my Society Social bar cart into a hot chocolate bar, again making everything simple and easy. Instead of making homemade hot chocolate, I found Swiss Miss K-cups and had everyone make their individual hot chocolates in the Keurig. I preferred this idea because not everyone is going to want to have a cup right away. So to ensure they have a nice, warm cup, I chose to do individual servings. The ladies could top off their hot chocolate with Christmas tree marshmallows and candy canes. My friend Ali at OhLaLaAli contributed the most precious FaLaLa Latte coffee sleeves for the girls to wrap around their cups! These were seriously a HUGE hit (c/o).

What's a party without food?! No party at all! I am all about easy and simple. When it comes to hosting a party, I don't want to spend my entire evening in the kitchen. I want to enjoy the party, just as much as the guests. Preparation is the key to a stress free event! So I chose food items that could easily be prepped ahead of time. I served a meat and cheese tray, crackers and jam, veggie cups and fruit, Texas Caviar (or just a fancy way of saying, salsa), and bacon wrapped cocktail weenies with dark brown sugar. I prepped all of this earlier in the day, and stored on trays in the fridge. I just popped the bacon weenies in the oven 30min. before guests arrived.

The desserts were even easier to prepare... I made them the day before! I featured some of my favorites, Oreo Balls, Turtles and Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies. I also mixed up some ice water to serve for those who didn't want hot chocolate. To fancy it up a bit, I just added fresh rosemary and cranberries.

The decor was my favorite part. I used gold, with accents of cream and green. I found some fresh pine needles at my local Harris Teeter that I placed throughout the decor to add a winter-y feel and a Christmas-y scent to the apartment. My friends at UrbanStems provided several of their winter bouquets for me to put throughout the apartment as well (c/o). So the setup was pretty much taken care of thanks to the fresh flowers and pine!

To pull in the 'blogger's favorite things', each blogger brought one of her favorite things under $30. We had everything from the Kate Spade 2015 planner, to candles and jewelry. We then played the white elephant game. It was so much fun once people stopped being nice and started stealing gifts, ha! Really made the game fun, and I loved learning about each of the blogger's favorite things!

I never want my guests to leave empty handed, so I put together a mini gift bag filled with my Christmas candy, promos from UrbanStems and coffee sleeves from OhLaLaAli. UrbanStems also provided single stem roses for each of the guests to take home. How thoughtful?!

I really love how the decor, food, hot chocolate bar and flowers came together! My guests really enjoyed the evening, and all left with some fabulous goodies.

Special thanks to UrbanStems, The Dandelion Patch, and OhLaLaAli for collaborating on my Blogger's Favorite Things Christmas Party. I appreciate you supporting the brands that keep Primp & Proper going. Be sure to checkout their websites to find out all of the services and products they offer.


Unknown said...

What an amazing party! I live in the DC area too and really like the Dandelion Patch :) Your invites were gorgeous!
This Side of Paradise

Primp & Proper said...

Thanks Kate!! I really love how they turned out :) hope to see you around since we're both in DC!! - Kristyn

Dana said...

This looked look such an amazing party! Wish I still lived in DC;)

Pink Champagne Problems

Primp & Proper said...

It was so much fun Dana!! Wish you could have been there too :) come back and visit soon? #kthanks

AshleyInDC said...

Thanks for having me - had such a lovely time! :)

Primp & Proper said...

Of course Ashley!! So happy to have you! :) xoxo

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